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All About Bold Patterns

This year’s trend is all about being bold. Bold colours, bold patterns, and bold design.


Some of you might remember the crazy colours and designs from the 1980s — the iridescent and shockingly bright tones — but that’s not the bold of today (thank goodness!).


In 2018, the focus has shifted towards strong patterns that combine well with solid and timeless colours and designs. This means you can have a classically designed sofa or accent chair that incorporates splashes of colour and pattern.


Here are a few important ‘Dos and Don’ts’ when incorporating bold patterns:


Pattern Dos & Don’ts

Do use florals.


Floral patterns are on trend and can be beautiful or funky, all depending on the design. Like the Decor-Rest chair featured above, adding a floral throw pillow or having a floral pattern design element on your furniture is a great way to achieve this look.


Don’t use busy patterns on your lampshades.


While it is recommended to have shaded, tinted, or solidly coloured lampshades, having busy patterns will pull focus in your room and cast odd patterns of light in your room.


Limit the patterns to three.


They say that three is a magic number (this is true for comedy, gardening, remembering names, etc.) and it’s magical for decorating too. Try and limit your patterns to three — and only if you’re up for it. Typically, one or two patterns will help to accent a space effectively. Adding three patterns will provide your space with some whimsy.


Ensure that your patterns make sense for your theme.


If you have an elegant living room with classic themes of wood or muted tones, you may not want to add polka dots or leopard print patterns. Adding floral throw pillows or a more colourful area rug might be better options. Choose patterns that will accent your theme without detracting from it.


At Smitty’s, we have a wide range of customizable furniture with hundreds of fabric selections to help you bring patterns into your home. Visit our store to explore our impressive range of styles and options today!

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