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3 Celebrity Homes To Inspire Your Next Interior Decorating Project

Sometimes it’s hard to know how best to update your home. There are so many options to choose from, so many decisions to be made, and so many places to look for inspiration. 


At Smitty’s, we understand that it can feel overwhelming, so our interior decorators have gathered together some amazing photos of celebrity homes to help inspire you for your next interior decorating project.


Check out these amazing rooms and see how you can achieve a similar look:


Steph Curry’s Living Room


(Photo by Getty Images and


Our team got pretty excited during the playoffs and, when we saw the inside of Steph Curry’s home, we got equally enthused! 


Featuring a neutral colour palette and comfortable furnishings, his living room furniture is expertly mixed and matched. A cosy and neutral sofa is paired with grey accent chairs and a striking leather reading chair. 


The space is finished with some very on-trend wood-topped and metal base coffee tables to create a  living room that is welcoming, comfortable, and functional.


Get Curry’s Look

You can achieve a similar look with the following pieces:

  • Brentwood’s Darwyn Chair is the perfect barrel-back wing chair, featuring a regal silhouette. This chair is made with eco-friendly construction and certified sustainable, kiln-dried wood frame. 

  • Artage crafts a variety of metal nesting tables in a wide range of sizes that can be customized with different tops, including wood and marble.

Kylie Jenner’s Dining Room


Regardless of whether you love or hate the Kardashians, you will love this dining room! 


Kylie Jenner’s contemporary dining room is simple yet elegant. Featuring an oversized, dark-stained wood table, contrasting white dining chairs, and finished with a dramatic area rug, this dining room is the perfect room for entertaining.


Get Kylie’s Look

You can achieve a similar look with the following pieces:

  • Magnussen’s Proximity Heights dining table is a sophisticated and tailored dining option, featuring a lush smoke Anthracite finish. Available with a removable leaf for added functionality.

  • Bermex’s dining chairs are finished with on-trend nailhead trim and are available in a range of finishes to suit any dining room.

  • Surya has a huge assortment of area rugs in dark tones and different types of fabric to complete your look to be just like Kylie’s.

Jillian Harris’ Bedroom


This Canadian interior designer and TV celebrity has given her bedroom the ultimate feminine touch. 


A headboard acts as the focal point for the room and offers a subtle warmth with its pink tones. Offset with an elegant chaise at the end of the bed, two bedside tables in clean white, and fun throw pillows, this bedroom is the perfect place to rest your head.


Get Jillian’s Look

You can achieve a similar look with the following pieces:

  • Decor-Rest’s fabric headboard and base 90 is available in a variety of fabrics (including pink options) and is constructed with a sturdy hardwood frame.

  • Hooker Furniture’s Modern Romance is a three-drawer nightstand that features soft, feminine silhouettes, while an assortment of champagne-tone hardware, mercury glass, and aluminum details add character to the other selected pieces.

  • Craftmaster’s Chaise features a soft nickel finish with X-shape detailing and a plush tufted top for a modern, yet elegant look.

For more inspiration and expert advice, come and visit our showroom and chat with our interior decorators. We can help you get the look you want for your home.


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Summer Interior Design Trends

Finally, the summer is here! After our long, cold winter, we can enjoy some warm air, sunshine, and the colourful flowers that are re-emerging. 


At Smitty’s, we know that as the seasons change outside, homeowners also like to make changes inside. The summer season is an ideal time to refresh the look of your living spaces and bring some colour and nature inside.


Here are our top recommendations for incorporating summer interior design trends into your home:


Invite Colour Inside


(Decor-Rest Furniture)

Bring the warmth and energy of the summer into your home by adding colour to your space. This season, colourful palettes are definitely on-trend. 


Here are three key concepts to consider when adding colour to your home this summer:



Incorporate bright colours like pink, green, and yellow. Adding splashes of contrasting colour with throw pillows is an easy way to add a cheery tone to your living room or bedroom.

(Decor-Rest swivel chair)



Add solid colours in bold, rather than pastel tones. Consider deep purple, coral, and even a contrasting white to add dimension to your colour palette.

(Artage side table)



Accent your space with splashes of shine. This can be achieved with copper or chrome accents, or even with throw pillows covered in a metallic-looking fabric.


