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3 Living Rooms You'll Want To Copy

It’s officially the fall, a time when we spend more time indoors in our homes. A time when we really start to notice our furniture, room layout, and interior decorating — and a time when we realize that we want to make some changes.


It can be tricky to know where to start when you want to redo your living room. Perhaps you’ve been putting off getting a new sofa until you decide on what colour to paint the walls. Maybe you’ve been playing with the idea of trying out a new decor theme. Or, maybe you just want to update your entire living room — out with the old and in with the new!


The experts at Smitty’s understand that the options can seem overwhelming, so this month we hope to inspire you with three stunning looks that will take your living room from blah to wow!


Urban Bohemian Living Room


(Artage coffee table pictured above.)


The urban bohemian look is a stylish blend of comfort and chic. It’s a look that invites you to sit, relax, and have a good time -- while also expressing a feeling of luxury. It’s a hint of your inner hippie, mixed with a dash of youth, and finished with a splash of attitude.


You can achieve this trending, yet timeless, look in many ways, including:

  • Mixing a neutral coloured sofa with oversized, colourful, and luxurious throw pillows.
  • Placing a sleek rectangular coffee table by your sofa and topping it with an oversized vase or decorative item.
  • Adding wood or metal side tables to contrast the look.

Palliser makes gorgeous leather sofas in a wide variety of styles and colours that work really well with the urban bohemian style. Their Barrett Sectional Sofa is a transitional sofa with a modern look that exudes flair and will look fabulous in any living room -- particularly in an open concept living room where you can enjoy the accent stitching from all sides.


Hooker Furniture’s Citizen Stationary Sofa mixes hardwood elements and leather for an elegant, yet comfortable, look. The presence of this stylish sofa cannot be ignored and its timeless appeal allows it to be used both against a wall or in an open concept layout.


Artage’s Gavan Coffee Table (as pictured above) is the perfect finishing touch to an urban bohemian living room. Its blend of 100-year-old barn wood with a sleek, chrome frame makes for a functional and fabulous cocktail or coffee table.

Have some fun with this style and complete the look by adding some decorative items to help reflect your personality. Personalize your new room with vases, souvenirs, and other decor pieces with sculptural elements.


Earthy Farmhouse Living Room


(Craftmaster sofa pictured above and available on our showroom floor.)


The earthy farmhouse look is a mix of inside meets outside. Its warm, inviting, and relaxing style makes you feel right at home. It creates a place where you can curl up with a good book, relax by the fire, or enjoy a casual get together with friends. It’s like the cottage, but without the lake.


You can achieve this never-out-of-style look by incorporating furniture pieces with neutral tones and natural fabrics. Consider including:

  • An oversized sofa or sectional with a high back and large, plush toss cushions as the focal point.
  • Mix and match accent chairs that offer comfortable arms and are finished in rich fabrics with warm patterns and colours.
  • Add wood elements to bring an element of the outdoors inside. A wood coffee table or side lamps can complete this look.

Craftmaster has an entire line of Farmhouse furniture pieces, all crafted to bring warmth and character into your home. Their accent chairs are beautifully crafted, made with the highest quality fabrics, and look good in any space. They offer quality construction and a comfortable design, and their chairs, ottomans, and sofas will create a perfect farmhouse look.


Brentwood is known for their meticulous construction and timeless designs. Their Balthazar chair offers stylized comfort, ideal for achieving a farmhouse look. The solid construction is paired with a plush, feather-blend back pillow for a cozy look and feel. Available in gorgeous, warm leathers, this chair complements a farmhouse theme.


For a finishing touch, add some playful elements to your living room with decorative items including clocks, driftwood, and coloured vases.


Contemporary Sophisticated Living Room

(Decor-Rest sofa, loveseat and armchair pictured above.)


The contemporary sophisticated look is an unabashed mix of elegance and style. It’s cool and sleek, crisp and strong. It’s a style that invites you to stare and welcomes your adoration. It’s chic and classy, and doesn’t sacrifice form for function. This is a look that works extremely well in open concepts, townhomes, and condos.


You can achieve this stylish look by going for bold pieces and strong tones. Consider including:

  • A straight-back sofa with strong arms and clean lines — no throw cushions here.
  • Lounging benches and ottomans, instead of accent chairs, will provide spectacular seating options.
  • A glass and chrome or glass and bronze coffee table, side tables, or sofa table.
  • Cool toned and metallic accent pieces that exhibit shine, sparkle, and mood.



