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2017 Decorating Trend - Colour

It’s true that soft, muted colours are warm and relaxing, but greige (grey/beige) is moving toward more of a foundational colour than a statement colour. Trends come and go. Styles constantly change. But, in 2017, colour is king.


You Don’t Have To Ditch Your Sofa


Just because the style gurus are suggesting that “colour is in” doesn’t mean that you need to get rid of your grey couch — unless it’s falling apart, or you no longer love it, in which case you should kick it to the curb.


You can enhance your current furniture with pops of colour.


One of the hottest trends this year is to add colourful accents to your home. You can do this quickly and easily without breaking the bank.


Throw Pillows


Cheery coloured throw pillows are a great, and inexpensive, way to bring colour into your space. You can add to, or replace, your existing cushions and give your furniture a whole different look and feel.


Don’t be afraid to mix and match sizes, colours, and patterns. It’s okay to pair stripes with polka dots, or green with blue. This is no longer considered clashing — it’s fun, funky, and totally en vogue.


At Smitty’s, we have a huge selection of gorgeous fabrics, in all the colours of the rainbow, for you to choose from to make your custom throw pillows.




Refreshing the lighting in your space will make a huge difference in your home.


Whether it’s side table lamps with colourful bases, or floor lamps with interesting shades — new lamps will not only light up your space but they will help to give your room new life.


Another consideration is to create layered lighting to enhance the atmosphere in your space. Mixing task lighting (like a reading lamp next to your sofa) with ambient lighting (like a corner floor lamp) is what designers call ‘layered lighting’.


Layered lighting will help to give your room a different feel and this is an easy way to make a big difference in your home.



Colourful vases, candle holders, and artwork are budget friendly, quick fixes to bring colour into your space.


Mixing colours, shapes, and items together on a side table, coffee table, or dining table is a simple way to give you a pop of colour.


These smaller items are also easy to move around from room to room, making it a quick way to change around your space.


The trend for 2017 is all about texture. Texture isn’t just about fabric, in the design world it also refers to depth and variety. Adding pieces of decor that are different heights, sizes, and colours will provide your space with texture.

Accent Furniture


A great way to bring some colour into a room is with accent furniture.


Accent furniture is a piece of furniture that stands out in a room, but complements the existing design, layout, and colour palate.


This can be anything from a comfy chair, a glass coffee table, or even a mirrored side table.


By placing a piece of accent furniture into a space, you can easily add definition, colour, and even drama. Sometimes, adding a new chair that has a bit of flair can enliven a space and make it feel totally different and refreshed.

Updating your existing furniture


Perhaps you love your sofa, or your side chair, and you don’t want to replace it. That’s perfectly alright.


A great way to freshen your space, and bring in some colour, is to recover your furniture. That way you get to keep the pieces you love and update them with a great new fabric.


At Smitty’s, we have hundreds of fabric swatches to choose from for all your recovering needs and desires. From genuine leather, to wool, to cotton, to microfibre — we have it all!


Our in-store decorators will work with you to find the perfect fabric and will guide you through the process and timing of the upholstery experience.

Smitty’s has everything you need to bring a little colour into your home. Come and visit our stores, and check us out online, to get inspired to move away from white.

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Annual 30/30 Sale at Smitty’s Fine Furniture

​Every day in the month of June, we’ll be offering 30% off of all our Canadian-made furniture and mattress sets.


It’s no secret that, at Smitty’s Fine Furniture, we love Canadian-made furniture. In fact, we are proud to say that over 80% of our showroom is Canadian-made.   


This is a great chance to get your favourite brands at amazing prices, like:

  • Amisco
  • Artage International
  • Julien Beaudoin
  • Bermex
  • Bühler Furniture
  • Brentwood Classics
  • Decor-Rest
  • Durham Furniture
  • Dutailier
  • Future Line Furniture
  • Kingsdown
  • Leather Craft
  • Palliser
  • Serta
  • Simmons
  • Superstyle
  • Trend-Line
  • Zedbed

It will take about 8 to 10 weeks to get your custom furniture. That means you have lots of time to get out, enjoy the summer, and then you can come inside to enjoy your brand new furniture in the fall!

It’s never been a better time to shop Canadian at Smitty’s Fine Furniture. Contact us at our Hanover or Kitchener locations for more information!

