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Nothing captures the joy of summer quite like a barbecue—family, friends, music, a cold beverage, and cooking in the great outdoors. It’s the perfect way to celebrate all of our summer holidays and events—from Mother’s Day and Father’s Day to graduations and weddings—barbecues work for all occasions. This year, for the first time, Smitty’s has partnered with Broil King to offer you some of the best barbecue options on the market. No matter what your preference is—gas, charcoal, or pellet—we’ve got something to make your summer nights extra special.



Gas grills are an easy, no fuss no muss solution to grilling. If you are a novice griller or if convenience is your priority, gas might be the right choice for you. Gas gives you easy control over temperature which is essential to good grilling. Broil King’s gas grills offer flexible and even heat distribution thanks to their Dual-Tube burners. Every Broil King gas grill comes with three to five Dual-Tube burners and every burner has 240 heating ports—that means you have flexibility and control over your grill’s temperature. You can easily adjust up or down for different types of meats, cuts, and veggies. All Broil King gas grills come with their Flav-R-Wave heat distributor, a waved stainless steel insert that is placed over your grill’s burners. As soon as the juices from your meat hit the Flav-R-Wave they evaporate and infuse back into your meat to enhance that mouthwatering bbq flavor. And this year, for the first time, Broil King has introduced the infrared side burner that provides an intense direct heat that is perfect for searing. You’ll get a crispy golden-brown crust on the outside while your meat stays tender and juicy on the inside. The infrared side burner gives you the heat of a charcoal grill without the extra work and mess, so you really can’t go wrong.

The Baron 490 Pro can be fitted for propane tanks or a natural gas line.



Charcoal grills are the classic option. For the griller who wants to go old-school, some might say it’s a barbecue for purists. The main advantage to a charcoal grill is the heat, charcoal burns hotter than gas so it is perfect for high heat searing or low and slow cooking. We’re excited about the Broil King Keg, a Kamado-style grill made from steel rather than porcelain which means it’s lighter and less cumbersome to move around than a traditional Kamado grill. Constructed from two layers of baked enamel steel with oven-grade insulation in between, the Keg holds extremely high temperatures inside while staying cool to the touch on the outside. No need to worry about your fingers or your little ones’. The Keg comes with a mount for your trailer hitch so you can take it tailgating, camping, or for a day by the lake. Sounds pretty perfect.

The Broil King Keg produces that smoked-char-broiled barbecue flavor that we love.



Pellet grills are fueled by tiny hardwood pellets that cook food much like a convection oven. The smoke from the pellets infuses into your food to give it that extra delicious smoked flavor. Broil King’s pellet grills automatically feed pellets into the fire chamber so you maintain precise heat control while you cook. The pellet grill is versatile and hassle-free. You can wow your family with roasted fish on Friday, seared steaks on Saturday, and smoked ribs on Sunday. And now, with Broil King’s Pellet Grill app, you can monitor the temperature of your meat and regulate the temperature of your grill with your smartphone from literally anywhere in the world—or, from the grocery down the street. If you like high-tech toys, enjoy the low and slow experience, and are looking for a tank of a grill, Broil King’s Regal Pellet Smoker might just be your dream come true.

The design of Broil King’s Regal Pellet 500 Pro is based on a traditional barrel smoker.


Like Smitty’s, Broil King is a Canadian family-owned and run business and they’ve been around longer than us! Their grills are built for performance, durability, and great flavour. We trust Broil Kings and use them in our own backyards. If you have questions about our Broil King grills, contact us or visit one of our showrooms, we are happy to help.








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