Brentwood’s Maude sofa is a sleek sofa with tufted arms that is striking yet comfortable. Its strong design elements and high-quality construction cannot be missed. This sofa owns the space, providing the perfect focal point for a contemporary sophisticated living room.


Future Fine Furniture’s Lily Bench has crisp, clean lines. Its design is stylish and urban, and suitably sized to fit any space. Adding this bench allows you to provide additional seating options without compromising your stunning look.


Artage provides a wide range of inspired glass and chrome tables, consoles, and carts. Their Neptune Wine Server is the perfect finishing touch to a complete your sophisticated look. This side cart is constructed with bright chrome and polished glass to provide both form and function for your living room.


To complete this look, add some glass side lamps, vases, and mirrors for that extra shine.


This fall, we invite you to steal these looks! Visit us at Smitty’s and we’ll help you update your living room.

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How To Buy A Sofa

At Smitty’s, we regularly have customers ask us for our professional advice on how to purchase the best sofa for their home. We understand that there are many considerations to take into account, in order to find the right piece to fit your space and your lifestyle. So we asked our interior decorating experts to put together their best pointers on how to buy a sofa.


Measure Your Space


Before you begin looking at styles and colours, it’s vital that you measure your available space. You will want to measure the length, height, and depth of your ideal sofa location to ensure that your sofa will fit.


Some sofas have a lower back design, which is handy if you are considering placing a sofa table behind for easy access to snacks, books, remotes, etc. Other sofas can be quite deep and that must be taken into consideration, so that you don’t risk blocking walking space, doorways, or room flow.


Expert Tip: Once you have your ideal sofa measured out, cut painter’s tape into strips to match your measurements and tape them on the floor in the location you are considering. Taping your sofa outline to the floor will help to give you a visual sense of its placement in your room.


Discuss Wants, Needs & Lifestyle


Make sure that you consider how the sofa will be used. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you need a pull-out sofa to accommodate guests?
  • Do you want to be able to fit several people on the sofa at one time?
  • Will you want to curl up and watch movies, or stretch your legs straight out and nap?
  • Do you have pets or children? (This can impact your choice of fabric.)
  • Do you want the sofa to blend in with your existing decor, or stand out from it?

If you live with someone, ensure that you are both on the same page before heading to the showroom!


Determine Your Budget


Before you begin shopping, make sure that you have figured out how much you can afford to spend on your sofa. As a central piece of furniture in your room, your sofa will likely be a focal point for your interior design and should be considered as an investment in your home — you want your sofa to look good and feel comfortable for many years.


Different fabrics and styles can have a large impact on the price of a sofa, so be sure to consider all your options when you’re in the showroom. There are lots of gorgeous options to choose from!


Once you have your measurements, wish list, and budget prepared, come and visit us at Smitty’s. Our inhouse interior decorating professionals will help you find the perfect sofa.

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Statement Furniture — More Is More



Fall is here, and it’s the perfect time to update your furniture as you plan to spend more time indoors in the cooler months ahead.


One of the biggest changes in home furniture that we’ve seen over the last few years is the addition of statement furniture because it’s both functional and stylish.


If you want to update a room in your home, adding statement furniture is a great way to go.


What is statement furniture?


Statement furniture is large-sized furnishings, like a sectional, oversized coffee table, extended dining table, bed frame with headboard, or hutch/sideboard that exhibits the following characteristics:

  • It offers a style or design that stands out from the rest of your furniture and decor.
  • It has a bold or strong colour.
  • It is made from a material that doesn’t exist elsewhere in the room.

Best places to use statement furniture in your home



Statement furniture can live in every room of your home. The first thing you need to decide is, which room are you wanting to update?


The top rooms to add statement furniture are:

  • Your dining room
    • Add an extended dining table or oversized sideboard or buffet.
  • Your living room
    • Add a sectional or oversized coffee table.
  • Your bedroom
    • Add an oversized headboard and matching bed frame.

The Helix table and chairs (pictured above) by Legacy Classic Furniture can take your dining room from blah to wow. Its contemporary design and clean lines offer a strong presence, while still offering a high degree of functionality.



The gorgeous, mirrored console (pictured above) by Hooker Furniture would be a stunning addition to any dining room. Offering a beautiful and stylish design, this sideboard is highly functional and makes a statement in your dining room.


