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This month, the team at Smitty’s is excited to feature the Palliser brand of furniture. Palliser is known for its high-quality leather seating, but, like many brands, they have reinvented themselves over the years and expanded their line of furniture offerings to include a wide range of gorgeous sofas, sectionals, home theatre seating, accent chairs, zero gravity chairs, and more.



Modern and stylish designs paired with a gigantic range of leather and fabric finishes means that you can customize your furniture to suit any room in your home.


Home Theatre Seating


(Flicks by Palliser)


More and more people prefer to enjoy a night in and take advantage of private viewing experiences with high-definition televisions, surround sound, and comfortable seating. No more driving to theatres, standing in lines, and squirming in your uncomfortable seat.


When you settle down to enjoy a movie or binge-watch your favourite TV series, you want to relax and be comfortable. You want to stretch out and feel supported by quality construction and ergonomic design. This is where Palliser distinguishes itself from other brands.


Flicks is a contemporary home theatre collection that will take your TV watching to the next level. Flicks seating features:

  • Personalized comfort settings
  • Power reclining options
  • Adjustable ground lighting
  • LED cup holders
  • USB ports
  • And more

Flicks offers quality construction with engineered wood, single top stitching for a modern look, a resilient foam core, and heavy gauge springs and suspension for the utmost comfort.


You can also supplement your seating with optional table inserts, table trays, tablet holders, and more. Available in single, double, loveseat, armless, and wedge arm styles, you can choose the seating arrangement best suited for your lifestyle.


Zero Gravity Recliners


(Zero Gravity Chair by Palliser)


While you may have heard of a ‘recliner’, you have probably not heard of a Zero Gravity Recliner — and it’s features are pretty impressive.


Palliser’s ZG5 allows you to achieve comfort at the touch of a button. Now you can go from upright to reclined without the bending, reaching, and tugging of a manual lever.

Zero gravity recliners will help to reduce stress on your back and increase your circulation, and the chair’s adjustable lumbar back pillow and head pillow will help you find the perfect position for reading, sleeping, or relaxing.



Another advantage to Palliser’s ZG line is its footprint. Say goodbye to the chunky, oversized recliners of the past. The ZG5 features a slimmer profile with modern chrome legs, so it looks great in any space.





A sectional will take your living room from ‘nice’ to ‘wow’. Palliser’s sectionals provide ample seating, a range of customizable options, and complete comfort. 


Available in styles that range from modern to traditional, you can find the style and seating arrangement that suits your life. Take advantage of the extra legroom and stretch out to read, or pile your entire family on and enjoy watching a movie together — there’s enough space for everyone!


The Barrett sectional (featured below) embodies modern luxury and is sure to make a statement in your home. A transitional piece, it’s available with tufted fabric or leather, layered foam seats, and impressive detailing.



Every piece is made with a focus on quality. Handcrafted sectionals are constructed with quality materials and technologically advanced production methods, and are signed-off for sale following a thorough review to ensure excellence. This means that you can rest assured that your investment will look great, wear well, and last.


If you’re looking for quality, long-lasting, and gorgeous furniture, we recommend upgrading to Palliser. Visit us at Smitty’s and our team will help you find the perfect pieces for your home.

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There are so many amazing, quality, Canadian brands to choose from that it is hard to just pick 10!


Here’s what is making our top 10 list at Smitty’s right now:


Durham Furniture

Durham Furniture Milestone Collection

Solid Wood. Timeless Style. Since 1899. Durham Furniture builds solid wood furniture distinguished by exceptional quality, award-winning design, and enduring value. Durham's furniture is handcrafted from sustainably harvested maple, cherry, and ash — no veneers, no particle board — just nature’s own uniquely beautiful creation.


Durham’s furniture pieces are timeless and considered heirloom quality. Add their furniture to your collection knowing you can choose your stain colour to create any look you desire.



Palliser Cairo Collection

Since their founding in 1944, Palliser has focused on creating exceptional products for the entire home and delivering meaningful value to their customers. With a vision to provide high-quality furnishings that allow people the opportunity to express themselves, Palliser is recognized as a design leader and style authority.


