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Whether you've just moved into a new home or you've been in your home for a while, there's likely space that you've don't know how to decorate or make the most of, and that's the hallway. Small hallways, long hallways, narrow hallways or wide hallways ... they all have one thing in common: they leave homeowners feeling stumped on how to make them completely functional yet stylish. That's why we've compiled a list of our favourite ways to take advantage of your hallway's length or width, make the space feel bigger, and become a hallway interior design expert.


Good Lighting Is Everything

If you have a narrow hallway, mounted ceiling lights will be your best friend. Don't use wall-mounted lights that stick out. A pendant-mounted light can really make a statement and catch people's eye. A good rule of thumb is to place each light eight feet apart and to draw the eye down the hallway by placing a light at each end. If you have a bit of a wider hallway, who says that you can't mix and match? A console table with a table lamp and other decor items will finish the space off.


Null 1017 Occasional Group - console

Add Visual Interest

Looking for small hallway ideas to bring your creative side to life? Believe it or not, a narrow space or small hallway is a great opportunity to create a gallery wall, add mirrors to create more natural light, add some small runners/area rugs, or even bring out pops of colour in a different wallpaper, a unique painting, or even a different paint colour. If you have enough extra space, adding a bench along a wall with soft furnishings (like colourful pillows or throw blankets). Art and benches can help break up the hall a bit more while also showcasing your style, plus you'll have a cozy place to rest or sit if need be. People also love the idea of adding a hangable chalkboard or using chalkboard paint in a small hallway where you can write messages to your friends and family, leave friendly reminders about things, or doodle!


Durham Furniture benches

Create An Inviting Entryway

As soon as your guests come through the front door, you want to greet them with a warm, inviting space. Not every house will have a lot of room or floor space right through their front doors, but that can actually help you add more storage. By hanging shelves, you'll have a spot for your keys, bags, coats, and more, but you can also add baskets to add extra storage, especially for things like wet clothes that need to be washed, or extra scarves and mittens. If your small space is filling up quickly, a perfect spot to add more storage (or a cute nook or playroom) is under the stairs!


Let Your Personality Shine Through

Small hallway ideas are endless. Whether you add table lamps, small furniture, or unique artwork, creating a functional yet stylish hall can be a fun project to tackle, you just have to release your inner artist. No matter how small, walls are like a blank canvas for you to express yourself.


Stylecraft Lamps

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Hosting guests in your home is always a great experience, but setting up a guest room may have you feeling stressed if you're not fully prepared. That's why we've compiled this list of must-have guest room furniture items so you can host guests with a moment's notice and leave a lasting impression.


1. A Comfortable Bed

A comfortable place to sleep makes all the difference in the world. Don't just lay an air mattress on the floor. Give your guests fresh pillows, fresh sheets, an extra blanket, and some extra pillows if they prefer so they can feel like they're sleeping on a cloud. They'll especially appreciate this gesture if they are there to vacation and tour around and can rely on getting a good night's sleep in their wonderful guest room. If there are more than just a couple of people staying at your house (and if there is enough space) a sofa bed can also make for a great guest bed and also save space throughout the day as it can be folded back up and tucked away, or be used as a little seating area.


Decor-rest 2TH sofa bed


2. A Bedside Table

Nothing is worse than not having a nearby surface to place things we carry in our pockets, like our wallets, phones, watches, keys, etc. If you like having a nightstand next to your bed, chances are your guests will too. Adding a bedside lamp is also a nice touch to provide them with extra lighting, especially if they like to curl up with their good book before going to sleep. Plus, nightstands and table lamps aren't very expensive so you don't have to worry about spending a fortune just to go the extra mile.


Extra tip: Want to make your guests feel even more special? Put some fresh flowers on their nightstand or have some plants hanging around the guest room!


Durham Furniture 157 Bedroom


3. A Dresser

Even if your guests are just staying for a few days, living out of a suitcase isn't fun. At least give them the option of putting their belongings in a dresser or armoire with plenty of drawers and storage space. Their empty luggage can be placed in a closet or even a luggage rack. Luggage racks can be very compact for easy storage when not in use, and again, you don't have to spend a fortune on them.


Durham Furniture 157 Dresser


4. A Fresh Set of Towels

When your guests arrive, have a fresh set of towels (for their bodies and their face) waiting for them on the bed. Most often than not, they'll want to hop in the shower to feel clean and refreshed after travelling to their destination. Add extra hooks in your bathroom so they have a place to hang their towel and a laundry hamper in a convenient place for their dirty clothes or towels.


