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(Decor-Rest Headboard & Base 95 Carolina Bedroom Collection)


At the end of your day, you want somewhere you can go for the Four Rs: relax, recharge, reignite, and re-energize. Your bedroom is your sanctuary and it is the room in your home where you go to leave it all behind and get ready for the next day.


Many people think that they need to hire a designer and break the bank to achieve a luxurious look — but the Interior Decorators at Smitty’s know that this isn’t the case. 


Here are some of our favourite ways to take your bedroom from blah to luxurious.


1. Add A Headboard


(Durham Modern Simplicity Headboard and Frame)


Adding a headboard to your bedroom will instantly give your bedroom a more luxurious look. Whether it’s wood, upholstered, or even an adjustable headboard, your room will be enhanced by this simple addition. 


Durham’s Modern Simplicity line will make your bedroom look like a Presidential Suite at the Ritz, but without the price tag.


Headboards have been around for literally thousands of years and they have come a long way. No longer simply practical, they are now a key decorative element in the bedroom.


Headboards perform many functions including:

  • Keeping the draft from the wall or exterior away from your head.
  • Creating a focal point in your room.
  • Adding height and texture to your space.
  • Enhancing an existing theme or style.

You can choose to combine a headboard with a new frame, perhaps one that is raised from the floor, for an extra luxurious look. Adding a matching base and footboard will make a significant difference in your space and will make your bed look grand.


Decor-Rest’s Lamya Headboard is beautifully crafted and the matching frame and footboard will have a stylish and luxurious impact on your space.


2. Add Two Night Tables


(Durham Defined Distinction Collection)


Night stands, night tables, bedside tables — whatever you choose to call them, they are integral to your bedroom. While you don’t want to fill them with clutter, you do want a place to store your books, phone, reading glasses, water, and other decorative items.


It’s important to have matching tables on either side of your bed if you want to have a luxurious look. Mixing and matching is definitely a trending style of interior decorating, but it doesn’t work if you are aiming to create a luxurious look.


Night stands come in all shapes and sizes, colours, and styles — and if you do require additional storage, many offer drawers to meet your needs.


(Durham Manhattan Night Shelf)


If you prefer a more traditional look, Durham’s Manhattan Night Shelf provides a perfect mix of open shelving and a drawer for additional storage.


3. Add A Chaise


(Brentwood Catherine Chaise)


Nothing says luxury quite like a chaise. In modern French, the term ‘chaise longue’ can refer to any long, reclining chair that allows a person to recline with their legs outstretched. 


As with headboards, chaise lounge chairs have been around since the Egyptian and Roman era, where they were typically used by the wealthier class to rest and relax without having to go to their bedroom.


Chaises come in all sorts of shapes and styles and can reflect traditional or modern elegance and luxury.


(Decor-Rest 2618-08 RHF Chaise)


Chaises are excellent locations to relax, read a book, or enjoy a snooze. They also look fantastic when decorated with throw cushions and blankets.


If you are looking to bring some luxury into your bedroom, consider adding a headboard, night tables, and a chaise. You can finish the look with a new area rug or some upscale lighting.


To find your perfect pieces, visit our showroom today.

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