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Many homeowners feel like they need to pick just one style or theme for their home or for a room in their home. Confining yourself to a single style can be challenging for a multitude of reasons, including trying to make use of:

  • Furniture that has sentimental value, but doesn’t really match anything.
  • Decor or pieces from different decades.
  • Pieces of art.
  • Furniture from your former residence, or your partner’s former residence.

The good news is that eclectic decorating is on trend and never really goes out of fashion.


Here are some expert tips to help you design your eclectic space.


Throw Convention Out The Window


Don’t worry about making sure that your accent pillows match the sofa.

Don’t fret about dining room chairs that don’t match.

Don’t stress about getting a rug that blends in with the furniture.


While there are no set-in-stone rules, when it comes to eclectic decorating, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Don’t overfill your rooms.  
    • You may want to incorporate your favourites pieces into a certain room, but that doesn’t mean that you should use all of them. Keep in mind that your room needs flow and clutter will disrupt this.
  • Find a focal point.
    • You can mix and match different decor and furniture pieces in your space, but you want to ensure that you have one area that is featured in your room. This could be a sofa or a large piece of art — every space is different, but this element needs to be considered. Too many focal points and the room will look busy, sloppy, or crowded.
  • Have some fun, but don’t go crazy.
    • Eclectic design doesn’t mean that anything goes. You want to consider colour hues and colour families. If you decide to pair contrasting colours together, go for it, but keep it consistent. Pairing different contrasting colours too many times, in the same space, will create more of a circus look than a designed look.
  • Make sure you can move, and live, in your space.
    • It’s great to fill your shelves and tables with fun decor, lamps, plants, etc. but you want to make sure you can actually move through your space comfortably, without worrying about knocking things over, breaking things, or feeling confined.

Smitty’s Pro Tip: Magazines often showcase coffee tables that display trays of delicate glassware, books, and candle sticks. While these tables look beautiful, they may not be practical for your particular needs. If you have children, pets, or storage requirements, piling items on your coffee table isn’t a good choice. Remember that design should not trump lifestyle.


Eclectic Tables




Selecting a unique dining table is a great way to create a focal point in an eclectic space. Dining tables come in all shapes and sizes, and there are many finishes, colours, and materials to choose from. When selecting your table, remember that it’s about both function and form.


To make your arrangement eclectic, consider accompanying your new dining table with a mix of chair styles — and they don’t all have to match! You can select different chairs for the heads of the table, different sizes or finishes, or even select a bench to run along one side.


The Table Factory, located in Waterloo, crafts gorgeous, solid wood tables that are durable and design-focused. Featuring a range of materials, you can mix and match your table top and base. Imagine how stunning a live-edge walnut table with a stainless steel base would look in your home!



Hooker Furniture is another manufacturer that designs dining tables, side tables, and coffee tables offering an eclectic look and feel. The L’Usine Cocktable Table (featured above) provides a gorgeous focal point for any living room. Full of character, these unique pieces will give your space instant style.


For more dining room tips, click here to read our Finding the Dining Set That Fits You blog post.


At Smitty’s, we have an enormous selection of high-quality furniture that can be mixed and matched for a truly eclectic look. Come and visit us to find your next inspiration!


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