5. A Full-Length Mirror

Don't forget to add a full mirror in your guest room so your visitors can check out their outfits before heading out on the town! Just like you like to have one in your own bedroom to help you get ready, so will they. It will also help your visitors feel more confident heading out, especially since they're likely not used to the area and want to look and feel their best.



Create The Perfect Guest Bedroom

Having a visitor stay in your guest room should be a nice experience, not a stressful one. The perfect solution? Compiling a list of essential furniture and thoughtful touches and preparing the guest space as though it were your own bedroom so your guest feels as comfortable as possible and enjoy their time with you.


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With the end of summer comes the arrival of fall. Fall is one of the most beloved seasons. It promises pumpkin pie, candles, chilly mornings and the beauty of changing leaves. 


As the seasons change, we often want to change our home decor, as well. Get ready for fall with Smitty's fall decor ideas. We have some great ideas about how you can decorate your home for autumn.


Decorate Your Dining Room Table With Cloth and Festive Accessories

The fall season is when families tend to gather around the dinner or coffee table for food, discussions or a party. An easy way to create a great visiting space is to design a fall table with a table runner and some accessories. Burlap or cotton maroon table runners will make your house seem cozy and put together. On top, place some artificial or real pumpkins, pine cones, or flowers. This simple fall decor will create visual interest and make your home look incredibly put together.



Hang A Wreath On Your Door

The front door is the first thing that your guests see when they enter your home and the last thing they see when they leave. Bring your fall home decor outside with a fall wreath or sign.


A wreath of cotton stems, fall flowers and orange or blue hues will add fantastic style to your front porch. Another great fall decor idea is to use an outdoor sign or wall art featuring pumpkins, ghosts or anything festive for the season.


Use Cozy Throw Blankets & Pillows

When fall arrives, leaves turn orange and the days grow colder. When putting out your DIY fall decorations, add warmth to your living room by placing throws and cushions on your couch.




Your fall home will feel welcoming with a thick blanket created out of wool or soft sherpa. Autumn-inspired pillows with embroideries of velvet pumpkins, orange leaves or even a pumpkin spice latte will also be fun additions to your seasonal decor.


Tip: If you don't want to buy a new throw pillow for the fall season, simply buy a new cover and use an old pillow!  All you need to do is match the cover to the occasion. That way you can use your pillow year-round.



Fill Your Porch With Pumpkins

One of the best parts about fall is being able to take a trip to the pumpkin patch. You and your family can wander through the fields, pick full-sized and mini pumpkins, and have a cup of hot apple cider to drink. It’s such a great way to enjoy the season.


After enjoying all the fall time activities, you can take the pumpkins you have picked and stick them on your porch. They are effortless fall decorations and will make your home look wonderful. If you have young children, you could let them paint or carve a pumpkin. A carved pumpkin with battery-powered or real candles inside will light up their design.


Find Great Decor Ideas at Smitty's

Smitty's Fine Furniture has amazing furniture all year long. Pair your autumn decorations with a comfortable couch or genuine wood dinner table from our store. Shop in-store or online today!



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When overnight guests come to stay, they need a comfortable place to rest and sleep. Instead of an unstable air mattress, choose a pull-out sofa bed.


A sofa bed is the perfect piece of furniture for those looking to host without having dedicated spare rooms for guests that are sleeping over.



The Best Sofa Bed Doesn't Have To Be Big

There are a few things to remember before you choose a sofa bed for your home. The first and most important is that the size of the hardwood frame does not have a direct correlation with the spot your house guests sleep. This means that even though you may find a large sofa bed, it likely has the same size of flat sleeping surface as smaller sleeper sofas.


For example, futons tend to get a bad reputation because they fit into a smaller space and have small seat cushions. This makes everyone believe that these pull-out sofa beds are smaller than the regular bed. In reality, a futon-size sofa bed can typically hold either full or double mattresses.


Choose Between A Metal Or Wooden Frame For Your Sleeper Sofa

Whether you are hosting a long-term house guest or not, you want to ensure that you are buying a quality sofa bed that will last a long time. An important way of doing this is buying a day bed with a good frame.