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Decorator of the Month - June

At Smitty’s Fine Furniture, we are proud of our talented team of decorators! Our decorators work on-site in our Hanover and Kitchener locations to help our customers make informed decisions about purchasing new furniture, updating their existing pieces and planning whole rooms that fit their budget and lifestyle.


June 2017’s Decorator of the Month is Christina McClure


Christina is a certified interior decorator at Smitty’s Hanover location.


A natural born decorator, Christina was the kid who rearranged all of her family’s rooms so, her career choice was easy to make. Christina achieved her three year Interior Design Diploma in 2007.


Skilled at being able to identify customers’ needs, Christina is focused on resolving customers’ issues in their home and then she determines the best style to suit her customers’ lifestyle.


Christina breaks her customers’ needs into individual steps. This helps her customers feel comfortable with the process, and they are never overwhelmed. This process also saves her customers time and money — her customers feel lucky to have Christina on their side.


Often, Christina can help a customer identify how to break a project into phases. This helps the customer in two ways:


#1 - They don’t have to spend a large amount of money at one time.

#2 - They don’t have to replace the pieces that they treasure, like their grandma’s buffet.


Christina’s belief of function over form is especially important to her when helping her clients choose the right mattress for themselves. As a car accident survivor, Christina knows how it feels to live in pain, and she strives to improve the lives of her customers.


Christina believes that there is nothing more powerful than walking into your own home and feeling happy to be there!


“I think of myself as a detective. I gather up all the design clues and help my customer sort through the possibilities that will fit their unique lifestyle.”

Come on in to Smitty’s Hanover and meet with Christina today!


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Palliser’s Inspirations Line at Smitty’s Fine Furniture

​We’re excited to introduce that Palliser’s Inspirations line is now available at Smitty’s Fine Furniture!


Palliser is one of our favourite Canadian brands for quality furniture, and their Inspirations line proves why they’re one of the best. This new line of furniture allows you to fully customize your piece, either in-store or online, to get the best fit for you and your home.


From the arms and legs, to the level of comfort, and the colour of the upholstery — you get to choose everything.


If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, choose from their curated and beautifully decorated room examples to see what Palliser recommends based on your chosen style.


Whether you want a classic three-seat sofa or a four-seat sectional with chaise lounge, choose the option that best works for your space and your needs. But don’t stop there! You can browse among dozens of leather and fabric upholsteries to find your dream combination.


Once you’ve built the perfect piece of furniture, you can browse coordinating pieces to bring it all together with a cohesive look.


It will take about 8 to 10 weeks to get your custom furniture. That means you have lots of time to get out, enjoy the summer, and then you can come inside to enjoy your brand new furniture in the fall!


Don’t forget that our in-store designers are always here to help with any of your interior design or furniture questions. Combine their expertise with Palliser’s beautiful new line and see your dream designs come to life.

Try Palliser’s new line today, and come into one of our locations in Hanover and Kitchener to get started.

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Home Theatres from Palliser

Home theatre set up from Palliser at Smitty's Fine Furniture in Canada It’s every homeowner’s dream: to have a home theatre just steps away with the coziest recliners, big screen TV, and your very own concession stand.


With Palliser’s line of motion furniture and recliners, your dream can become a reality!


Palliser Furniture specializes in at-home theatre seating and in two-person or three-person seating sets. These seating pieces can be put together, making it the perfect combination for your family and home. Each theatre seat comes with its own cup holder and individual controls so you can recline as much, or as little, as you want.


These aren’t your run-of-the-mill theatre seats. The Palliser line of home theatre seating features the latest in power technology. The luxury of power seating has now become the standard for customers of all ages, allowing for optimum comfort at the touch of a button.


In addition to high quality production and a focus on the highest level of comfort, most of Palliser’s recliners also include options and accessories like:

  • Adjustable tablet holders for any model of e-reader.
  • Wireless bass shakers, to let you feel the sound.
  • Acrylic side tables on either side of the furniture.
  • In-arm storage, to hold your tablet, remotes, etc.
  • A battery pack to help you avoid the hassle of cords.
  • LED lights, to help you find your seat - and your beverage.
  • Flexible lights at each seat.
  • Glass holders, to keep your beverage elevated.
  • Adjustable sliding armrests, for your personal comfort level.
  • Removable tray tables, to keep your snacks handy.