If you are looking to update your space with a new sofa, recliner, or accent chair, we recommend taking a look at Decor-Rest. Their collections are inspiring and provide a huge range of customization options to help you bring colour into your home. 


If you find something you like on their website, come and visit Smitty’s showroom and our interior decorators will help you select your options.


Incorporate Natural Materials


(Hooker Furniture Amani Rope and Glass Cocktail Table)


Adding natural fabrics and materials into your home never really goes out of style, and in the summer it is particularly nice to bring outdoor elements inside.


Bringing nature inside doesn’t mean that you have to have a green thumb — although adding plants, like succulents, are very much on-trend. You can incorporate natural elements by adding wood, linen, cotton, and other decorative items that feature natural materials or have floral or leaf patterns.


Here are two elements to consider when adding natural materials to your home this summer:




Wood is something that can work in any space. Stained or natural, live edge or smooth, wood can take on a variety of looks to suit your style. 


If you are looking to make a statement with wood furniture, consider Hooker Fine Furniture. They have a huge range of wood products that are both functional and stylish.


(Hooker Furniture Console)




Linen is a lovely natural fabric that works well for throw pillows. 


Typically found in natural tones like beige and cream, linen works well as a contrasting option amongst colourful accents or as part of a brighter colour palette. You can also find linen fabrics in leaf prints, for that added natural accent.


Accent Your Space

(Decor-Rest 2781 Chair with brass finish)


This year, a trend that we continue to see is the addition of copper and velvet into interior decorating as an accent colour. 


From lighting to cabinetry to decorative items, copper will definitely help to enhance the look of your space, and velvet is a luxurious fabric for accent chairs and throw pillows.


(Surya accent pillow)


In fact, when it comes to fabric, our team cannot think of anything more luxurious than velvet! Just imagine curling up in a plush velvet armchair. Decor-Rest’s Azure Accent chair is the perfect addition to any space.


If you aren’t sure how to best to update your home, come and visit our interior decorators at Smitty’s. We will help you transform your space.

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Must-Have Comfortable Furniture

(Hooker Furniture Amani)


“There is no place like home.”
― L. Frank Baum, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz


There really is no place like home. Home is your oasis, your personal space, your sanctuary. It’s a place you should be comfortable. Whether you’re reading a good book in your favourite chair, entertaining guests in the dining room, or getting a good night’s sleep, comfort is essential.


At Smitty’s, our team understands the importance of being comfortable in your home and we want to help you achieve comfort without sacrificing style. Here are some of the best ways that we know to make your home more comfortable — and it all starts with comfortable furniture.


Keep It Simple


(Decor-Rest Chair 2825)


“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

— Leonardo Da Vinci


Being comfortable shouldn’t take a lot of effort. In fact, it should be effortless. Keeping it simple means that your space doesn’t become cluttered with furniture. Extra items can make living in your home awkward. Keeping it simple will help your space remain functional and sophisticated.


In an era of Marie Kondo, it can seem appealing to get rid of all your furniture and only purchase key pieces that will bring happiness into your life. At Smitty’s, we know that this approach will not work for everyone, and we understand that. That’s why we aim to keep it simple too. We suggest replacing key pieces that will help increase your comfort.


A Comfortable Sofa

(Craftmaster ‘Paula Deen’ sofa)


The sofa is one piece of furniture that gets a lot of daily use and must be comfortable. When considering a new sofa, make sure that it will not only fit your space but will also accommodate the needs of your family. Ask yourself:

  • Do you stretch out to read?
  • Do you snuggle in the corner?
  • Do you lean on the armrests?
  • How many people need to fit on the sofa at one time?

Sofas come in all shapes and sizes, and some can be customized to suit your specific design taste. From condo-sized to oversized and sofabeds to sectionals, you can find a sofa that will help you feel comfortable every day.


Brentwood makes gorgeous sofas that will stand the test of time in both wear and style.


Superstyle is another Canadian brand that offers high-quality sofas that range from traditional to casual.

Comfortable Dining Chairs


(Decor-Rest’s Parsons Dining Chair #2997)


Taking the time to relax and enjoy a delicious meal is a true pleasure in life. However, if your dining chairs aren’t comfortable, then you won’t look forward to meals with family and friends. If you can’t wait to get up from the table to go relax on your sofa, then it’s time to get some comfortable dining chairs for your table.