If you feel a bit nervous about adding a significant piece of statement furniture in your home, then you can tip-toe into the idea by adding a unique accent chair. The contemporary chrome and leather accent chair (pictured above) by Superstyle Furniture would be a great way to add a statement piece to your living room or guest room.



If you are looking for additional storage space, don’t just opt for the traditional bench or bookcase, try adding a statement wall unit. The Albany wall unit (pictured above) by Artage offers modern sophistication and elegant design, and it comes in a wide variety of finish options to suit any home.


Don’t be afraid of statement furniture


Some people are intimidated by the idea of adding large pieces into their living space, but there’s no need. Using larger and bolder furniture will add dimension to your room and help you maximize your space.


If you are still unsure of where to start, consider these expert tips:

  • You don’t have to pick an extreme colour.
    • You can certainly add a bright red chair to your cream-themed living room, but you don’t have to go this extreme. Adding a neutral-coloured chair that has a bold style or a unique design is all you need.
  • You don’t have to choose a style that doesn’t go with anything else in your room.
    • You can make a statement without fighting the flow of your space or the design of your room. Adding a uniquely-designed chair or sofa is great, but it shouldn’t prevent you from moving through your space or living your life comfortably.
  • You don’t want to have two statement pieces in one space.
    • It is best to have a single statement piece in your room. Adding two or more statement pieces will shrink your space and visually compete with each other. One piece is effective, but if you add more than that, you will begin to feel uncomfortable in your space.

At Smitty’s, we have a wide variety of beautifully-crafted statement pieces for any home. Come and visit us today and our team will help you select the best furniture for your space.

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White Is A Colour

Gorgeous white living room furniture sofa and armchairs


People have long argued about whether white is a colour or the absence of colour. Let’s set the record straight, in design and decor — white is a colour!


Always on trend, always in style, and always flexible, white is a perennial favourite because it can work in almost any space.


White Furniture Tips

1. It doesn’t have to be a “true” white.

People often worry that having white furniture in their home will make their room look too stark or too modern, but this doesn’t have to be the case. There are many shades of white, from bright white to warm vanilla, so you can choose the best kind of white for your room.


Smitty’s Pro Tip: While you don’t want to position a bright white sofa next to a cream coloured chair — because it will make the chair look dirty — you can have white accent tones to carry the colour scheme throughout the room, using throw pillows or decorative accent pieces.


2. There are solutions to stains.

Some people worry that having white furniture will be hard to maintain, and they are fearful of getting stains on the fabric. Fabrics can be treated with coatings to resist stains, and other fabrics like microfibre and leather can be easily wiped down. We also recommend using eco-friendly spot removers, like Zucora, to keep your furniture looking brand new.


3. White will go with anything.

It’s true what they say, “white goes with everything”. Having white furniture will create a foundational tone for your room and help you accent a particular focal point, colour, or theme.


A white sectional can be accented with colourful throw pillows, a blanket, and other decorative items. A white sofa and accent chairs can direct the focus of the room towards your fireplace or a piece of art on the wall.


Whatever your style, white can help you brighten your space, focus your attention, and create a calm environment. If you’re not sure where to start, come and speak with Smitty’s expert interior decorators — we’ll help you get white right.

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Colourful Furniture to Amp Up Your Summer

The flowers outside are starting to bloom and the environment is becoming more colourful every day. Don’t leave colour to just the outside world — it’s the perfect time of year to bring some colour into your home.


We know that many people feel afraid to bring colour into their homes or aren’t sure where to begin. At Smitty’s, we know that changing up your colour palette can seem daunting, but we’re here to help!


Experts tips on adding colour to your home


Here are a few important things to keep in mind when adding colour to your home:


#1. You don’t have to change everything at once.


Don’t feel pressure to throw out all your existing decor and furniture and replace it all with new pieces. You can add in pops of colour throughout your home and get used to living with colour before deciding to make bolder choices.


#2. Colour doesn’t have to be bold.


Adding colour doesn’t mean that you have to include red, green, orange, or other bright colours. There’s nothing wrong with muted or pastel tones. There is a place for every colour — it all depends on your style.


#3. Have some fun.


Adding colour doesn’t have to be a serious business. Try adding splashes of colour in fun ways. Fun pops of colour can be achieved with custom throw pillows, colourful vase groupings, artwork, accent chairs, and more.


Once you’ve added some colour to your home, try moving the pieces around.