Palliser’s furniture ranges from living to bedroom and beyond. A broad product line, you can customize recliners, home theatre seating, ottomans, benches, stools, and more.



Decor-rest 2990 Collection

Decor-Rest, a leading Canadian manufacturer of fine upholstered furniture, and has been building quality furniture since 1972. They are proud to have received more of the home furnishing industry's coveted national Trillium awards than any other upholstery company and are committed to designing furniture with the latest technologies and methods.

Decor-Rest only sources the finest tested materials from around the world including select, air-dried Canadian maple or birch for its custom frames.


Superstyle Furniture

Superstyle  9670 Collection

Superstyle was founded in 1967 as a Canadian manufacturer of fine upholstered furniture, with a philosophy of offering impeccable quality, exceptional value, and excellent service. With superior craftsmanship inside and the finest fabrics outside, you can be certain the Superstyle line of products stand the test of time.


Superstyle’s furniture includes a large variety of sofas, occasional chairs, sectionals, and home accents.


Leathercraft Furniture Leathercraft Bayview Collection

LeatherCraft is proud to produce all its products in Canada.  Leathercraft offers cutomization options on nearly all furniture designs to meet the individual tastes and requirements of every customer.  LeatherCraft prides itself on its ability to couple outstanding quality, with great design.


With numerous award-winning chair and sofa designs, Leathercraft continues to develop furniture with a focus on aesthetics and innovation.



Bermex Furniture Denali Collection

Founded in 1983 in Maskinongé, Québec, Bermex is the leader among manufacturers of customizable dining room furniture, pub tables, and bar stools made of select grade birch. Purchasing a piece of furniture from Bermex is a wise choice when you are looking to acquire unique, quality Canadian wood furniture.


Bermex specializes in high-quality wood casual and formal dining furniture, pub tables, and bar stools with over 300 models to choose from.


Brentwood Classics

Brentwood Classics  Mensa Collection

Brentwood Classics has been designing and manufacturing made-to-order sofas for Canadians for over 40 years. From transitional to contemporary design, their renowned fabric library includes over 1,000 patterns in a multitude of colourways, sourced from all corners of the globe.  


Designed and manufactured in Canada, Brentwood Classics' award-winning sofas will provide you with comfort, style, and eco-friendly seating — and their luxurious beds won’t disappoint.


Kingsdown Canada

Kingsdown Canada Coil Comfort Mattress

For over 100 years, Kingsdown has been handcrafting mattresses using only the finest materials. Their old world traditions are complemented with new technological and sleep science advancements, ensuring the best night’s sleep possible.


Building products that last, Kingsdown mattresses don’t waste any material in their production process and most of their fabrics are recycled into other industries.


Future Fine Furniture

Future Fine Furniture

A family-run company that focuses on customer service, with over 130 years of combined experience in bench-made craftsmanship. Future Fine Furniture will customize their products to meet your needs and ensure that you are satisfied with the quality, style, and price.


Part of Future Fine Furniture’s mission is to reduce the environmental impact of the industry by employing eco-friendly materials, including organic cotton fabrics and sustainable wood products. From sofas and sectionals to benches and chairs, their furniture is solidly built to your specifications.



Amisco Ronny Collection

A Quebec-based Canadian company, Amisco takes great pride in designing and producing residential furniture that satisfies the tastes and needs of all ages. Their top-quality furniture reflects the latest North American design trends, and every item they make is exceptionally comfortable, superbly finished, and durable.  


Amisco designs a wide range of stools, chairs, tables, dinette sets, and one-of-a-kind furniture that you can personalize to suit your lifestyle, whether you are furnishing an apartment, condo, home, or cottage.


Come and visit Smitty’s to take a look at these top 10 brands in person!


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(Decor-Rest Headboard & Base 95 Carolina Bedroom Collection)


At the end of your day, you want somewhere you can go for the Four Rs: relax, recharge, reignite, and re-energize. Your bedroom is your sanctuary and it is the room in your home where you go to leave it all behind and get ready for the next day.


