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Furniture Donation to Light on Main Street

Posted On March 28, 2015


Urgent need for furniture made possible by Smitty's Fine Furniture 


On Monday, March 23, 2015, Ann Bruton wrote:


Hi Lani,
I'm writing on behalf of a young man who is a guest and a volunteer at LMS. He has serious heart problems and has been in hospital the last week with congestive heart failure. He spent all of July in London University Hospital CC. He is 33 years old. His parents are both deceased and he has no family to help him.
He is being discharged tomorrow. We found a small but clean and inexpensive apartment for him, which is a miracle! He moves in tomorrow. The previous tenant just vacated today!! We have been unable to locate a bed, which he will need for tomorrow. I was wondering if you had any double mattresses in your warehouse that he could have. He will need a box spring as well. I have a frame which is around 50 inches wide, which I believe is a double. But we could buy a different size frame. We can arrange to pick it up. I know you may not be in the store tomorrow but if you could let the girls know I am coming in the morning I would really appreciate it.
The reason for a new bed is that he is on ODSP and his furniture is beyond terrible. He has no hope of ever buying anything decent for himself.
So a few of us are looking everywhere for a few nice small pieces of furniture for him. I know we will find what we need but all he needs to move in is a bed. We thought we had till April 1 so we are in a bind as a bed has not materialized yet and he's in tomorrow. So any help you could give him would be miraculous to him.  Thanks for your care for our downtown community.  




We received this letter from Ann after Smitty's Fine Furniture President, Bob Gray, personally delivered a mattress to Jamie


Hi Lani!!
I can't thank you and Bob enough for your help this week. You should have seen Jamie's eyes when he saw that bed!! He has never had a decent bed in his life, let alone a new one. He just couldn't stop smiling. It was a sight to see. And he loves his recliner. I think this is the first place he has lived where he feels safe. The bed came at the perfect time, just after he was discharged from the hospital. You guys are angels.


Thanks again,

Light On Main Street Hanover Baptist Church