Metal frames are the most common, but the weaker frame in standard sofa or day beds. We recommend avoiding the metal frame and choosing a wood frame for your day bed. This will ensure that the pull-out mechanism remains in good shape and you can easily expand your couch into a comfortable mattress.


Remember Sofa Beds Are Couches

While some people may place their new sofa bed in their guest room, others who live in a small space will likely use it as their regular sofa. If you are one of those individuals, you will need to pay extra attention to the comfort of your sofa cushions and the quality of the sofa fabric.


While a microfiber couch is a great option, so is a leather sofa bed. Consider your cleaning routine, comfort and lifestyle to find the right sofa bed for you.



Finding The Right Mattress

Finally, it is incredibly important to know whether your new sofa bed's mattress is comfortable! A quality mattress can make or break whether you have a good night's rest.


Sofa beds typically feature either memory foam mattresses or innerspring mattresses. While an innerspring mattress or fully sprung mattress may offer more support, it may not be as soft as a foam mattress. It’s important that you determine what type of bed suits you best.


Similarly, the mattress size is an important part of picking the right type of sofa bed for your home. If you know that you have occasional guests who usually come in pairs of two, larger mattresses like a queen-sized mattress will have the space for two to fit comfortably.


To find a comfortable sleeper sofa for your space, browse sleep sofa collections.


Style Your Home With Smitty's

Are you looking for the best sleeper sofa for your living room or a small spare room? Smitty's Fine Furniture has exactly what you're looking for. Browse our website to find more collections, sizes, styles to find the best sofa beds for you.


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Every pet owner adores their pets, but they don't love the wear and tear that their cat or dog can leave on their furniture. Dogs and cats can leave stains or pull threads out of sofas, seriously hindering the appearance of your furniture.


Below, we’ll discuss some of the best pet-friendly fabrics that are known to do a good job withstanding the fur and claws of your furry friends. This will help you select a new couch that is best suited for your family - animals and all.


Say Goodbye To Pet Hair With Leather

Real leather is one of the best pet-friendly fabrics, especially for those with cats or dogs that are prone to shedding fur. Leather furniture is both hair and water-resistant. This makes cleaning simple and quick. All a homeowner needs to do is simply vacuum or wipe their leather couch with a damp cloth.



The only downside to choosing a genuine leather sofa is that a pet's sharp claws can scratch it. Thankfully, owners can easily buff the surface with a leather softener or coconut oil to remove the scratch.


Note: It’s important to ensure that your furniture is top grain leather rather than faux or recycled leather. These materials are much thinner, making them more likely to be punctured by a pet's claws. 


Microfiber Is A Pet Owner's Best Friend

Tight weave synthetic material is an incredibly durable fabric. It does not rip or scratch easily unlike other fabrics. This is good news for many pet owners who want living room furniture that is both stylish and tough.


If your upholstered furniture does become a hair magnet, run a lint brush over its cushions and cushion covers. Mild soap and warm water will also lift most stains in microfiber. If your cushions are machine washable, we recommend putting them in the washing machine to lift stains and remove fur.



Consider Classic Denim

Denim is extremely durable, making it a great option for dog and cat owners. The tightly woven fabric is well-suited to withstand the hair and claws of every furry friend, unlike other loosely woven fabrics that can easily snag under a pet's claw.


If pets do happen to leave stains, denim can be easily spot cleaned with mild soap and water or baking soda paste. Remember not to use a bleach solution because it could strip the colour from your sofa.


Use Outdoor Furniture

Have you ever wondered why your indoor furniture doesn’t last nearly as long as your outdoor ones? This is because most outdoor fabrics like Sunbrella fabric are treated to be odour and stain-resistant. This makes them incredibly hardy and great pet-friendly furniture!


Pet owners could bring their outdoor couch or chairs inside. An alternative option is to switch out indoor removable covers with outdoor fabric. This will protect your couch without having to sacrifice its style.


Fine Furniture For You & Your Furry Friends

The general rule of thumb while buying a sofa for you and your pets is to steer away from loose weaves and lightly coloured fabric. Velvet, silk and tweed also are not the best options as they lack stain resistance and cannot be cleaned easily. Skip the velvet and choose dark and tightly weaved sofas instead. Dark or patterned fabrics will hide stains or any wear that could be caused by furry friends while strong woven will withstand snags.




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Figuring out how to design a condo can be challenging, especially if it’s particularly small. Finding storage for all of your belongings, arranging furniture and decorating all of the rooms may seem overwhelming. Fortunately, there are many ways to create the interior of your dreams without making your small apartment look cluttered.