For example, move the colourful throw pillows from your sofa to your bed, or place the colourful vases on your coffee table instead of your dining room table, or shift your colourful accent chair into your guest room.


Moving colourful pieces around your home gives you the opportunity to see how the colours work (or don’t work) in different locations — this will help you better define your colour and style preferences.


For more tips on adding colour to your home, click here to read our blog about colour.


Use a colour palette

There is no perfect solution when it comes to selecting the best colourful furniture for your home — it all comes down to form, function, and your lifestyle.


Some people prefer to have a theme or colour palette for each room or each floor of their home. Everyone is different, and that’s okay. You don’t have to fit into a particular mould.


You will want to ensure that the colours you are adding will work with the other colours in your room. To help ensure that your colours look cohesive, we recommend using a colour palette as a guide.


A colour palette will help you see what colours, patterns, and fabrics will work well together. Take the time to put together a complete palette of swatches, photos, and ideas to help ground your ideas before making a larger purchase.


Trending summer colours


If you prefer to stay on trend with your colour scheme, then you’ll want to add the following colours to your home:

  • Lavender
  • Light Green
  • Yellow
  • Tomato Red
  • Rose
  • Sky Blue

It’s true that colour trends come and go, but if there is a colour that you love then you should add it to your home as you see fit. Don’t scrap what you love just because a designer told you it is no longer on trend — you can achieve a trending look and keep the colours you enjoy.


For all your colour decorating challenges, come and visit us at Smitty’s. Our expert, in-house decorators will help you bring some colour into your home.

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What Kind of Sofa Should I Get?

There are so many sofa and sectional options in stores that it can be overwhelming. Custom furniture allows for even more options. Sometimes the more choice you have, the harder it can be to make a decision.


Here are some expert tips on what to consider when looking for a new sofa:


Sofa buying tip #1


Measure your space. It sound obvious, but how many times have you gone shopping for furniture or decor and stretched out your arms to measure the length?


Take the necessary time to measure the size of your room, including its width and length — and measure any openings, like doorways, so you can account for the open spaces in your design.


Sofa buying tip #2


Take photos. If you are unsure what to do with your decorating, then it’s best to take photos to show the experts, so they can guide your selections. Smitty’s in-house interior decorators love looking at real life photos, so they can help pick the best sofas for your space.


Sofa buying tip #3


Decide how you want to use the sofa. Consider the following questions:

  • Will you stretch out on it to watch TV or snuggle?
  • Do you want a L-shape or sectional to allow you to fully extend your legs?
  • Do you have pets or children?
  • Do you eat on your sofa?
  • Will it be used sparingly in an extra room or guest room?
  • Does it need to fold out into a bed?

Sofa buying tip #4


Consider the type of fabric you prefer. There are many fabric options including leather, microfibre, cotton, polyester, wool, and more.


Consider if you prefer solid colours or patterns, as this will impact your fabric selection. Leathers are generally solid colours, whereas synthetic and natural fibres come in a huge variety of colours and patterns.


Sofa buying tip #5


Decide if your new sofa should blend in with your current decor and style, or if it is the first step on your journey to redo your entire room.


If you aren’t updating all your furniture and decor at once, then we recommend starting with the sofa and branching out. A new sofa will make a big impact, as it is generally the centre of your living room, and this makes it a great place to start.


On the other hand, if you are looking to update all the elements of your space, then the sofa is a great item to ground the rest of your design.


Visit Smitty’s to check out our impressive array of sofas. Our team will help you find the perfect sofa for your space.

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Bold Furniture — How To Make It Work

Large wooden, rustic entertainment unit in a modern living room

The famous American poet, Robert Frost, is quoted as saying, “Freedom lies in being bold.” While he was likely referencing the power of the written word, and not furniture, there is truth in this statement when it comes to your home. We encourage you to move away from being timid in your design choices and be bold.


Being bold is empowering, it demonstrates strength, and it allows for creative design. Bold can refer to colour, style, size, or even the placement of furniture and decor — and it’s definitely not something to be afraid of.


At Smitty’s, we often get questions from customers who are nervous about purchasing larger furniture pieces or dramatically designed pieces. In this blog, we hope to inspire you with some tips on how to make bold furniture work in your home.


Bold Designs

Modern glass and metal shelf with two layers and funky design


Not every home is bright or airy or spacious — but every home has the potential to show off its unique features by accenting the space with bold designs.


A bold design could be an artistically crafted console table (as with this gorgeous Hooker Furniture table above), or it can be colourful area rug or glam floor lamp.


