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Smitty’s Fine Furniture’s Room Planner

Person designing their home with room planner at Smitty's Fine Furniture ​We’ve all been’re browsing Pinterest for design inspiration when you see the perfect piece of furniture for your space. Whether it’s a sofa, accent chair, media furniture, or an accessory, you just have to have it.


But in our quest to make our homes Pinterest-perfect, we often don’t stop to consider what each piece of furniture will look like in our space, or if it will even fit.


Enter the room planner from Smitty’s Fine Furniture. Our room planner is available online 24 hours a day, seven days a week — so it’s perfect for those late-night Pinning sessions. It’s also easy to use. Here’s how:


Getting started


When you open Smitty’s room planner, you’re given two options.


#1- You can select a pre-measured bedroom, dining room, or living room layout that matches one in your home.


#2 - You can choose to build your own, custom layout.


Simply get the measurements of the room you want to decorate, enter them into the room planner, and select the room shape that best matches your room.


Make the room your own


Whether you choose the custom room option or pre-measured rooms, there are more ways to make the room your own.


Take stock of where the doors, windows, power outlets, and other structural features are located throughout the room. This will help you with deciding where furniture and accessories can go, without getting in the way.


Furnishing your room


Once you have the technical parts of your room down, you can start furnishing!


Choose from a wide range of styles and shapes to build the perfect space for you.


It’s easy to drag and drop furniture to place it where you want it, and you can experiment by rotating each piece and tweaking its positioning. You can also adjust the size of each piece of furniture to match the piece you have your eye on. If it doesn’t fit, just choose another piece and work within the confines of your space. It’ll save you a lot of heartache.


Come into Smitty’s


Designing the room of your dreams with Smitty’s room planner is easy — and it doesn’t stop there. Once you have a room plan that you’re happy with, print it off and bring it into our Hanover or Kitchener location, (or email it to us), our highly trained team will be happy to help you find the furniture to match your space.


Check out the room planner from Smitty’s Fine Furniture and get started on your new space!

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Decorator of the Month - May

At Smitty’s Fine Furniture we pride ourselves on having talented decorators onsite in our stores to help our customers make informed choices about new purchases, updating their existing pieces, and planning their rooms.


May 2017’s Decorator of the Month is Kathe Frazee


Kathe Frazee is an interior decorator at Smitty's Fine Furniture in Kitchener​Kathe is a certified interior decorator and has been working at

Smitty's Fine Furniture for over 22 years.  


Kathe began her career at Smitty’s at age 16, as a part-time front desk customer service representative. It was a great way for her to learn about the family business that her grandfather built . After a fulfilling career in the travel industry, Kathe needed a new challenge. When Smitty’s opened a new location in 1995, she applied for a sales position and never looked back.


Kathe truly cares about people and she finds it gratifying to find solutions that meet her customer’s needs. Kathe loves how every customer provides a fresh and new opportunity to express her creativity and bring an entire solution together. Her patience and understanding of how crucial each purchase is to each of her customers makes her an asset to Smitty’s. Sometimes all it takes is an inch to make all the difference between the right and wrong product to fulfill a customer’s needs, and Kathe is happy to take the time to get it right. Her success in doing this has resulted in her becoming the top salesperson for the last three years.


Kathe is proud to showcase the family history of Smitty’s and all the amazing Canadian manufacturer’s in our showroom.


“I love helping my customers customize their rooms. I love to see their individual choices come together, and I love it when they return to our store because they’ve had such a great experience working with us.”


Come on in to Smitty’s Hanover and meet with Kathe today!


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Palliser Gallery at Smitty’s Fine Furniture

​If you’re looking for the ultimate in relaxing furniture and a place to unwind, Palliser has all the furniture you need.


With a wide range of sofas and sectionals, and their incredible line of high quality recliners and home theatre seating, Palliser is your go-to furniture brand for quality and comfort.


You can see this for yourself in the Palliser gallery at Smitty’s Fine Furniture, opening next month!


Palliser Gallery


Smitty’s is excited to announce they will soon be home to The Palliser Gallery of furniture.


This exclusive gallery will feature the largest selection of Palliser in the region.


Smitty’s customers will have access to an amazing array of furniture, including the new Inspiration line and the luxury, powered, home theatre furniture.


There are many reasons to be excited, here are a couple of our favourites:


The Inspiration line offers fully customizable pieces unlike anything Palliser has offered in the past. For example, if you are interested in a Palliser sofa, you can select: the arm style, the leg height and shape, the sofa shape and size, and the fabric. In the Palliser Gallery, Smitty’s customers will be able to create the pieces they’ve always wanted, and with ease. It’s amazing!


