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Kitchener: 1-800-265-2370

Hanover: 1-800-265-5533

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The Smitty's Value

The 100 Kilometer Radius

Many brands that Smitty's offers are Canadian made furniture within a 100k radius from each show room location: Hanover and Kitchener. Durham Furniture, located in Durham. Kingsdown, Serta, Trendline, Superstyle, Brentwood, Decor Rest, Future, Edgewood, Artage, Leathercraft are all located in Toronto. More than 50% of the products sold are manufactured locally in Ontario.


Custom is Standard

At Smitty’s you have the choice to create a custom piece of furniture unique to you at no additional charge, that’s the Smitty’s value with buying quality Canadian furniture.


For the LOVE of Canadian Furniture: 10 Reasons to Buy Canadian Made Furniture
  1. Best quality hardwood frame construction in the world. Our upholstery companies like Brentwood, Future, Décor Rest, Superstyle, Trendline all use Canadian made frames with real hardwood.
  2. All our Canadian upholstery manufacturers have a huge selection of fabrics to choose from. You do not have to buy the fabric or colour that is on display.
  3. There is no extra charge for purchasing a different fabric or colour when buying from a Canadian manufacturer.
  4. Our Canadian bedroom and dining room manufacturers like Durham Furniture or Bermex have a huge selection of finishes to choose from. You can get the style you like in the finish that suits your home.
  5. Buying from a Canadian Manufacturer means jobs for Canadians.
  6. Buying from a Canadian Manufacturer means that parts and service for you purchase is much easier to attain.
  7. Our Canadian Manufacturers will repair or replace defective items.
  8. There is no duty on Canadian Made furniture.
  9. The freight cost to ship furniture from a Canadian Manufacturer is much less than shipping from the other side of the world.
  10. The style and quality of Canadian Furniture is the best in the world.