Gone are the days of buying simple wood or plastic dining chairs that were sturdy and functional, but plain and uncomfortable. Now, there are so many wonderful types of chairs that are both stylish and comfortable. With so much to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start.


Consider Decor-Rest’s varieties of Parsons chairs and armchairs for your table. Available in a wide range of fabrics, they are easy to keep clean and super comfortable.


Expert Tip: Try placing armless chairs along the sides of your table and armchairs at both ends for a very on-trend style.



(Bermex Dining Chair C-1697)


Bermex has an absolutely enormous selection of dining chairs, including style C-1697U-M, pictured above. Fully-customizable, these chairs offer the opportunity to select the:  

  • Seats
  • Legs
  • Wood Colours & Finishes
  • Fabrics, including vinyls, Sunbrella, super vinyls, and leathers


A Comfortable Bed

(Hooker Furniture Reverie Bed)


A good night’s sleep starts with a quality mattress and bed. There’s just nothing that can replace getting proper rest, and you should ensure you are set up for success with your mattress.


At Smitty’s, we recommend Serta and Kingsdown mattresses. Offering pocket coils, specialty foams and fibres, and support that conforms to you, these mattresses will help you get the rest you need.


Once you’ve selected your mattress, be sure to place it on a quality frame to support it properly and provide a cozy finish to your bedroom. If you are looking for some inspiration, click here to read our headboards and bed frames article.


Hooker Furniture makes gorgeous bed frames and headboards, and they also have some great ideas on how to achieve comfort in your home.


For expert advice on how to make your home more comfortable, come and visit us at Smitty’s.

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Top 3 Spring Interior Design Trends

(Best Home Furnishings Annabel Collection)


Spring is finally here! Congratulations — you made it through the long, cold winter.

Now it’s time to celebrate the sunshine by bringing warmth and colour into your home. This year, the top spring interior design trends are all about soft tones, fun styles, and feminine patterns and colours.


Here are some of the top ways that you can bring some spring into your home:

1. Colourful and Fun Patterns

Now is the time to get creative and add some fun to your living room, dining room, bedroom, guest room, or home office. Don’t worry about reinventing the entire space, painting the walls, or adding funky lighting.


You can achieve a fun and colourful look by adding a few simple items.


Patterned and colourful accent chairs


Patterns are not something to shy away from, and adding a patterned accent chair is the perfect way to bring some fresh energy to your room.


Best Home Furnishings has a wide variety of accent chairs to choose from, in a range of styles to suit any home. Try adding a classic wingback chair in your bedroom and a contemporary swivel barrel chair in your living room.


Customizable in a wide assortment of fabrics, you can select a solid colour with a colourful accent cushion or choose a busier pattern and make it the focal point of your living space.


(Palliser Klara Accent Chair)


Palliser’s Klara chair is described as a traditional accent chair with a modern twist. This gorgeous accent chair is not only comfortable, but it is also graceful and elegant. Suitable for virtually any room, this chair is highly-supportive and can be customized with your choice of fabric or leather upholstery. Top the chair with a contrasting throw cushion for a stylish addition to your home.


2. Feminine Colours

(Decor-Rest sofa 2133)


Lighter, softer, muted, and pastel colours are definitely on trend this spring. Gentle colours like muted pinks, soft greens, light blues, and faded purples are calming and will help to add some serenity to your space.


While you don’t want to incorporate pastels into every room, try and find some key ways to bring these more feminine colours into your home.


Decor-Rest designs and builds sofas, sectionals, ottomans, and chairs that can be customized to suit any room in your home. Add a sofa in a soft blue hue with contrasting throw pillows as accents, or try a custom-covered ottoman in a floral pattern to bring a fun focal point to your living room.


(Brentwood Savannah Sectional)


Brentwood Classics is known for making stylish, modern furniture with eco-friendly construction. Sturdy yet comfortable, their Savannah sectional is made with a certified sustainable, kiln-dried wood frame and soy-based polyfoam cushions. You can choose from a variety of fabrics and customize this stunning sectional in a pastel colour for your home.


3. Fun and Funky Styles


(Superstyle Bench)


Adding some fun, yet functional, furnishings to your home is a great way to update your space for the changing season. From side tables to benches to decorative items, bringing some colourful and uniquely-designed pieces into each room of your home is highly recommended this season.