Smitty’s will also offer the largest selection of Palliser Home Theatre Seating around! Renown for their exceptional quality of home theatre powered recliners, these incredibly comfortable seats are available in two-seat and three-seat varieties, and are available in a wide range of leathers, microfibres, and fabrics. Get your popcorn ready!

Come and visit the Kitchener and Hanover Smitty’s Fine Furniture stores today, and check out the amazing Palliser Gallery.

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My Home Matters, My Life Matters

​In the summer of 2014, one of our staff members, Lauri Shaw lost her dear brother Mark Shaw to a tragic suicide. When our president, Bob Gray asked her if there was anything he or Smitty's could do to help, Lauri replied, "Have a fundraising event in support of mental illness and suicide prevention...and let's have it in May during Mental Health Awareness Month." And that was it, the seed was planted and the planning began.


Mental health is an important issue in families all around the world. At Smitty’s, we know that it impacts people’s lives in our region every day. Since 2014, we have raised $20,000 to support mental health initiatives, and we are proud to continue this annual event in 2017.


3rd Annual Fundraiser for Suicide Prevention


Throughout the month of May, Smitty’s will be hosting the My Home Matters, My Life Matters fundraising event to raise funds to support mental health in our region, and beyond. If you purchase specially selected, donated furniture, you will benefit from reduced retail prices and 100% of your purchase price will be donated to Mental Health.


In addition, from May 12-14, 2017, Smitty's will host a special annual event at both the Hanover and Kitchener Smitty’s locations. Smitty's will gift a portion of every sale to support mental health organizations and programs.


Smitty's Fine Furniture is a family-owned company, and we believe that your home matters and your life matters. We are proud to support mental health in our community and beyond, and we are grateful for all your support.  

Smitty’s is proud to donate all of the funds raised to the Skills for Safer Living program, the Grey Bruce Mental Health – Hanover Branch, and Wes for Youth.

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Supplier Spotlight: Superstyle

​Quality, Canadian-made, and stylish. At Smitty’s Fine Furniture, we’ve proudly carried Superstyle furniture for over 30 years.


Superstyle has been a leader in the furniture industry since its founding in 1967. Their philosophy is Impeccable Quality, Exceptional Value and Excellent Service, and it shows in every one of their products.


Their wide range of leather and fabric sofas, sectionals, home accents, and occasional chairs make a beautiful addition to any space, with quality that you can rely on for years to come.


“With superior craftsmanship inside, and the finest fabrics outside, you can be certain the Superstyle line of products are of the highest quality.”


We’re not the only ones who love Superstyle Furniture. This award-winning company has received a number of Trillium Awards and Canadian Home Furnishing awards recognizing their design excellence and innovation.


Superstyle believes in being honest and transparent about their furniture. When you purchase a product from Superstyle, you can expect:

  • Solid hardwood construction.
  • Long-lasting fabrics and foam.
  • Advanced design and pattern consistency.

Superstyle stands behind their products. Each piece comes with a limited lifetime warranty, and the quality and durability of your new furniture is always guaranteed. Their commitment to design excellence and innovation makes them one of the best furniture companies in the country and the world.


For more information about Superstyle, check out their website, or come into Smitty’s in Hanover or Kitchener to see our selection of Superstyle furniture! Our talented customer service team would love to help you pick out the perfect Superstyle piece for your space.


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DIY Interior Design — You Can Do It

DIY interior design shown in a living room in Canada

Home style magazines are everywhere. They are in the grocery store, the doctor’s office, and for some us, in our mailboxes. Inside, the glossy pages of these magazines show us a variety of rooms to drool over. Images of to-die-for living rooms, luxurious bedrooms, and stunning dining rooms are displayed with gorgeous photography. Some magazines even feature photos from inside celebrities’ homes to show us the latest colours, trends, and furniture. But, it all seems like a dream. Intangible. Beyond our capabilities. It makes us wonder, how can I possibly create such a beautiful space in my home and with my budget?


Don’t get bogged down with Oprah’s latest favourites that require a second mortgage. With a few pointers, you can create your own dream spaces — and Smitty’s can help.


DIY Like A Boss

You can create spaces that are functional, beautiful, and within your budget. You can, if you plan.


Make a Plan


Homeowners often decide they want to change a bunch of things in their home. A little over here, a little over there. But, what most people don’t do is make a plan to figure out how all these changes are going to happen, and if they’re going to work together.