Many people think that they need to hire a designer and break the bank to achieve a luxurious look — but the Interior Decorators at Smitty’s know that this isn’t the case. 


Here are some of our favourite ways to take your bedroom from blah to luxurious.


1. Add A Headboard


(Durham Modern Simplicity Headboard and Frame)


Adding a headboard to your bedroom will instantly give your bedroom a more luxurious look. Whether it’s wood, upholstered, or even an adjustable headboard, your room will be enhanced by this simple addition. 


Durham’s Modern Simplicity line will make your bedroom look like a Presidential Suite at the Ritz, but without the price tag.


Headboards have been around for literally thousands of years and they have come a long way. No longer simply practical, they are now a key decorative element in the bedroom.


Headboards perform many functions including:

  • Keeping the draft from the wall or exterior away from your head.
  • Creating a focal point in your room.
  • Adding height and texture to your space.
  • Enhancing an existing theme or style.

You can choose to combine a headboard with a new frame, perhaps one that is raised from the floor, for an extra luxurious look. Adding a matching base and footboard will make a significant difference in your space and will make your bed look grand.


Decor-Rest’s Lamya Headboard is beautifully crafted and the matching frame and footboard will have a stylish and luxurious impact on your space.


2. Add Two Night Tables


(Durham Defined Distinction Collection)


Night stands, night tables, bedside tables — whatever you choose to call them, they are integral to your bedroom. While you don’t want to fill them with clutter, you do want a place to store your books, phone, reading glasses, water, and other decorative items.


It’s important to have matching tables on either side of your bed if you want to have a luxurious look. Mixing and matching is definitely a trending style of interior decorating, but it doesn’t work if you are aiming to create a luxurious look.


Night stands come in all shapes and sizes, colours, and styles — and if you do require additional storage, many offer drawers to meet your needs.


(Durham Manhattan Night Shelf)


If you prefer a more traditional look, Durham’s Manhattan Night Shelf provides a perfect mix of open shelving and a drawer for additional storage.


3. Add A Chaise


(Brentwood Catherine Chaise)


Nothing says luxury quite like a chaise. In modern French, the term ‘chaise longue’ can refer to any long, reclining chair that allows a person to recline with their legs outstretched. 


As with headboards, chaise lounge chairs have been around since the Egyptian and Roman era, where they were typically used by the wealthier class to rest and relax without having to go to their bedroom.


Chaises come in all sorts of shapes and styles and can reflect traditional or modern elegance and luxury.


(Decor-Rest 2618-08 RHF Chaise)


Chaises are excellent locations to relax, read a book, or enjoy a snooze. They also look fantastic when decorated with throw cushions and blankets.


If you are looking to bring some luxury into your bedroom, consider adding a headboard, night tables, and a chaise. You can finish the look with a new area rug or some upscale lighting.


To find your perfect pieces, visit our showroom today.

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(Photo from Decor-Rest)


Happy New Year! It’s another new year filled with promise. At Smitty’s, we know how much joy and excitement a new year can bring. If you’ve been thinking about making some interior decorating changes or upgrades, we can help. After all, new year = new furniture.


Time for a Change


If you’ve been sitting on the same worn out sofa, eating at the same scratched table, and sleeping on the same sagging mattress, then enough is enough. It’s time for a change.

“A house with old furniture has no need of ghosts to be haunted.”

― Hope Mirrlees, Lud-in-the-Mist


If you’re like most people, you probably have many areas in your home that you want to update and refresh. Maybe you’ve grown tired of your colour scheme, or your furniture doesn’t reflect your style, or perhaps you’ve been inspired by something you saw in a magazine and you want to get that look in your space.


Change can be re-decorating and re-furnishing an entire home, or it can be as simple as swapping out your bed. Whatever you are looking to achieve, here are a few ideas to inspire your interior decorating changes.


Matte Black is Where It’s At!

(Amisco Elgin bed)


Matte black furniture is not only on trend, but it’s the kind of colour that doesn’t really go out of style. Easily paired with existing furniture, matte black can blend in with your decor without looking out of place.