Accept The Floor Space That You Have

One of the issues of having small square footage is that there is less space available for things. It’s incredibly important to embrace the available space of your room and design your decor around that. After all, it’s impossible to add more room to your apartment, no matter how badly you may want to.


Save Small Space With An Island

In condo interior design, a kitchen will typically flow seamlessly into a living room. While this is great, it can minimize a dining area. If your condo has a kitchen island, we recommend that you stick to using that as your dining table instead of purchasing one. This will help your area feel spacious instead of crowded with pieces. Similarly, an island is very functional. It can serve both as a food-prep station as a central area for guests to gather around. Simply purchase some barstools to make your island the perfect spot to eat.



Design A Functional Living Space

The main goal of decorating a tiny space is to design it for living efficiently. This means selecting your living room furniture with great care. The living room is the one room that should be designed to be beautiful, cozy and have practical use.


A key way to balance use and comfort is to buy multi-purpose furniture. Multi-functional furniture like a sofabed can afford you a guest bedroom without the bigger real estate. A pull-out sofa bed is a good condo interior design hack for someone who hosts visitors often.



Another option is to skip the large sectional and buy accent chairs instead. Chairs take up little room and can be easily moved, allowing you to easily fit a coffee table, floor lamps or other items in the room. 


Tip: If you have white walls, feel free to choose a bold colour instead of natural/light colours for your pieces. This will contrast the paint colour and draw focus to your interior design - not the small room. These are great decorating tips to add depth and style to your interior design.



Feature Wall Space

Many renters forget that they have a plethora of untapped space in their small spaces: the walls! Floating shelves can add more space to your living area and provide the extra storage you desperately need. They can also be stylish when they are decorated with books, accessories, plants, mirrors and other items.

Don't be afraid to go all out. Wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling shelves are a great way to save space and create space for items that would otherwise clutter your condo floor space.


Find Fine Furniture At Smitty's Today

If you need help beyond these tips, visit Smitty's Fine Furniture in Hanover or Kitchener. Our expert staff can help you select furnishings for your condo.

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Let’s clear the confusion. Custom-made refers to a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture that is designed and built once, specifically for you. Custom-made furniture can be a great option but it is also cost and labour intensive. It can be an interesting way to go for one-off pieces, but for most of us, buying custom-made is not feasible when it comes to furnishing an entire home. Customized furniture, on the other hand, is a modified version of an existing design. With customized furniture, you don’t have to reinvent the piece, but you still get to choose style accents, the size, fabric, and colours that you want. Customized furniture caters to your tastes and needs without costing you a fortune. In many ways, customized furniture offers the best of both worlds. 


Customized & Canadian-made 

At Smitty’s we offer customized furniture. We work with a variety of Canadian manufacturers who offer furniture customization choices for every room in your house. Companies like Palliser, Brentwood Classics and Decor-rest build customized sofas—whether sectionals, full-length, condo-sized, or love seats, these companies allow you to create a configuration that is just right for your living room and your lifestyle. You can choose to add a matching ottoman or chaise; select your favourite colours, patterns, and textures from a huge library of fabrics and leathers; decide on arm and leg styles, whether you prefer round or square corners, and decorative nails or not.

The Ontario-based furniture manufacturer Durham Furniture builds customized bedroom furniture from sustainably sourced cherry and maple woods. Durham allows you to choose from a wide range of wood finishes and fabrics so you can create a unique style, look, and feel for your bedroom.



For your dining room, Quebec-based companies Amisco and Bermex offer a variety of dining and pub-style tables, occasional tables, chairs, stools, benches, and buffets that can all be customized to your complete satisfaction. You can choose the size and shape of your table; the style, finish, and colour of your tabletop; as well as the material and design of your table legs or base. You can also select from hundreds of different fabrics for your chair and bar stool cushions. Customized furniture is a great option, it allows you to create one-of-a-kind pieces that will suit your space and give your home the unique look and feel you want without the excessive labour and cost of custom-made furniture.


Customization Tips 

Now that you know what is possible, how can you best approach customization? We know it can feel daunting, there are a lot of choices, and even though it doesn’t require the same level of investment as custom-made furniture, it’s still a significant investment so you want to be informed and choose wisely. Here are some basic tips that will help you get started. Our certified decorating consultants can help with the rest.