Superstyle is another Canadian brand focused on crafting stylish furniture in elegant leathers and fabrics for every room in your home. Their leather bench (L917 featured above) is the perfect addition to a bedroom, guest room, hallway, or home office. Comfortable and colourful, it is a great way to usher in the spring season.


(Future Fine Furniture Chair 751)


Future Fine Furniture has a long history of designing and building beautifully-crafted furniture, and their customizable accent chairs, lounges, benches, sofas, and sectionals will wow you. Their occasional chairs are super comfortable and are a great way to add some fun to your living room, dining room, or home office.


If you feel inspired, but aren’t sure where to start, come and chat with our interior design experts at Smitty’s. We’ll help you update your home this spring — and you’ll have fun choosing your fabrics and finishes!

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Dining Rooms To Copy

(Bermex Prestige Table)


Every homeowner wants to have a dining room where they can enjoy meals with their family and friends, entertain guests, and showcase their stylish decor. This spring, Smitty’s is here to help you get inspired to refresh your dining room with some of our favourite dining rooms to copy!


Special acknowledgement to Architectural Digest for the images of celebrity homes.


Colourful Dining Rooms

(Amisco Nicholson table and Darlene & Darcy chairs)


Colourful dining rooms don’t have to be filled with a variety of colours, and adding colour to your dining room is something that you can do without painting the walls. This is not an exercise in overhauling your space — rather it’s about adding colourful elements.


Bringing some colour into your space will help to refresh and update the look, and highlight particular elements, like your seating.


While some dining room furniture manufacturers will provide you with the opportunity to customize the style and finish of your table, it is often easier to add touches of colour with your chairs and decorative items.


Consider adding colour in the following ways:

  • Dining chairs
    • This can include different types of fabric and even different patterns.
  • Accent cushions
    • Adding small cushions to each chair is a great way to add a pop of colour.
  • Decorative items
    • Placing a variety of coloured vases, candle holders, bowls, sculptures, or other pieces on the centre area of your table is a fun way to add some colour — and it’s easy to change up to reflect a season, a mood, or a celebration.
  • Area rug
    • Adding a dining room area rug under your table and chairs is not only on trend, but will add a very stylish element to your space.
Inspiration Photo

Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady’s gorgeous dining room has strong pops of colour in their Los Angeles home (above).

Regal Dining Rooms

(Bermex Expression Table)


There’s something to be said for having a dining room that looks classic, dignified, and elegant. A regal dining room will feature elements with formal touches and ornate finishes to bring a sense of majesty to the space.


Classically designed tables are a must-have when trying to achieve a formal look. Look for:

  • Simple table lines, in rectangular or oval shapes
  • Deep, rich tones
  • Solid wood
  • Wood or marble table tops, not glass
  • Strong table legs, not spindles
  • Larger table sizes, not built to incorporate a leaf
Inspiration Photo

Jessica Chastain achieves a classic look in her New York apartment with her solid wood, oval dining table and custom-covered dining chairs (above).


Glam Dining Rooms

(Amisco Belleville table and Webber chairs)


While not every homeowner is a movie star or celebrity, you can achieve that same glamourous look in your dining room.


Glam dining rooms can be classic or modern and they can be colourful or simple. The idea behind a glam arrangement is that it exudes high-style. This doesn’t mean that your furniture is uncomfortable or should only be used for special occasions — having furniture in your home that you cannot use every day is a thing of the past!


Consider dining room furniture that:

  • Shines or sparkles, including high-gloss wood or a glass top
  • Luxurious padded and covered seating
  • Added ornamentation in the seating, including nailheads or stitching
  • Plush area carpeting
  • Metal or glass decor in the centre
Inspiration Photo

Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne’s dining room in Hidden Hills positively exudes glam with the oversized, shiny table and ornate chairs (above).


If you’ve been inspired to update the look of your dining room, contact the experts at Smitty’s. We’ll help you get the dining room of your dreams.

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How to Achieve Understated Elegance in Your Decor

(Durham Prominence Collection)


Achieving an understated yet elegant look in your decor and your home is one of the most sought-after goals that we hear from our customers at Smitty’s. People want to know how they can elevate the style of their homes without it looking stuffy or feeling uncomfortable.