By contrast, matte black can also act as an accent and work to highlight a particular room, theme, or area — or it can stand out on its own and bring some drama to your space.


Black can be added to virtually any space, from bedrooms to kitchens.


(Amisco Dirk table)


Amisco has a wide variety of matte black furniture pieces including, bed frames, stools, chairs, dining tables, coffee tables, and more.

(Amisco Tacoma dining table)

  • Mix and match black with distressed wood for a contemporary look.
  • Trying pairing a black and chrome coffee table with a luxurious rug for a high-style look.
  • Add a leather chair and ottoman for an urban look.

    (Decor-Rest Romeo chair)

Bronze, Not Brass



Brass went out in the 80s and there’s no looking back. Bronze, on the other hand, is not only in style, but timeless in the same way as matte black. Bronze accents and decorative items, finishing details, and even table bases are a classic addition to any home.


(Artage Hop table)

  • Try adding a bronze lamp, bronze candle holders, or a bronze decorative bowl to your decor and you will be amazed by how much visual interest it brings to your space.
  • One of the easiest ways to incorporate bronze into your decor is by adding a mirror with a bronze frame. Try adding this to your hallway, bedroom, bathroom, or living room.
  • Wall art is another great way to add bronze into your decor without taking up additional floor space.


(Surya mirror)


Expert tip: Place your mirror in a location where it will reflect light coming into your home via a window. This kind of placement will carry the light into your room and help to brighten your space.


Drama, Drama, Drama

(Superstyle Furniture Bench 530)


Whatever your style, whatever room you are updating, whatever theme you are going for, be sure to add some drama to your space. Don’t be afraid of colours, patterns, or shapes.


Adding just one stand-out piece in any room can elevate the design and overall look of the space.

(Hooker Furniture Thicket Console)


Adding something bold doesn’t mean that it has to overtake your space, it can be something as small as an accent pillow or a lamp.


There are so many gorgeous ways to upgrade your home with new furniture this year. Come and visit us at Smitty’s for some inspiration and our interior decorating experts will guide you through the best options for your home.

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(Brentwood Mensa Sectional)


A place for everything and everything in its place — a classic phrase that rings true for many homeowners. If you’re looking at ways to refresh your home and you have space to work with, then we have lots of great ideas for you. We carry many quality brands that offer a variety of beautiful and comfortable furniture for large spaces.


Statement Furniture

(Palliser’s The Bloom)


When you have room, there’s no excuse for going small. Choose statement furniture to bring your style to life.


Statement furniture is typically large-sized furnishings, like sectionals, oversized coffee tables, bed frames with show-stopping headboards, and entertainment units. The idea behind statement furniture is to add an element that stands out from the rest of your furniture and decor, features a bold design or colour, and is made from a material that isn’t used in the rest of that room.


(Hooker Furniture’s Arabella California King Mirrored Panel Bed)


Hooker Furniture’s Arabella California King Mirrored Panel Bed is a prime example of statement furniture. The oversized bedframe and headboard provide a glamourous and modern look, while helping to anchor the entire feel of the bedroom.


(Bermex Expression table)


Bermex’s Expression dining table is an elegant example of a table that makes a statement. Available in a variety of finishes, this dining set will impress your dinner guests — no matter the occasion.


Single Purpose Furniture

(Hooker Furniture True Vintage Bench)


When you have ample space in your home, then you do not need to ensure that your furniture serves more than one purpose. You likely won’t need to worry about storage or fit. In this case, you have the freedom to fill your home with beautiful furniture and accents to suit your style and your life.


Consider adding a bench to your bedroom, bathroom, guest room, or front entranceway. Benches will add comfort, style, and functionality — and they come in a wide variety of colours, sizes, and fabrics. From leather to wood, you can find something to work in any space.


(Palliser Chesapeake leather recliner)


When you’re not concerned about having space to fit your furniture, you can add everything you’ve ever wanted. For example, adding a reclining chair in your living room is a wonderful way to bring some extra comfort to your personal space. Just imagine stretching out to read or watch the game.