First of all, measure, measure, and then measure again! If you are looking for a single piece, measure the area that the piece needs to fit into. Remember to leave enough room for walkways. If you are furnishing an entire room, measure the entire space.


Next, take photographs of the area or room you want to furnish and bring them with you to the store. Yes, you know what your living room looks like, but you’d be surprised how helpful photographs can be when you are in the store looking at the many options available to you. Photos can help you consider colours, fabrics, and styles that will compliment your current decor. It’s also helpful to show these photographs to our in-store staff who can help you make the right choice for your home.


Finally, get visual. Smitty’s online room planner allows you to plan the layout of the room you want to furnish. Enter your dimensions and experiment with different placements of furniture and accessories. You’ll be surprised how helpful a visual can be. You can print a copy of your planned room and bring it into the store along with your photographs.


Creating a room that is uniquely you does not have to break your brain or the bank. Customized furniture allows you to create one-of-a-kind pieces that will make your home stand out. Visit one of our stores in Hanover or Kitchener to learn more about how to customize your home with Canadian-made furniture.





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Moving into a new apartment or house can be both exciting and daunting. It offers a fresh slate to decorate, but it can be overwhelming if you lack the items needed to furnish your living space. In this article, we will list the five pieces of furniture that all living rooms need to make the room feel welcoming and comfortable.


1. A Couch or Sofa 

The living room is a space that is designed for hosting and gathering. A family and friends will congregate in this room to watch television, visit with one another and lounge. With that being said, the first piece of furniture that any living room needs is a sofa.


An inviting couch or sofa will be a wonderful addition to your living room furniture. Sofas are functional and they offer you and your guests will offer guests a comfy place to sit.


The Harper sofa has a stunning grey colour and plush cushions that will match any space. Complete the look and make this seating both comfortable and beautiful with accessories. Adding throw pillows and a decorative blanket will add your personal style to the room and complement the decor.



2. Coffee Table

In order to create a living room designed for life and use, there should be a table. Coffee tables act as central spots to place glasses, books, and other items and they should be positioned in front of the seating area and atop a rug.


The Whitney Round Cocktail table is a beautiful mid-century modern table with a glass top and wooden legs. This coffee table will quickly become a focal point in your living room decor thanks to its great style.



3. Display Cabinets

If you are looking for a way to add storage to your living room, consider a display cabinet. Display cabinets are much like bookshelves and come in a variety of styles. When they are styled with plants, art, books, a mirror and other pieces, they often look like a piece of art.


A great option is the Accent Bookcase. This is modern bookshelf uses a mixture of shelves and drawers to add a wow factor to your space.



4. Entertainment Unit

An entertainment unit is important because it is both functional and can add style to a living room's design. These can be in the form of a television console, beautiful cabinet or warm and welcoming fireplace mantel against a wall.


Those looking to hide their remotes, DVDs, wifi router and wires should choose a cabinet with mirrored doors like the Casa Bella. It has plenty of space and its thoughtful design will make it a wonderful addition to any room.



5. Chairs

Accent chairs are a great way to fill a large empty spot in your living room. Pairing a set of upholstered chairs with a table, lamps, pillow can create a cozy and inviting reading nook with plenty of essential lighting. 


For those who are looking to add personality to their living room, choose a patterned chair that matches the walls or drapes' colours. It will tie the room together and serve as an exciting focal point. Other natural, light colours like white or beige and also look great with colourful pillows.



Smitty's in Kitchener and Hanover carries all of the essentials for great interior design. Shop our range of accent tables, sofas, shelves rugs, and entertainment units for your living room online or in-store.



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The best thing you can do for your health is getting a night of good sleep, but this can be difficult to do if your current California king is old, unsupportive and causes you back pain.


While a new bed is a worthy investment, it can be difficult to choose the right mattress. We’ll discuss various things you should consider when shopping for a new mattress.


Types of Mattresses

Before you begin shopping, you should consider the types that are available and how they may benefit your sleep.

  • Memory foam mattresses: These are made entirely out of layers of foam including memory foam to provide optimal comfort.
  • Innerspring mattresses: These beds have metal coil springs in them with a comfort layer of padding atop. This promises durability and breathability.
  • Hybrid mattresses: A hybrid mattress has metal springs in them but is topped with  memory foam or could also include a substantial pillow top.
  • Memory foam latex: Latex foam combines memory foam and latex to reduce the mattress's retention from body heat.