Elegance used to mean formal and ornate. The look consisted of heavy pieces of wood furniture, tables and chairs with carvings, deep-coloured fabrics, and pieces that were oversized to make a statement. That is no longer the case.


Now, elegance can be achieved without all the heavy pieces, perfectly matching sets, and deep tones. Elegance can be just as effective when it is understated, with high-quality furniture and decor that reflects your lifestyle.


Distressed Wood & Live Edge Furniture

(The Table Factory dining table)


Distressed wood is wood that has been carefully and professionally weathered to showcase different colour tones and wood grains. It is a wonderful way to bring elegant warmth to your dining room.


Live edge furniture is also an effective style for achieving a high-end elegant look, without the hard edges of a more traditional table. Live edge allows for the natural lines and edges of the wood to be incorporated into the design of the tabletop, allowing for a more organic look. This style of furniture is unique because every piece of wood will feature different edges.


The Table Factory is a family-owned and operated business in Ontario that crafts high-quality tables in a variety of styles, and Smitty’s is proud to carry this local brand in our showroom. From live edge walnut to heritage-style, rough sawn distressing, there is something beautiful for every home.


Upcycled Furniture

(Hooker Furniture Beaumont series)


Upcycling is the process of giving new life to vintage pieces, by incorporating updates that fit the style of the piece and make it look seasoned but refreshed. Upcycling is the perfect way to mix the old and the new in your home. It’s great for the environment, it’s on-trend, and it looks fantastic.


When you incorporate an upcycled chair, table, or hutch into your home, you will be adding unique features and accents that will help to bring out your style. Mixing and matching your furniture with old and new pieces is another way to achieve understated elegance.


Hooker Furniture’s Beaumont series of upcycled furniture offers a wide variety of refurbished treasures that can be used throughout your home.


Uniform Colour Palettes

(Durham Defined Distinction bedroom sets)


When you are looking at incorporating understated elegance, you want to aim to have uniform colour palettes in your furniture and decor. Keeping neutral and warm tones, and not including a wide variety of colours is important. Keep your colour theme in the brown, beige, grey, or ivory shades — and use metallics to accent this look.


Matching sets work well in achieving a uniform look. While you can mix in personal items and other decor, it is preferable to stick to the warmer, softer, and more muted tones.


The other advantage of purchasing a matching set is that the look can be aligned to help define a space, without making the room look overtaken by a wide variety of styles. Creating this alignment is important for achieving elegance and can look luxurious.


Quality Furniture

(Palliser Inspirations Line)


While it might seem obvious, it bears stating: the number one way to achieve understated elegance is by purchasing quality furniture for your home. It’s amazing what solidly-crafted furniture can do to raise your decorating bar — and there’s no faster way to lose a sense of elegance than with poorly-made furniture. It sticks out like a sore thumb.


Adding well-designed and expertly-crafted furnishings will not just look great, but they will also last. When you purchase Canadian-made, handcrafted tables, chairs, bed frames, and sofas, you will enjoy the look and comfort for many years, as these pieces are sure to retain their value and their interior decorating appeal.


Smitty’s showroom is filled with high-quality furnishings to help you achieve any look you desire, including understated elegance. Visit us today and we’ll help you find the perfect pieces for your home.

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Cozy Fabrics for Your Home

(Decor-Rest Azure Accent Chair)


Cozy fabrics never go out of style because people love to feel warm and comfortable and, let’s face it, everyone likes nice fabric on furniture.


“If I had to choose between clothes and furniture, I'd choose furniture.”
— Julianne Moore, actress


Cozy Fabrics

(Superstyle Cocktail Ottoman)


Cozy fabrics can really help to warm up a space. If a matching sofa and accent chair set is too large for your room, you can opt for a single accent chair or throw pillows — or a stunning, fabric-covered ottoman.


Our favourite cozy fabrics include:

  • Plush velvet: warm, soft, and gorgeous, velvet is super cozy and luxurious.
  • Wool: richly woven and strong, wool will provide warmth in abundance — especially in the cold winter months.
  • Polyesters: available in a wide range of prints and textures, polyesters will be sure to warm up your style.
  • Linen: comfortable and warm, linen adds natural warmth to any space.

Cozy Accents


If furnishing your entire room is not an option, consider adding flourishes of warmth to make your home feel even cozier.