The possibilities are virtually endless when you have large spaces to work with. Visit Smitty’s today and get inspired by our selection of high-quality furniture.

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(Brentwood Porter Ottoman pictured above.)


There are many questions to ask yourself when you are redecorating or are in process of updating your furniture. From deciding which room to refresh to which pieces to purchase, you will want to take the time to make the best choices for your lifestyle and budget.


At Smitty’s, one of the questions that we often get asked is, “Do I need an ottoman?”


While there are no hard and fast rules about furniture, there are some key considerations when deciding how best to furnish your space. Here are some helpful questions to ask yourself when it comes to ottomans:


#1. Do you want a place to put your feet up?


If you like to recline and place your feet up on something, then a coffee table just won’t do. A fabric or leather-covered ottoman is the perfect place to rest your feet at the end of the day, and you won’t have to worry about cracking glass or staining wood.



(Superstyle leather ottoman pictured above.)


#2. Do you need extra seating?


If you often find yourself wishing that you had additional seating options in your space, then an ottoman is an ideal solution to this problem.


Depending on the size of your space, you can select a single size ottoman, or a larger square version that can accommodate several people. When not being used as a seat, the larger ottoman can double as a coffee table or even as a place to play a board game.


#3. Do you require additional storage space?


Ottomans come in all shapes and sizes, and some feature a hinged top that can open to provide you with extra storage space. This is the perfect location to keep extra blankets, games, books, remotes, and more.


#4. Do you require a functional surface that is child-friendly?


Although you may love to have a glass coffee table with square chrome edges, it may not be the best choice if you have young children in your home. Hard, sharp corners are not a small person’s friend — and you don’t want to spend time worrying that your child may get hurt or that the table might get scratched.


Leather or microfibre-covered ottomans are an excellent choice and won’t create any ouchies for kids.


#5. Do you need something to tie your space together?


Sometimes adding an ottoman to your room can be the perfect finishing touch that ties everything together. Placing a bright-coloured ottoman in the centre of your room can act as a focal point, or a neutral-coloured ottoman can complete a balanced look. It all depends on your space.


In the end, an ottoman will generally be a welcome addition, as it can serve so many purposes and bring added enjoyment to your space. Come and visit us at Smitty’s and ask our interior decorating experts what type of ottoman they would suggest for your space.

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Large wooden, rustic entertainment unit in a modern living room

The famous American poet, Robert Frost, is quoted as saying, “Freedom lies in being bold.” While he was likely referencing the power of the written word, and not furniture, there is truth in this statement when it comes to your home. We encourage you to move away from being timid in your design choices and be bold.


Being bold is empowering, it demonstrates strength, and it allows for creative design. Bold can refer to colour, style, size, or even the placement of furniture and decor — and it’s definitely not something to be afraid of.


At Smitty’s, we often get questions from customers who are nervous about purchasing larger furniture pieces or dramatically designed pieces. In this blog, we hope to inspire you with some tips on how to make bold furniture work in your home.


Bold Designs

Modern glass and metal shelf with two layers and funky design


Not every home is bright or airy or spacious — but every home has the potential to show off its unique features by accenting the space with bold designs.


A bold design could be an artistically crafted console table (as with this gorgeous Hooker Furniture table above), or it can be colourful area rug or glam floor lamp.


Here are some simple ways to bring some bold design into your space without breaking your budget or completely redesigning your space:


Colourful and metallic accent piecesGlass and brassy gold candle hurricanes

Start small by adding a combination of colourful or metallic decorative pieces. These decor elements can be placed on side tables, coffee tables, bookshelves, dining tables, counters, and more.



Contemporary, colourful artwork with a white mat and black frame


Changing your wall art can instantly refresh your entire room. Adding a strongly painted, colourful, or large painting is a great way to add some boldness into your space. You may also consider adding two or three smaller pieces and positioning them together as a group on your wall.


Coffee tables

Wood topped metal, rectangular coffee table with a funky design


Coffee tables are typically one of the focal points in your living room, which makes them an ideal piece to update with something bold. Consider glass, metal, wood, or a combination to make a strong statement.


