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Not everyone lives in a spacious home with ample floor space and room for extra furniture. At Smitty’s, we understand the challenges that come with finding furniture for small spaces, and we have a great assortment of smaller-sized pieces that will look great in your home.


When you have a small space, you want to look for two things:

  1. Furniture that can serve more than one purpose.
  2. Furniture that fits and doesn’t overtake your space.


Multi-Purpose Furniture

(Decor-Rest Condo Sofabed)


When you are furnishing a small space, you want to make the most of every inch. Adding pieces that offer dual functionality will help you to make the most of your room, while still fitting in the available floor space.


Depending on your lifestyle, you may have different needs and it’s important to consider your routine when selecting new furniture. For example, if you don’t host dinner parties and you don’t find yourself spending time at a table, you may wish to add comfortable stools alongside your kitchen island, instead of purchasing a table and chair set for your home.

  • If you host overnight guests, you want to ensure that your sofa folds out into a bed.
  • If you have lots of items to store, you want to ensure that you have enough storage capacity without filling your home with bookshelves or storage baskets. Consider storage ottomans and consoles — they are excellent at hiding clutter and look fantastic.
  • If you need workspace at home and you don’t have room for a home office, consider a lift-top coffee table. Their raising top makes for a very functional workspace.


Suitably-Sized Furniture

(Artage Condo Cocktail Table)


There’s nothing worse than finding the perfect sofa, ordering it, and then discovering that it won’t fit through your door or in your room. Take your time to measure your floor space before making any large purchases so you aren’t disappointed.


Watch Smitty's Expert Tip Video Here!


It used to be that you had only a few options when selecting smaller-sized sofas or coffee tables, but with the changes in how we live and work, there are many terrific options to choose from.


Superstyle offers a collection called Variables by Leather Brand. This line of leather furniture is highly customizable. You can select the size, configuration, features, and leather to make a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture for your home.


At Smitty’s, we offer a wide variety of tables and benches to suit any space. From storage benches to consoles and more.


For more small space inspiration, visit us at Smitty’s and get expert advice from our interior decorators today!

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Crisp whites and jewel tones are not hot this year. In 2018, the trend is to make your home cozy, warm, and functional.


Here are some tips on how to bring warm and functional luxury to your interior design.


Warm Up Your Living Room


The living room is a great place to start adding some warm tones and features. Depending on your space and lifestyle needs, you can consider adding a shag carpet, a leather sofa, a plush fabric ottoman, and accent chairs with pillows.


Selecting furniture in earthy hues like camel, tobacco, deep browns, and mahogany will make your space feel cozy and warm. Hooker Furniture has gorgeous styles of furnishings for every room in your room.


Smitty’s Pro Tip: You can easily enhance this warm look by adding pops of colour in burnt yellow or wine red using accents including throws or accent pillows and decorative tabletop items like candle holders and bowls.


Floral Rugs Are Back

A quick way to add some earthy and natural elements to your space is by adding a floral area rug. Floral prints are making a big comeback and can add some fun or elegance to your room — depending on your existing decor.


Kalora rugs are available in a wide variety of sizes and materials and can be added to your living room, dining room, bedroom, or entryway to really change the look and feel of your space.


Room Dividers



Room dividers are not what they used to be. You don’t need to purchase something large and cumbersome to delineate your space — adding a console table or island table is all you need.


Amisco island tables are a sleek, modern choice that allows you to easily create two spaces. These tables are available with long and short bases to best suit your particular needs. Specially designed to maximize space, these tables can provide more seating, act as a makeshift home office, and display room-dividing elements like table lamps, books, decor, etc.


There are so many ways to add warm and functional luxury to your home. Come and visit Smitty’s to find your perfect pieces.


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Sectional from Smitty's Fine Furniture shows example of how to decorate a small living room in Canada


Your living room is a hub of activity: where you spend time hanging out and watching TV, spending time with family, and entertaining guests. And if you have a small living room and often entertain, you probably know the struggle of keeping your space feeling open while having enough seating to accommodate everyone. Try some of these design tips to really maximize the use of your small living room!


1) Choose smaller furniture


If you have a small living room, don’t go out and buy the largest sectional you can find. Try to keep furniture more compact and less bulky. This doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the number of seats, just make sure you’re choosing more streamlined furniture that takes up less room.


2) Take advantage of wall space


One of the keys to designing a small space is to draw the eye upward. Whether or not you have high ceilings in your living room, you can still do this and make your room feel larger and grander. Fill the walls with a collection of framed pictures and paintings to draw your guest's eyes upward and create the illusion of more space.


3) Fill a corner


This probably sounds like the last thing you want to do in a small room, but small corner living spaces sometimes feel bigger with a large piece of furniture in them. A sectional with clean lines can work well in a small space because it is one piece, making the room feel less cluttered. It will also allow you to seat lots of guests.


4) Install a wall of storage


If your small living room features a spattering of furniture for storage, spread out here and there, consider devoting an entire wall to storage instead. You can install a full floor-to-ceiling entertainment centre or bookshelf which will take up less space in the grand scheme of your living room.

At Smitty’s Fine Furniture in Kitchener and Hanover, we have a large selection of sectionals, storage solutions and other furniture to help you maximize the use of your small living space. Visit us at one of our locations to see our selection!

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Just because you live in a condo, apartment, or urban space doesn‘t mean that you have to sacrifice quality and comfort in your home furnishings.



 LeatherCraft manufactures a wide range of sofas, recliners, accent chairs, and customizable solutions that are ideal for urban lifestyles. Condo Living solutions are more compact in both width and depth, providing more usable living space.

Artage International - Metropolitan II in condo size dimensions with optional hand applied paint finishes are perfect for smaller living spaces. Glass top tables are the perfect choice for small spaces. A glass-topped table visually enlarges a small space because it appears to take up less room than a solid table of the same size.

Perfectbalance furniture by Durham Furniture has been designed to fit perfectly in today’s modern homes, and is particularly suited to a number of different lifestyles.

Solid wood furniture to fit your life.

Multifunction coffee tables. Choose tables that effectively utilize and save space. This Artage table can easily double as a computer work space.
Entryway Catchall - keep clutter from overwhelming a small space. It's as simple as a hook for your coat, baskets for your gloves and scarves and a drawer for your keys and mail.
Mirrors - widen the look of a long, narrow room by adding a floor-standing mirror, or hanging a large mirror on a long wall. Mirrors reflect light and help 
brighten a small space.
Nesting Tables - perfect for entertaining in a small space. Compact yet versatile.

Versatile Furniture pieces like this drop leaf console from the Great Rooms Collection by Universal add style and function to your small living space. The console can be used as a desk, hallway table or dining table.

Double Duty Furniture - try to find furniture that has more than one function. Ottomans provide storage, a bench to sit on or a place to put your tv.
The golden rule for small space living is to have a place for everything, and put everything in its place. The Wave Storage Wall Bed by Legacy is the perfect solution to help unclutter your small space.

For more Small Space Living Solutions visit our Small Space Living  board on Pinterest 



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