Palliser is the perfect choice for your home theatre needs. Their home theatre seating sets come in modern and classic designs, and you can choose from a wide range of attractive upholstery or leather options to perfectly suit your home and style.


It’s easier than ever to turn any room into a home theatre.

Start planning your new space with the room planner from Smitty’s Fine Furniture, or visit one of our locations in Hanover and Kitchener to get started with one of our experienced customer service representatives.

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Smitty’s Fine Furniture’s Room Planner

Person designing their home with room planner at Smitty's Fine Furniture ​We’ve all been’re browsing Pinterest for design inspiration when you see the perfect piece of furniture for your space. Whether it’s a sofa, accent chair, media furniture, or an accessory, you just have to have it.


But in our quest to make our homes Pinterest-perfect, we often don’t stop to consider what each piece of furniture will look like in our space, or if it will even fit.


Enter the room planner from Smitty’s Fine Furniture. Our room planner is available online 24 hours a day, seven days a week — so it’s perfect for those late-night Pinning sessions. It’s also easy to use. Here’s how:


Getting started


When you open Smitty’s room planner, you’re given two options.


#1- You can select a pre-measured bedroom, dining room, or living room layout that matches one in your home.


#2 - You can choose to build your own, custom layout.


Simply get the measurements of the room you want to decorate, enter them into the room planner, and select the room shape that best matches your room.


Make the room your own


Whether you choose the custom room option or pre-measured rooms, there are more ways to make the room your own.


Take stock of where the doors, windows, power outlets, and other structural features are located throughout the room. This will help you with deciding where furniture and accessories can go, without getting in the way.


Furnishing your room


Once you have the technical parts of your room down, you can start furnishing!


Choose from a wide range of styles and shapes to build the perfect space for you.


It’s easy to drag and drop furniture to place it where you want it, and you can experiment by rotating each piece and tweaking its positioning. You can also adjust the size of each piece of furniture to match the piece you have your eye on. If it doesn’t fit, just choose another piece and work within the confines of your space. It’ll save you a lot of heartache.


Come into Smitty’s


Designing the room of your dreams with Smitty’s room planner is easy — and it doesn’t stop there. Once you have a room plan that you’re happy with, print it off and bring it into our Hanover or Kitchener location, (or email it to us), our highly trained team will be happy to help you find the furniture to match your space.


Check out the room planner from Smitty’s Fine Furniture and get started on your new space!

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Decorator of the Month - May

At Smitty’s Fine Furniture we pride ourselves on having talented decorators onsite in our stores to help our customers make informed choices about new purchases, updating their existing pieces, and planning their rooms.


May 2017’s Decorator of the Month is Kathe Frazee


Kathe Frazee is an interior decorator at Smitty's Fine Furniture in Kitchener​Kathe is a certified interior decorator and has been working at

Smitty's Fine Furniture for over 22 years.  


Kathe began her career at Smitty’s at age 16, as a part-time front desk customer service representative. It was a great way for her to learn about the family business that her grandfather built . After a fulfilling career in the travel industry, Kathe needed a new challenge. When Smitty’s opened a new location in 1995, she applied for a sales position and never looked back.


Kathe truly cares about people and she finds it gratifying to find solutions that meet her customer’s needs. Kathe loves how every customer provides a fresh and new opportunity to express her creativity and bring an entire solution together. Her patience and understanding of how crucial each purchase is to each of her customers makes her an asset to Smitty’s. Sometimes all it takes is an inch to make all the difference between the right and wrong product to fulfill a customer’s needs, and Kathe is happy to take the time to get it right. Her success in doing this has resulted in her becoming the top salesperson for the last three years.


Kathe is proud to showcase the family history of Smitty’s and all the amazing Canadian manufacturer’s in our showroom.


“I love helping my customers customize their rooms. I love to see their individual choices come together, and I love it when they return to our store because they’ve had such a great experience working with us.”


Come on in to Smitty’s Hanover and meet with Kathe today!


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Palliser Gallery at Smitty’s Fine Furniture

​If you’re looking for the ultimate in relaxing furniture and a place to unwind, Palliser has all the furniture you need.


