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Spending more time indoors isn’t just for us to get warm and cozy. Our furry friends need to get cozy, too! So why not find ways to pet-proof your furniture and snuggle up together? 

Here are five simple (and stylish) tips to start making your furniture pet-friendly so you can get comfortable together without worrying about your belongings getting ruined over the holidays.


1. Stick To Nylon Rugs

Whether you have dogs or cats, nylon rugs are very durable, stain-resistant, and handle wear and tear better than any other rug material. Nylon fibres are strong and do a good job to resist tears from your pets' clawing. Since they come in a variety of sizes, shapes, patterns and colours, you won't have a hard time choosing a nylon rug that looks great in your home.

2. Use Furniture Covers (No, Not Plastic Ones)

Thanks to advancements in modern technology, you don't have to protect your furniture with plastic covers anymore. There are washable, dog-proof slipcovers available that feel comfortable and don't take away from your room's aesthetics. Or, if you'd prefer, throw blankets can do the trick and they're easy to clean since they can just be thrown in the wash.

3. Microfiber Couch For Cats

Microfiber is a synthetic fabric that, if you own cats, you'll want to invest in for your living room furniture. Especially if your cat spends a lot of time on your sofa and has a tendency to start scratching or chewing it. Microfiber or microsuede are very durable fabrics that won't pull as easily as the fibres are very tightly woven. They're also less likely to trap dirt, pet hair, stains and odours.

4. Buy A New, Cozy Dog Bed

Replace your dog's favourite spot on the couch with a bed specifically for them. Investing in a high-quality doggy bed is a great choice for dogs who shed, and who are still in the young, chewing stage. Plus, there are so many beds to choose from that will match the rest of your furniture and, this way, you don't have to worry about any damage to your favourite piece of furniture.

5. Buy A Couch With Removable Seats

If you're not a fan of a washable cover on your furniture, then look for a sofa or a chair with removable cushions that can easily be unzipped and thrown in the wash. This makes it much easier than trying to spot clean stains or even using sprays to mask strong odours.

* Extra tips:

  • Cat or dog hair is inevitable, but the best way to hide their fallen fur well is to correlate theirs and your new furniture's colours. If your pets are dark, invest in a darker coloured piece of furniture, and if they have light-coloured fur, invest in light-coloured furniture.
  • If your dog or cat loves to scratch and chew, you may want to put a scratching post or chew toys right next to your furniture to help distract them. Or, put their toys in their bed and train them to know that that is their specific space.


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