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Decorator Consulting

Seek the advice of an experienced Decorator of SMITTY'S sales team. Decorate to please YOURSELF. Never compromise on COMFORT. Choose furnishings and accessories you LOVE.  A member of Smitty's team of Certified Decorators will provide solutions to your decorating dilemmas. Come visit us today!

Here is how a Smitty's Decorating Consultant can create a new love by refreshing an old room.

We look for Functional Elements

With our In-home decorating service we help you incorporate all the functions you want to include in your room, making sure traffic flow and design allow you to have the comfort you desire.

Creating the right Ambiance

The mood and ambiance you wish to create in any room can be very tricky. With our In-home decorating service, we can help you capture it with colour choices, balance, textures, focal points and perspective. With proper mix, your room will come alive! The psychology of colour is very important here.

Working with a Theme

We also help you to develop the theme you prefer and show you how to maximize its impact. A neat feature of our In-home decorating service is we bring an objectivity and perspective that enables you to see alternatives you may not have thought about.

Making it Work

Balance, weight, symmetry, asymmetry, flow and layout along with appropriate accessorizing are all critical in giving you the look you want. With our In-home decorating service, we assist you in pulling it all together creating the vision which inspired you.

On Time and within Budget

Decorating takes time. In people's hectic schedules today we let you get on with other important matters, while we get everything together so you can make your decisions. This we can do within your budget while showing future alternatives to meet your needs.

Have a decorating dilema?   Get help from our team of experts.  Email us using the form below.

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