With a wide range of sofas and sectionals, and their incredible line of high quality recliners and home theatre seating, Palliser is your go-to furniture brand for quality and comfort.


You can see this for yourself in the Palliser gallery at Smitty’s Fine Furniture, opening next month!


Palliser Gallery


Smitty’s is excited to announce they will soon be home to The Palliser Gallery of furniture.


This exclusive gallery will feature the largest selection of Palliser in the region.


Smitty’s customers will have access to an amazing array of furniture, including the new Inspiration line and the luxury, powered, home theatre furniture.


There are many reasons to be excited, here are a couple of our favourites:


The Inspiration line offers fully customizable pieces unlike anything Palliser has offered in the past. For example, if you are interested in a Palliser sofa, you can select: the arm style, the leg height and shape, the sofa shape and size, and the fabric. In the Palliser Gallery, Smitty’s customers will be able to create the pieces they’ve always wanted, and with ease. It’s amazing!


Smitty’s will also offer the largest selection of Palliser Home Theatre Seating around! Renown for their exceptional quality of home theatre powered recliners, these incredibly comfortable seats are available in two-seat and three-seat varieties, and are available in a wide range of leathers, microfibres, and fabrics. Get your popcorn ready!

Come and visit the Kitchener and Hanover Smitty’s Fine Furniture stores today, and check out the amazing Palliser Gallery.

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My Home Matters, My Life Matters

​In the summer of 2014, one of our staff members, Lauri Shaw lost her dear brother Mark Shaw to a tragic suicide. When our president, Bob Gray asked her if there was anything he or Smitty's could do to help, Lauri replied, "Have a fundraising event in support of mental illness and suicide prevention...and let's have it in May during Mental Health Awareness Month." And that was it, the seed was planted and the planning began.


Mental health is an important issue in families all around the world. At Smitty’s, we know that it impacts people’s lives in our region every day. Since 2014, we have raised $20,000 to support mental health initiatives, and we are proud to continue this annual event in 2017.


3rd Annual Fundraiser for Suicide Prevention


Throughout the month of May, Smitty’s will be hosting the My Home Matters, My Life Matters fundraising event to raise funds to support mental health in our region, and beyond. If you purchase specially selected, donated furniture, you will benefit from reduced retail prices and 100% of your purchase price will be donated to Mental Health.


In addition, from May 12-14, 2017, Smitty's will host a special annual event at both the Hanover and Kitchener Smitty’s locations. Smitty's will gift a portion of every sale to support mental health organizations and programs.


Smitty's Fine Furniture is a family-owned company, and we believe that your home matters and your life matters. We are proud to support mental health in our community and beyond, and we are grateful for all your support.  

Smitty’s is proud to donate all of the funds raised to the Skills for Safer Living program, the Grey Bruce Mental Health – Hanover Branch, and Wes for Youth.

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Supplier Spotlight: Superstyle

​Quality, Canadian-made, and stylish. At Smitty’s Fine Furniture, we’ve proudly carried Superstyle furniture for over 30 years.


Superstyle has been a leader in the furniture industry since its founding in 1967. Their philosophy is Impeccable Quality, Exceptional Value and Excellent Service, and it shows in every one of their products.


Their wide range of leather and fabric sofas, sectionals, home accents, and occasional chairs make a beautiful addition to any space, with quality that you can rely on for years to come.


“With superior craftsmanship inside, and the finest fabrics outside, you can be certain the Superstyle line of products are of the highest quality.”


We’re not the only ones who love Superstyle Furniture. This award-winning company has received a number of Trillium Awards and Canadian Home Furnishing awards recognizing their design excellence and innovation.


Superstyle believes in being honest and transparent about their furniture. When you purchase a product from Superstyle, you can expect:

  • Solid hardwood construction.
  • Long-lasting fabrics and foam.
  • Advanced design and pattern consistency.

Superstyle stands behind their products. Each piece comes with a limited lifetime warranty, and the quality and durability of your new furniture is always guaranteed. Their commitment to design excellence and innovation makes them one of the best furniture companies in the country and the world.


For more information about Superstyle, check out their website, or come into Smitty’s in Hanover or Kitchener to see our selection of Superstyle furniture! Our talented customer service team would love to help you pick out the perfect Superstyle piece for your space.


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