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(Durham Prominence Collection)


Achieving an understated yet elegant look in your decor and your home is one of the most sought-after goals that we hear from our customers at Smitty’s. People want to know how they can elevate the style of their homes without it looking stuffy or feeling uncomfortable.


Elegance used to mean formal and ornate. The look consisted of heavy pieces of wood furniture, tables and chairs with carvings, deep-coloured fabrics, and pieces that were oversized to make a statement. That is no longer the case.


Now, elegance can be achieved without all the heavy pieces, perfectly matching sets, and deep tones. Elegance can be just as effective when it is understated, with high-quality furniture and decor that reflects your lifestyle.


Distressed Wood & Live Edge Furniture

(The Table Factory dining table)


Distressed wood is wood that has been carefully and professionally weathered to showcase different colour tones and wood grains. It is a wonderful way to bring elegant warmth to your dining room.


Live edge furniture is also an effective style for achieving a high-end elegant look, without the hard edges of a more traditional table. Live edge allows for the natural lines and edges of the wood to be incorporated into the design of the tabletop, allowing for a more organic look. This style of furniture is unique because every piece of wood will feature different edges.


The Table Factory is a family-owned and operated business in Ontario that crafts high-quality tables in a variety of styles, and Smitty’s is proud to carry this local brand in our showroom. From live edge walnut to heritage-style, rough sawn distressing, there is something beautiful for every home.


Upcycled Furniture

(Hooker Furniture Beaumont series)


Upcycling is the process of giving new life to vintage pieces, by incorporating updates that fit the style of the piece and make it look seasoned but refreshed. Upcycling is the perfect way to mix the old and the new in your home. It’s great for the environment, it’s on-trend, and it looks fantastic.


When you incorporate an upcycled chair, table, or hutch into your home, you will be adding unique features and accents that will help to bring out your style. Mixing and matching your furniture with old and new pieces is another way to achieve understated elegance.


Hooker Furniture’s Beaumont series of upcycled furniture offers a wide variety of refurbished treasures that can be used throughout your home.


Uniform Colour Palettes

(Durham Defined Distinction bedroom sets)


When you are looking at incorporating understated elegance, you want to aim to have uniform colour palettes in your furniture and decor. Keeping neutral and warm tones, and not including a wide variety of colours is important. Keep your colour theme in the brown, beige, grey, or ivory shades — and use metallics to accent this look.


Matching sets work well in achieving a uniform look. While you can mix in personal items and other decor, it is preferable to stick to the warmer, softer, and more muted tones.


The other advantage of purchasing a matching set is that the look can be aligned to help define a space, without making the room look overtaken by a wide variety of styles. Creating this alignment is important for achieving elegance and can look luxurious.


Quality Furniture

(Palliser Inspirations Line)


While it might seem obvious, it bears stating: the number one way to achieve understated elegance is by purchasing quality furniture for your home. It’s amazing what solidly-crafted furniture can do to raise your decorating bar — and there’s no faster way to lose a sense of elegance than with poorly-made furniture. It sticks out like a sore thumb.


Adding well-designed and expertly-crafted furnishings will not just look great, but they will also last. When you purchase Canadian-made, handcrafted tables, chairs, bed frames, and sofas, you will enjoy the look and comfort for many years, as these pieces are sure to retain their value and their interior decorating appeal.


Smitty’s showroom is filled with high-quality furnishings to help you achieve any look you desire, including understated elegance. Visit us today and we’ll help you find the perfect pieces for your home.

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