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Purchasing a new mattress can be as confusing as choosing a new perfume by smelling them all at the same time. It can be overwhelming and confusing to say the least. At Smittys we are experts at helping to remove the confusion and help make the process easy and stressfree.


Your mattress is the most important piece of furniture that you own. Nothing else affects your stress, health, immune system, relationships or your quality of ife like a mattress does. With that kind of impact on your life, it is critical to make the right decision and not waste your money.


When you set out to purchase a mattress make sure that you have time to devote to testing the matress and are prepared with comfortable clothing. This is a good time to send small children to friends or family so you can really be present in making this decision. As lovely as children are, it is hard to know if you are on the right mattress if you have children jumping on you.


At Smittys we have a Diagnostic System that we highly recommend is your first place to start. Our Diagnostic System allows us to narrow down your best comfort level through over a million variables that the computer matches to you personally. It is imperative to have the right combination of comfort (softness or firmness) and spinal alignment to get a great night sleep.


Your current health, sleeping arrangements and personal preference also come into play when making your selections. We are trained to find the best fit for you, matching your needs, your partners needs and your budget to achieve your best night's sleep.





4 Things That Affect Getting a Good Night's Sleep

1. Tossing and Turning

Tossing and Turning is your body's way of saying 'Ouch It Hurts - Move". It is also your body's way of saying we are in the wrong mattress, please get me a new one.

Our bodies are designed to find the optimum sleep position and stay there most of the night. If you wake up in the morning and your sheets look like you were in war zone the night before, it is a good indication that you have been tossing and turning all night. Our bodies go in and out of deep REM sleep. When we are tossing and turning we are not getting enough of the deep restorative REM sleep that is so critical to a good nights sleep.


2. Sagging Mattress or Sinking into the Hole

Mattresses should be changed every 10 or so years. Every year our bodies change, our needs change and our mattresses erode. The technology is constantly improving as we learn more about what our bodies need for optimum sleep. If your bed is sagging and you find yourself sleeping in a hole, you mattress has lost all its spinal support. You are doing yourself more harm by continuing to sleep in it.

There is no getting around this one - it is time for a new mattress!!


3. Too Hot or Too Cold

The technology in our beds has improved so greatly over the years that it is no longer for you to be either too hot or too cold. Either one will prevent you from getting a good nights sleep. Gel technology, convoluted foam, fluffy fibers or Latex foam are used to keep your body temperature at your normal level without being affected by your mattress.


4. Your Sleeping Partner

Although it is best for our relationships to be sleeping in the same bed, it is not always in our best interests for our sleep. Our partners movements, schedules, bodily funcations can wake us up if we are not on a mattress designed for 2 people. There are so many ways that your mattress can prevent feeling the motion transfer from your partner to yourself.


Most couples also experience the need to compromise on sleep comfort. The one with either the greatest needs or the stronger voice, usually ends up with the mattress that meets their needs. Compromise is essential in relationships, it is not necessary or required in choosing your mattress. Both partners can and should have the best bed for each person and it is not necessary to sleep in separate beds to achieve that.


See your Smitty's sleep expert to help you determine your needs and how you can achieve your best night's sleep. We can take all the guesswork out of all the options available to you.



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