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When it comes to furnishing and interior design, the first step of any project is measuring the space you have available. When measuring rooms in your home, there are a few tricks to getting accurate measurements that can help you make sure you're choosing the best place to put your new Canadian-made dining table or 5-piece sectional. 


You need an accurate measurement to know how your room is going to work. You need to measure your room and be able to feel confident in how much floor space you have for new furnishings.


To measure your space for furniture, you'll need a tape measure, paper and something to write with. When dealing with measurements for rooms and furniture, measure in feet.


Step 1: Measuring Your Room For Furniture


To start, it may help to make a rough bird's-eye view sketch of the shape of your room. Then measure the height of the ceiling. Next, measure the length of each wall in the room and record it on your sketch. Taking note of the ceiling height and width ensures room to be able to maneuver large items. Also, pay attention to where the entrance of the room is and where you'll measure along. Measuring along floorboards tend to be a more solid option for the best, most accurate measurements.


Step 2: Accounting For Existing Furniture


Take stock of things you're choosing to keep and measure how big those pieces are. Make sure to measure the width, height and diagonal depth of individual pieces like seats. Record how large those pieces are and account for them when you're bringing new furniture into the room. Measure the width and measure the length of your leftover space. You can arrange your decor the way you like it and bring your interior design vision to life.


Step 3: Entryway Clearance And Passage Measurements


It's important to measure the entryway height of your home before you're able to bring your new piece home so that you can maneuver it easily. By measuring the specific length and width of hallways and doorways and any larger door frames, you ensure a smooth traffic flow when moving your new furniture into your house. You can always move pieces in the room to the far wall when moving in your furniture to give you more length from the entrance.


Make sure to leave at least 4 inches of room between furniture and doorways and walls when moving new pieces into your home.


Planning Your Room's Space For Furniture With Smitty's


Smitty's Room Planner can help you measure entries, spaces and other aspects of your room. After measuring everything you need, input it into our room planner and we can do the rest for you. We account for doorways, windows and light fixtures in our unique program and we use every measurement to help you in furnishing everything from your front door, to back porch.  You bring your knowledge of the depth and width of the room, and we'll bring the furniture to you.


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