Trying adding:

  • Throw pillows in rich, warm fabrics
  • A blanket to the side of your sofa for easy access and instant warmth
  • Accents in deep, warm tones on side tables and shelving
  • Candle holders in various heights (from tea lights in small votives to larger hurricane lamps)
  • Warm metals like bronze, antique bronze, copper, or mercury glass

Cozy Fireplace


Nothing beats a fireplace for getting warm and cozy — and creating an inviting atmosphere.


Dimplex is the leading manufacturer of electric fireplaces in North America and offers a wide variety of fireplace options, with and without storage.


At Smitty’s, we love the Dimplex Electric Fireplace Media Consoles. Providing a lovely hearth for visual interest and ample storage for electronics, books, and decor, these media consoles are the perfect addition to a living room, bedroom, or basement.


There are lots of great ways to make your home cozier and Smitty’s has many options in our showroom. Come and visit us and our interior decorators will help you find the perfect pieces.

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How to Have Fun with Patterns

(Universal Furniture)


Having fun with patterns doesn’t mean that your room is busy, crammed with accents, or filled with throw pillows. Incorporating a mix of patterns into your space, from your fabrics to your furniture, will add visual interest and dimension to your space.


You can be playful with patterns without stepping outside your theme, colour palette, style, or comfort zone. You don’t need to overdo it. You just have to find areas that could incorporate some patterning without looking forced.


Where To Incorporate Patterns


Almost any space in any room in your home can feature patterns, but not all rooms need it. Try to consider where patterns will make the nicest addition to your current layout. Here are some good places to incorporate patterns:

  • Place throw pillows in a variety of patterns and textures on your sofa, bed, or accent chairs.
  • Add an area rug to your living room, dining room, or bedroom.
  • Include furniture that features detailing (like nailheads or stitching).
  • Add accent furniture or larger pieces that offer design elements in their structure.

Boho Chic Patterns


Achieving a boho chic look is on-trend and can be achieved by adding pops of colour and patterns throughout your space.


Add a solid-coloured sofa and top it with a variety of different coloured throw pillows. Place a colourful area rug on the floor and add a metal or wood coffee table on top. Then complete your look with a mix of vases, candle holders, mirrors, and lamps.


Classic Patterns

Adding patterns to your space doesn’t mean you have to be wild and funky, or fill your space with colour. Select patterns that blend well with your sofa and accent chairs — don’t look for an accent tone, find a tone that matches your existing fabrics.


Incorporating furniture that features design elements in their construction will help to achieve a patterned look without looking too “out there”. Try adding a side table with an designed chrome structure for a base, or a console table with an interesting design. Adding circular furnishings is a great way to add visual interest or a focal point.


For more ideas on how best to bring some patterns into your home decor, come and visit us at Smitty’s!

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Top 10 Canadian Furniture Best Sellers

There are so many amazing, quality, Canadian brands to choose from that it is hard to just pick 10!


Here’s what is making our top 10 list at Smitty’s right now:


Durham Furniture

Solid Wood. Timeless Style. Since 1899. Durham Furniture builds solid wood furniture distinguished by exceptional quality, award-winning design, and enduring value. Durham's furniture is handcrafted from sustainably harvested maple, cherry, and ash — no veneers, no particle board — just nature’s own uniquely beautiful creation.


Durham’s furniture pieces are timeless and considered heirloom quality. Add their furniture to your collection knowing you can choose your stain colour to create any look you desire.



Since their founding in 1944, Palliser has focused on creating exceptional products for the entire home and delivering meaningful value to their customers. With a vision to provide high-quality furnishings that allow people the opportunity to express themselves, Palliser is recognized as a design leader and style authority.


Palliser’s furniture ranges from living to bedroom and beyond. A broad product line, you can customize recliners, home theatre seating, ottomans, benches, stools, and more.


Superstyle Furniture

Superstyle was founded in 1967 as a Canadian manufacturer of fine upholstered furniture, with a philosophy of offering impeccable quality, exceptional value, and excellent service. With superior craftsmanship inside and the finest fabrics outside, you can be certain the Superstyle line of products stand the test of time.


Superstyle’s furniture includes a large variety of sofas, occasional chairs, sectionals, and home accents.


Artage International

Artage International Inc. is one of the few metal fabricators left in North America producing occasional tables. Since 1967, they have worked with the design industry to create unique and innovative products.


