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My Home Matters, My Life Matters

2016- #Smitty'sSuicidePrevention


My Home Matters, My Life Matters 2016


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In the summer of 2014, one of our staff members, Lauri Shaw lost her dear brother Mark Shaw to a tragic suicide.  When our president, Bob Gray asked her if there was anything he or Smitty's could do to help, Lauri replied, "Have a fundraising event in support of mental illness and suicide prevention...and let's have it in May during Mental Health Awareness Month." And that was it: the seed was planted and the planning began.


The fund raiser was so successful in 2015 we decided to make it annual event. Last year we raised almost $10,000 to assist in local suicide prevention programs.


In Grey Bruce Region, our funds went directly to Wes for Youth an outreach program for youth struggling.


In Waterloo Region, our funds were able to pay for 2 Ideation programs that assist those who are struggling with suicidal thoughts but have not yet attempted to take their lives. This was an area that previously was not funded or available.


The Kitchener Staff began their support of this cause by forfeiting their 2014 Christmas Party. Instead, they donated $1,000.00 to the Grand River Hospital.  These funds were used to help support and distribute suicide prevention books along with other resources to assist those in need.


On May 28th, 29th and30th,  Smitty's will host a special event: "My Home Matters, My Life Matters." This event will be held at Smitty's Hanover and Kitchener showrooms.


Here are some ways that you can help us in our fundraising effort:

  • Buy furniture for your home (Smitty's will gift a portion of every sale to our cause)
  • Purchase selected donated furniture at reduced retail prices and 100% of your purchase price will be donated to Mental Health
  • Pledge funds to have our President Bob Gray, VP Cam Lorenz and Al Strong from Canadian Mental Health to dye their hair lime green
  • Enjoy a delicious barbecue lunch on Saturday and Sunday
  • Buy a T-shirt from Suicide Prevention Council and spread the message that "Life Matters"
  • Make a cash donation on this fund raising page
  • Visit our stores and meet some of your local first responders - Fire, Police and EMS are all pledging to be here to visit with you
  • Tell your family and friends about this fund raiser by sharing our #SmittysSuicidePrevention hash tag on your social media
  • Make a difference in your community: volunteer, donate or help raise awareness

Our staff will pay for the luxuries they use during the event, such as make-up, nail polish and jewelry. We will also have an opportunity to pay to wear jeans at work, unheard of at Smitty's!!! We'll pay more to wear blue jeans than black jeans! All these proceeds will go to our cause.


Smitty's Fine Furniture is a family owned company, dedicated to family and mental health awareness. During a planning meeting for this event we were asked, "Who has been affected by mental health or suicide?"  Every hand went up.  Smitty's believes that your home matters and your life matters. We are grateful for any and all support you give us.  


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