Here are some simple ways to bring some bold design into your space without breaking your budget or completely redesigning your space:


Colourful and metallic accent piecesGlass and brassy gold candle hurricanes

Start small by adding a combination of colourful or metallic decorative pieces. These decor elements can be placed on side tables, coffee tables, bookshelves, dining tables, counters, and more.



Contemporary, colourful artwork with a white mat and black frame


Changing your wall art can instantly refresh your entire room. Adding a strongly painted, colourful, or large painting is a great way to add some boldness into your space. You may also consider adding two or three smaller pieces and positioning them together as a group on your wall.


Coffee tables

Wood topped metal, rectangular coffee table with a funky design


Coffee tables are typically one of the focal points in your living room, which makes them an ideal piece to update with something bold. Consider glass, metal, wood, or a combination to make a strong statement.


Bold Furniture

Funky dining room with large bench and chairs and hanging lamps

If you are ready to replace larger furniture pieces in your home, then you have the opportunity to add some bold furniture and change the look and feel of your space.


The top furniture pieces that can help you make an instant statement in your home include:

  • Dining room table & chairs
  • Hutch
  • Living room entertainment console
  • Sofa
  • Bedroom suite

By updating these integral furniture pieces with new designs that offer bold features will give your home new life. It’s amazing the difference you can make by replacing a major item in the room.


In fact, often our customers will decide not to paint their rooms (saving themselves both hassle and money) because, after they’ve installed their new furniture, they discover that the whole room has changed for the better — and the painting project is no longer necessary.

Bed with wooden and fabric headboard and metal legs

For example, if you have a dark bedroom space, because of a darker paint on the walls or limited natural lighting, consider replacing your bedroom suite with a lighter coloured bed with a more pronounced headboard. A larger, bolder headboard will naturally draw your focus to the bed and surrounding furniture pieces, rather than the dark walls.


Whatever area of your home you are looking to update, don’t shy away from bold furniture. Making a strong choice in your design will showcase your space and will make you feel positive about your environment.

Visit us as Smitty’s and let’s update your home with some fantastic, bold furniture.

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Metal Accent Furniture

Contemporary grey sofa, teal accent chair, and glass and metal coffee table and side table.


Metal is making a comeback in a big way. Metal furniture is sturdy and stunning — and can be used in any room of your home. Adding metal accent furniture into your decor will breathe new life into your space. Here are some simple ways to update your home with metal accent furniture:


Metal Accent Tables

Contemporary living room with metal island table, stools, side tables, and area rug.

Coffee tables, side tables, island tables, and hallway entry tables are all excellent ways to bring metal into your space.


Metal furniture doesn’t mean dark grey, dull, and utilitarian. Metal tables come in a wide range of tones including: stainless steel, silver, champagne, gold, brass, copper, and bronze.


Here are some ways to add metal accent tables to your home:


Metal Accent Chairs, Dining Chairs, & Stools

Modern cream coloured, fabric accent chair with brass base.

Depending on which room in your home you are looking to update, you may consider accent chairs, dining chairs, or stools.


Accent chairs that feature metallic elements will add instant style to your room — and popular features include metal framing and nailheads.


Here are some ways to add metal accent chairs to your home:

  • Metal and fabric, metal and wood, and even solid metal chairs are an instant way to update your dining room. Brands like Amisco offer a huge selection of dining chairs to suit any style.
  • Accent chairs, featuring metal framing or nailheads, look great and provide comfort. These chairs can be placed in living rooms, bedrooms, home offices, and anywhere you might require additional seating. Brands like Decor-Rest offer gorgeously crafted pieces.
  • Metal stools and benches are very much on trend and can be used at kitchen islands, in home offices, kids’ rooms, and more. Brands like Artage and Amisco will inspire you.


No matter what room you are considering updating, we have something for everyone. Visit us at Smitty’s and check out our amazing selection of metal accent furniture.

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Go Big and Go Home — Don't Be Afraid of Larger Furniture




Large and luxurious are the two words most frequently used to describe furniture in 2018. Unlike the 1980s, when everything bigger was better, in 2018, it’s about suitable style and frugal luxury. Not everyone has large rooms to furnish, and that’s okay — even if you live in a condo or a home with small square footage, there are ways to achieve this large and luxurious look.


Here are two of our favourite ways to achieve this trending look in your home:


#1. Sectionals


Grey sectional



Sectionals are the big trend for sofas in 2018.