  • If you buy the fabulous brown leather sofa, is it going to work the purple area rug that you’ve had your eye on? Probably not.
  • The comfy entranceway bench is lovely and would be so practical when putting on and taking off your shoes. But will it actually fit in your space? Darn it, that space is too tight.
  • Those side table lamps are great! One small don’t have any side tables.

These are some examples of real situations that people find themselves in when they are excited about a room redo, but haven’t actually stopped to make a plan.


In some cases, this lack of planning can result in frustration and disappointment. You can become overwhelmed by all the options and can’t see how it’s all going to work.


In other cases, not having a plan can result in a hit to your budget. You bought the fabulous sofa, but it won’t fit through your door.


With a little planning, measuring, and budgeting, you can turn those problems into:

  • That sofa works so well with the cream area rug in the front room!
  • That entranceway bench is the perfect fit in my foyer!
  • Those side table lamps look fantastic in my bedroom on my two new side tables!

So, try this:

  1. Slow down and take your time.
  2. Do measure your space.
  3. Take a look at your finances.
  4. Walk around your space to really take a look at what changes you want to make.

Once you’ve examined everything, let the hunt for the perfect pieces begin!

Does it come in red?

How many times have you caught yourself, I like it, but it’s the wrong colour.


At Smitty’s Fine Furniture, we pride ourselves on having a huge selection of custom options for your furniture. We have hundreds of pieces of furniture that can be customized for you. Whether it’s the type of fabric, the colour of the leather, or the type of leg on a sofa — we can help you create the perfect piece for your home.


We feature a wide variety of quality, Canadian brands like Palliser, Brentwood, and Leathercraft to offer you amazing products that are flexible and customizable. This means you can pick the style, the colour, and the fabric. This makes your furniture really your own.


So many choices!


When you’re shopping around for new furniture and home items, it can be mind-boggling. There are so many options. So many choices. How do you know what to choose?


Smitty’s in-store decorator experts will work with you to create your perfect space. Knowing the trends, understanding space planning, and coordinating budget and goals is our specialty.  Our decorators will help answer your questions and will make it easy for you to get the home that looks like it came right out of a magazine.


Visit Us


So, don’t be afraid to come in to a Smitty’s store with your wish list, some photos, or even some magazines — we’ll help you sort it all out. Or, talk to us and we’ll arrange to have one of our expert decorators come to your home and assist you in making your design come to life, in your space.

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Decorator of the Month - April

At Smitty’s Fine Furniture we pride ourselves on having talented decorators on site in our stores to help our customers make informed choices about new purchases, updating their existing pieces, and planning their rooms.


April 2017’s Decorator of the Month is Donna Billett


Donna Billet is a certified Interior Decorator at Smitty's Fine Furniture Donna is a certified Interior Decorator and has been an Interior Decorator and Sales Consultant with Smitty’s for over 20 years.


Donna is passionate about helping her customers achieve their decorating dreams. She has a strong belief and focus on matching the customer’s needs with the right solution — and she does not quit until she she gets it right.


Donna’s methodology is driven by her inquisitive nature. Focusing on each customer’s unique style, Donna spends time getting to know her customers. Her key is asking questions to learn all about each customer’s particular decorating style and objectives. Then, Donna creates a plan to match their goals and their budget.


Customers always have great things to say about Donna. Some refer to her as their ‘furniture goddess’, and others have commented on her careful and conscientious approach. Another, regular customer, comes to Smitty’s every time she moves and refurnishes her home because she knows that she has a great partner with Smitty’s and Donna.


For customers who want to take a more active stance in the decorating role, Donna can help you as well. Donna’s experience working with online room planning (and Smitty’s online tool) will support your vision in becoming a reality.


Donna loves never knowing who is walking in the door and the different challenges that each customer faces. Whether it be their room, their budget, or finding the right solution, Donna loves to help.


“I enjoy working with clients, helping them identify their style as well as developing a decorating plan to provide attractive and functional surroundings to suit their personality and budget.”


Come on in to Smitty’s Kitchener and meet with Donna today!


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Supplier Spotlight - Brentwood

From transitional to contemporary design, Brentwood has your lifestyle covered. Designed and manufactured in Canada, Brentwood’s products are award-winning, comfortable, stylish, sustainably produced, and customizable.

Fabrics galore!


Brentwood fabric swatch at Smitty's Fine Furniture in CanadaBrentwood is renowned for their fabric library which includes over 1,000 patterns in a multitude of colours, sourced from all corners of the globe. From the latest in Scottish wool, to the finest Belgian fabrics — Brentwood offers you a selection of quality fabrics that is second to none.