Artage’s range of products includes occasional tables, consoles, drink tables, wine storage cabinets, and more. They are also able to customize orders to suit any taste.



Founded in 1983 in Maskinongé, Québec, Bermex is the leader among manufacturers of customizable dining room furniture, pub tables, and bar stools made of select grade birch. Purchasing a piece of furniture from Bermex is a wise choice when you are looking to acquire unique, quality Canadian wood furniture.


Bermex specializes in high-quality wood casual and formal dining furniture, pub tables, and bar stools with over 300 models to choose from.



Brentwood Classics has been designing and manufacturing made-to-order sofas for Canadians for over 40 years. From transitional to contemporary design, their renowned fabric library includes over 1,000 patterns in a multitude of colourways, sourced from all corners of the globe.  


Designed and manufactured in Canada, Brentwood’s award-winning sofas will provide you with comfort, style, and eco-friendly seating — and their luxurious beds won’t disappoint.



For over 100 years, Kingsdown has been handcrafting mattresses using only the finest materials. Their old world traditions are complemented with new technological and sleep science advancements, ensuring the best night’s sleep possible.


Building products that last, Kingsdown mattresses don’t waste any material in their production process and most of their fabrics are recycled into other industries.


Future Fine Furniture

A family-run company that focuses on customer service, with over 130 years of combined experience in bench-made craftsmanship. Future Fine Furniture will customize their products to meet your needs and ensure that you are satisfied with the quality, style, and price.


Part of Future Fine Furniture’s mission is to reduce the environmental impact of the industry by employing eco-friendly materials, including organic cotton fabrics and sustainable wood products. From sofas and sectionals to benches and chairs, their furniture is solidly built to your specifications.



A Quebec-based Canadian company, Amisco takes great pride in designing and producing residential furniture that satisfies the tastes and needs of all ages. Their top-quality furniture reflects the latest North American design trends, and every item they make is exceptionally comfortable, superbly finished, and durable.  


Amisco designs a wide range of stools, chairs, tables, dinette sets, and one-of-a-kind furniture that you can personalize to suit your lifestyle, whether you are furnishing an apartment, condo, home, or cottage.



Decor-Rest, a leading Canadian manufacturer of fine upholstered furniture, and has been building quality furniture since 1972. They are proud to have received more of the home furnishing industry's coveted national Trillium awards than any other upholstery company and are committed to designing furniture with the latest technologies and methods.

Decor-Rest only sources the finest tested materials from around the world including select, air-dried Canadian maple or birch for its custom frames.


Come and visit Smitty’s to take a look at these top 10 brands in person!

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Decorating Tip of the Month: Tabletop Decor

At Smitty’s, we want to help you furnish and decorate your home with beautiful, stylish, quality furniture and decor that works — whatever your lifestyle.


Each month we will feature a decorating tip to help you achieve your interior decorating dreams.


If you have questions or tips that you would like our Smitty’s interior decorators to answer, just let us know.



Tabletop decor is the difference between having a stylish, welcoming table and an uninspiring table that makes you want to sit somewhere else.


From dining tables to side tables to console tables, every table can benefit from decor. Here are some expert tips on selecting the right decor for your home:


Choose Table Decor Carefully

While we might enjoy flipping through magazines, admiring all the nicely decorated rooms and tabletops, it’s important to remember that we do not live in magazines! We actually eat at our tables, entertain at our tables, and even do homework and pay bills at our tables.


When you select your tabletop decor, make sure that it fits with your day-to-day life. It might be lovely to have large bowls of fruit on display, but it may also be impractical.


If you have pets or children, don’t forget about them! You shouldn’t put fragile vases or lit candle holders on a coffee table or side table, as there is a risk to them getting knocked over. Remember that design should not trump lifestyle.


Popular tabletop decor items that can work include:

  • Vases with fresh flowers
  • Vases with fruit (limes and lemons are a classic choice)
  • Decorative art pieces or sculptures
  • Candleholders
  • Bowls with other items inside them (it doesn’t have to be fruit!)

Try a variety of options over a period of a few weeks. Move items around from room to room and tabletop to tabletop. You can even change out your decor with the changing seasons — it’s all up to you.


For tabletop inspiration, or to find a table for your home, visit Smitty’s today!

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August 1, 2019
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