Sectionals allow you to have seating for everyone — and, if you have a smaller space, this extra seating capacity may allow you to remove an accent chair from your layout, which frees up floor space.


Sectionals come in a wide variety of shapes and configurations, including:

  • L-Shape 1: one side of the sectional extends outward, beyond the depth of the seating area (similar to a chaise)
  • L-Shape 2: two areas of seating are joined, making an L without either area extending
  • U-Shape: the seating is arranged with two areas extending on either side of the central section
  • Semi-Circular: the entire seating area is curved

Sectionals are also available in a range of styles. Popular styles include:

  • Contemporary and Modern: shorter profiles, crisp lines, and angular finishes
  • Traditional: higher profiles, curved arms or backs, and rounded finishes
  • Cottage and Coastal: skirted bottom fabric, thickly-padded cushions, and throw cushion accents

Brands like Decor-Rest, Craftmaster, and Future Fine Furniture offer a terrific selection of sectionals.


#2. Oversized Mirrors





























What pairs expertly with an oversized sofa or sectional? An oversized mirror!


Another trend that never goes out of style is placing a large mirror in your space, either as a focal point over your bed or sofa, resting on the floor beside a chair, or in your entryway.


An oversized mirror is great as an accent piece, as it helps to bring light into your space, and (depending on its location) it’s also handy to check your look before heading out the door.


Brands like Hooker Furniture, Surya, and Rustique have inspiring collections of beautiful mirrors to choose from. Rustique also manufactures mirrored furniture pieces. You’ll be wowed by their mirrored coffee tables, end tables, and buffets.


If you’re not sure what to choose to achieve a large and luxurious look and are looking for some inspiration, come and visit us at Smitty’s. Our expert decorators will guide you through all sorts of terrific options — they know what they’re doing — just take a look at this photo (showcasing 100% Smitty’s furniture and accessories) from Kathy’s living room!



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Functional Furniture

Example of functional furniture being used to hold laptop

Remember those awkward and ugly pieces of furniture that were in your grandparent’s house? You know the ones — the small seat and attached mini-table, where the telephone was located. The hutch that was only able to hold a few tea cups and nothing else. The television stand that had no place to store the remote or the VHS tapes.


Those pieces of furniture didn’t match any of the other furniture pieces in the room, they were really uncomfortable, and they were totally out of style — but it was forgivable because they had a purpose. They had a job and were functional.


Today, furniture with function doesn’t have to be utilitarian and uninspired. Now, functional furniture is beautifully designed and offers incredible storage benefits.


Here are some of the Smitty’s team’s favourite pieces of functional furniture.


Ottomans with Secret Storage

Ottoman with secret storage from Decor-Rest at Smitty's Fine Furniture

Decor-Rest logo

Storage ottomans come in all shapes, sizes, and fabrics. They are extremely handy to store useful items in your living room that you may not want on display. Now, instead of trying to dig your remote out from between your sofa cushions, you can place it neatly inside your ottoman!


Depending on your lifestyle, ottomans can be a comfortable place to rest your feet while relaxing on the sofa, or they can act as a low table for a tray with decor items.


Available in a range of widths and heights, be sure to check your space before shopping. You want to be sure it will fit in your living room and won’t get in the way of your other furniture.


Lift-Top Coffee Tables

Magnussen logo

Lift-top coffee tables have changed everything. This innovative design allows you to have hidden storage, visible storage, and a functional surface area.  


This lift-top table looks exactly like a regular coffee table until you raise the easy-to-use surface. The table will then provide you with a great desk for working, a table for eating while watching your favourite show, or a surface to play a game. It’s an amazingly versatile piece of furniture for your living room!


Available in a variety of styles and finishes, these cleverly-designed coffee tables are terrific space savers.


Beverage Consoles

Beverage console from Howard Miller at Smitty's Fine Furniture

Howard Miller logo

It’s great to have your glassware, beverage accessories, and bottles handy — and what better way than to store them in a beautifully crafted console.


Available in an array of styles with solid wood or glass doors, glassware shelving, and bottle shelving, these are not your parents’ hutches.


Stylish and functional, these consoles offer an easy way to stay engaged with your company, while preparing a beverage. No more leaving the room and missing out on the conversation, the movie, or the game.

Smitty’s has an array of functional furniture to choose from. Come and visit us today to see how we can help you make your space look stylish and functional!


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