Memory Foam Vs. Spring Mattress

One of the most argued topics today is whether foam beds are better than innerspring. While comfort is subjective, each type of mattress offers its own benefits.

A foam mattress is a much softer mattress compared to memory foam. Despite this, they are still very supportive. They offer pressure relief, can mould to any sleep position, and include motion isolation, making them a great option for mixed sleepers who have a habit of tossing and turning.


An innerspring mattress offers durability, support and comfort with a smaller price tag. This bed's interior metal coils similar to a box spring make this a firm mattress while the comfort layers of foam provide comfort. This can help reduce neck pain.


Hybrid mattresses that combine layers of both innersprings and various kinds of foam can provide a wide range of firmness levels.  The Harmony Lux Carbon Series by Beautyrest offers firm, plush and pillow-top options combining innersprings with up to five other layers of foam, including carbon foam to promote a cooler sleep.



Choose A Mattress Firmness Level

Your sleep quality is dependent on your bed's ability to suit your sleeping position.

Consider what position you fell asleep in and what position you woke up in while choosing a mattress. This can provide great information on what mattress may offer the most comfort and support for you.


Sleeping Positions
  • Back sleepers: Medium-firm mattresses tend to be the best type because it supports an equal spine without causing it to dip or curve.
  • Side sleepers: If you sleep on your side, your mattress type should be medium-soft to medium-hard to support your shoulders and hips without pushing on pressure points.
  • Stomach sleepers: Much like people who sleep on their back, they need a great deal of firmness to support their body and spine. A firmer bed will ensure that you experience little back pain.


Find The Best Bed For You With BedMATCH

Smitty's Fine Furniture knows how difficult it can be to find a mattress. That's why we offer a BedMATCH feature to help pair our clients with a mattress that is best for them. Visit us in-store to take part in our BedMATCH program or shop online. Mattress shopping has never been so easy thanks to Smitty's.





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Don't let a small bedroom or room convince you that you can't make the most out of your space. You can easily design your room to your liking, no matter its size. In this article, we will offer some tips and tricks on how you can make the most out of your room with space-saving pieces of furniture.


Install Shelves

Shelves are an easy way to add more storage space to your home. Bookshelves placed in a corner or a floating shelf hung on the wall above a bed can bring more dimension to a room, especially when styled with a mirror or plants. While this is a great idea, be careful not to place too much stuff on them. Every interior designer recommends that homeowners be careful editors of the decor and other objects they display. If too much is shown, the area could feel cluttered and smaller than it originally is.


Purchase A Bed With Extra Storage Space

When browsing online for small bedroom ideas, people are disappointed to see that a twin bed is one of the most frequently recommended pieces of furniture. Thankfully, you don't need to choose a smaller bed frame to save room in your home.


The 196 Milestone King Lift Bed is a stylish platform bed with extra bed storage. Owners can lift up part of the platform bed in one easy movement to reveal a large empty space tucked into the frame. This is a great way to store stuff without needing more furniture.



Choose a Storage Ottoman or Bench

A coffee table can take up plenty of floor space in your home without offering much storage. If you have a small room that lacks closet space, you should choose an ottoman with built-in storage. Rather than placing your linens or blankets on closet shelves, store them inside the Shannon Storage Ottoman's built-in storage area. The ottoman's simple design and its plentiful storage will make this piece perfect for your small spaces.



An Upgraded Nightstand

The last thing you need in your small spaces is a table without a lot of storage. When shopping for a bedside table, choose one with several drawers and a top with a lot of surface area. Tables like the Defined Distinction side table have a lot of room in the drawers and on their tabletops, making them the perfect addition to your home.



Even though your table may be small, it can bring a lot of style to your room! If you would like an eye-catching showpiece, paint the entire table a vibrant colour like royal blue or pine green. Not only will this bring more colours and life into your small space, but it will also make your table feel like one of a kind.


Wall Lighting

You don't need to choose between lighting and space anymore. Rather than placing a bedside lamp on your console table, choose sconces and other wall lighting fixtures for your bedroom. These small but powerful lamps are great ways to save space and light up your bedroom.


Decorate Your Small Bedroom

Finding furniture for small bedrooms doesn't have to be a difficult task. Smitty's Fine Furniture in Kitchener-Waterloo and Hanover has something for everyone.


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