Bold Furniture

Funky dining room with large bench and chairs and hanging lamps

If you are ready to replace larger furniture pieces in your home, then you have the opportunity to add some bold furniture and change the look and feel of your space.


The top furniture pieces that can help you make an instant statement in your home include:

  • Dining room table & chairs
  • Hutch
  • Living room entertainment console
  • Sofa
  • Bedroom suite

By updating these integral furniture pieces with new designs that offer bold features will give your home new life. It’s amazing the difference you can make by replacing a major item in the room.


In fact, often our customers will decide not to paint their rooms (saving themselves both hassle and money) because, after they’ve installed their new furniture, they discover that the whole room has changed for the better — and the painting project is no longer necessary.

Bed with wooden and fabric headboard and metal legs

For example, if you have a dark bedroom space, because of a darker paint on the walls or limited natural lighting, consider replacing your bedroom suite with a lighter coloured bed with a more pronounced headboard. A larger, bolder headboard will naturally draw your focus to the bed and surrounding furniture pieces, rather than the dark walls.


Whatever area of your home you are looking to update, don’t shy away from bold furniture. Making a strong choice in your design will showcase your space and will make you feel positive about your environment.

Visit us as Smitty’s and let’s update your home with some fantastic, bold furniture.

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Modern, urban circular coffee table with wood top and metal base

Furniture trends come and go...and often come back again, but one thing that never goes out of style is circular design.


There is something timeless and beautiful about circles. Perhaps it’s their simplicity, their versatility, their flowing contours — we may never know. What we do know is that the use of circles in your furniture and decor is something that will work and look good in the long-term.


Here are some fun and functional ways to bring circular design into your home.


Circular coffee tables


Round coffee tables are warm, inviting, and flexible, as they can be accessed on all sides and used for a variety of functions. Their smooth curve is visually appealing and the lack of hard corners is also nice to have — just ask yourself how many times you’ve bumped your knee on the hard corner of your existing coffee table? Ouch!


Circular coffee tables are available in a wide range of materials, including combinations of wood, glass, metal, and fabric. Depending on your prefered brand, you may also be able to customize your fabric or wood finish.


At Smitty’s, we recommend having a look at Hooker Furniture (featured above), Artage, and Amisco.


Circular mirrors

Contemporary circular mirror with metallic design


Mirrors are the perfect way to bring some circular design into your home. Aside from helping to brighten your space by bringing in light from outside, mirrors are useful for checking your appearance before heading out for the day.


Key places to consider placing a mirror in your home include:

  • Your entryway
  • Your bathroom
  • Your bedroom
  • Your living room
  • Your guest room

At Smitty’s, we have a lovely range of mirrors by Surya to check out.


Circular dining tables

Wooden, circular dining table with three chairs and natural decor


Every home needs a dining table and, if you’re considering updating your dining suite, we recommend a circular dining table. Round tables, small or large, offer a comfortable seating arrangement where everyone can easily see each other, pass food items, do homework, and play games.


Round dining tables, like the Hooker Furniture table featured above, are available in a range of materials and sizes — from pub size to family size, you can achieve the circular look with ease.


There are so many beautiful circular furniture and decorative pieces to choose from that it can be hard to know which elements to bring into your home. Visit the interior decorating experts at Smitty’s and we’ll help you make it work.

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Linen sectionnal, wooden coffee table, wicker accents

This is the perfect time of year to bring nature into your home. Natural and organic fabrics and decor will add warmth to your space, and will also help create a relaxing environment. Here are a few key things to keep in mind when considering adding natural elements to your decor:


What kinds of natural fabrics are available for my furniture?


There are more natural fabrics on the market than ever before, it just depends on the brand and the retailer.


Some furniture brands, like Brentwood and Decor-Rest offer the ability to customize your pieces by choosing from a range of fabrics. These fabrics may include the following natural fabrics:

  • Leather
  • Cotton
  • Linen
  • Silk
  • Jute
  • Wool

It is important to consider that different natural fabrics offer different levels of wear.