Smitty’s showroom offers a variety of Brentwood furniture lines, and one of our expert team members will be delighted to help you choose from the wide selection of textile samples.


Whether it’s a brand new sofa, or a fun and colour set of throw pillows, we can help you find the perfect fabric for your space.


Eco-friendly and sustainable


You can feel good about bringing a Brentwood product into your home, not just because they are Canadian-made, but because Brentwood’s products are made with soy-based polyfoam.


This natural soybean product provides you with sustainable comfort that doesn’t sacrifice style.


The materials are halogen free, and free of mercury, lead, and other heavy metals. The products do not contain any CFC's, PBDE's, or TDCPP (Tris) and their foam is free of any harmful flame retardant chemicals (FR's). Selected products also feature certified sustainable, kiln-dried wood framing.


Brentwood Classics is a member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council, a non-profit industry association committed to promoting sustainable practices within the home furnishings industry.

Designed for you


Interior designers at Smitty's Fine Furniture creating a customer design Brentwood’s products are designed to work in any space. From aged modern and contemporary, to traditional and transitional — their timeless aesthetic, matched with natural elements, looks great in any room.


Brentwood has been specializing in custom furniture for over 35 years and they are the experts when it comes to quality design and hand made construction.


Check out the Brentwood lines at Smitty’s online and in store to find your perfect pieces.


Thanks to Brentwood for the images! You can check them out on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

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Interior Decorating: You Don’t Have to Do It Yourself, Smitty’s is Here to Help!

Whether you’re redecorating your entire home or just focusing on one room, it can be tempting to take a do-it-yourself approach to decorating. In fact, many of us don’t even consider consulting with a professional.


At Smitty’s Fine Furniture, our team of expert decorators can help you plan and execute the room, or home, of your dreams.


Define Your Priorities


At Smitty’s, our decorators can help you every step of the way. First, we’ll help you define your priorities, like:

  • What do you want to use your space for?
  • What elements are important to you?
  • What style of decorating do you prefer?

By asking questions like these, we can help determine how to get started on your decorating project.


Scope Out the Project


Once we have an idea of the type of space you want, we then work with you to scope out the project. Having a general idea helps us to really get down to the details of your space. We also use this step to determine your budget, which we will use to figure out the details of the space.


Another important aspect of our design services is providing you with ideas you may not have considered. Whether it’s incorporating additional functional elements like storage in unique and hidden places, or guiding you toward a sectional sofa that can easily be added to, our designers are here to help turn your space into the room of your dreams.


Plan & Execute the Final Project


In addition to all of the features that you want and need in your space, another important consideration is making sure the space flows and has a functional layout. By combining furniture layouts with symmetry, asymmetry, accessories and more, we can create a space that feels cohesive and serves both a functional and aesthetic purpose.

Have questions about our decorating services? Contact our team today!

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Spring Refresh

Spring refresh ideas at Smitty's Fine Furniture in CanadaSpring is finally here! Now’s the time to switch around your wardrobe. Time to pack away those winter boots and dust off your sandals. It’s also a great time of year to refresh your living space.


Freshen your space


This doesn’t mean using scented room sprays that smell like countryside grasses, no, no — this is the time to update your space. This can be something as simple as adding a pop of colour with some throw pillows, moving furniture around, or adding pieces to lighten the look of your home.


For some people, this is the time of year when they bring the outside in. This means different things to different people, but there are some easy ways to celebrate the return of the sun.


Pops of colour


Just because it’s spring doesn’t mean that you have to get rid of your existing furniture or accent pieces. You can add new life to your space and acknowledge the season by adding in little splashes of colour.


Easy ways to add colour include:

  • Adding colourful throw pillows to your sofa, accent chair, or bed.
  • Hanging colourful artwork on your walls.
  • Adding new colourful accessories to your tables and shelves.

Bring in the light


Now that the grey, dull, and dark weather is behind us, it’s time to bring the light in. What does that mean and how can I do that?


Easy ways to lighten your space:

  • Add mirrors to reflect the light.
  • Add a colourful area rug to lighten the look of the floor.
  • Change your table lamps to those with cut out or clear bases to let the light move through.

Bigger plans


If your budget allows for it, spring is a great time to refresh your accent furniture.


Upgrading your accent chair in the living, adding new end chairs onto your dining room set, and changing your coffee table to glass are great ways to freshen your space.


At Smitty’s Fine Furniture, we have a great selection of customizable furniture, accessories, rugs, lighting, and accents that will help you celebrate the spring without breaking your budget.


Visit your local Smitty’s, and check us out online, to see all the amazing ways that you can refresh your space.

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