For example, silk is more delicate and is not meant for high-wear areas, like sofas. On the other hand, leather is extremely durable and wears well over time, which makes it ideal for sofas.


What kind of natural fabrics are best for my furniture?


Choosing which fabric will work best for your sofa, accent chair, or other furniture pieces comes down to how the furniture will be used. Key questions to ask yourself include:

  • Who will be sitting on the furniture?
  • Will children use the furniture?
  • Will pets be allowed to sit on the furniture?
  • Will there be food or drink consumed (i.e. dining chairs)?
  • Will it be placed by an entryway (i.e. dirty footwear)?

If you answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then you may want to consider a more durable and easy-to-clean natural fabric, like Crypton fabrics.


Crypton fabrics have built-in stain repellency, built-in odor resistance, and enhanced abrasion resistance. Smitty’s carries a range of Crypton fabrics and our team will be happy to review what is available for your particular furniture item.


What kind of natural decor should I get?


When choosing a natural, decorative item, it really comes down to your personal style.


It is very on-trend to decorate with wooden elements like naturally-shaped wooden bowls. However, wood isn’t to everyone’s liking.


If wood isn’t your thing, you may want to add a glass vase and some floral arrangements to your dining table, coffee table, or side table.


Another great way to bring some natural design elements into your space is to add a rattan or bamboo tray. This tray could be placed on a coffee table and hold other decorative items, like candles or books, or it can be used functionally to serve snacks or beverages.


Whatever your style, at Smitty’s, we can help you find natural elements to suit your taste and your lifestyle. Visit us for a free interior decorating consultation to learn more.

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Matching Sofa & Loveseat with Chrome Coffee Table & Side Table

It can be a tough decision…should you get a coffee table, a side table, an ottoman, or all three?


Your decision will vary depending on a variety of factors, most importantly your style and your budget. However, there are some important things to consider when you are trying to decide which furniture will work best in your space.


Pros & cons of coffee tables

Wood and metal coffee table


A coffee table is a key focal point of your living room. It helps to define your space and it provides you with functional space.


Coffee tables are available in an incredible range of materials, sizes, and shapes, and they can blend in with your other furnishings and decor or stand out as a design element. The table above is designed and built by Forge Design.


Pros of coffee tables

Creates a focal point in your room

Adds useful, functional space

Can be used to house decor

Can be used as a footrest


Cons of coffee tables

Gets in your way

Taking up valuable floor space in smaller rooms

Depending on the material it may require regular cleaning

May stain or scratch


Pros & cons of ottomans

Blue fabric ottoman with nailhead design

An ottoman can also act as a key focal point of your living room. Much like a coffee table, an ottoman will help to define your room and, depending on its design, it may provide you with functional space.


Ottomans are also available in a wide range of materials, sizes, and shapes, and they can blend in with your other furnishings and decor or stand out as a design element. The ottoman above is designed and built by Brentwood.


Pros of ottomans

Creates a focal point in your room

Adds functional space

Adds storage space (some ottomans will open to reveal a storage compartment)

Can be used as a footrest, and padded ottomans are more comfortable for your feet than wooden or glass coffee tables


Cons of ottomans

Gets in your way

Taking up valuable floor space in smaller rooms

Depending on the material it may require regular cleaning

May stain or scratch


Pros & cons of side tables

Chrome side table

Side tables help to define a living area. Traditionally placed on either side of a sofa or seating area, side tables are generally more functional than decorative — although there are some brands like Artage, (feature above) that achieve both form and function.


Pros of side tables

Adds functional space

Provides suitable locations for lighting

Frames a room

Adds a decorative element to your space


Cons of side tables

Getting in your way

Takes up valuable floor space in smaller rooms

Depending on the material it may require regular cleaning

May stain or scratch

There are plenty of good reasons to have one or more of these furniture pieces in your space. Visit the experts at Smitty’s and we’ll help you figure out the best options for your home.

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Smittys Fine Furniture
July 15, 2021
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Michelle Viljoen
March 29, 2021
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