How to Style the Best Christmas Coffee Table Decor

by Smitty's Furniture

How to Style the Best Christmas Coffee Table Decor

How to Style the Best Christmas Coffee Table Decor

It's getting to that time of year when you start thinking about decorating for Christmas. The lights and Christmas tree are obvious places to start, but don't forget about the Christmas coffee table decor. You can really light up the entire living room with a Christmas coffee table display as a central focus of the room.

Bring the joy of the season to your coffee table with these Christmas coffee table decor ideas for inspiration. Happy decorating!

How To Start?

Unifying Theme

Start by picking a theme, and a style. Do you want something subtle or show-stopping? Sophisticated or sentimental?

Tie It Together and Have a Focus

Use a tray or a cloth to tie your coffee table decorating elements together, and be sure to have a key focal point or centerpiece for your Christmas table that the other decorations tie in with. Play with different textures, to add depth to your coffee table masterpiece.

Odd Numbers

In general, one of the biggest tips is to decorate with odd numbers. Balls, trees, and other items, should come in threes, fives, and so on, and create a pyramid shape, which encourages people to have a closer look.

Elegant Coffee Table Holiday Decor Ideas

Elegant Coffee Table Holiday Decor Ideas

If your living room is styled in on-trend neutrals, or has a classic vibe, an elegant coffee table decor will look especially effective. Whites or ultra-light pastels can give a Christmassy feel and feel joyous, while still being understated and graceful.

Winter Whites

You can use non-traditional Christmas decorations and still have the feel of the holiday season using festive whites. A lacy white runner over the table makes the perfect base. White candles and decorations, like small, white owls or birds and white miniature trees, beautifully arranged around a white reindeer for the central point of the table decor look festive and classic.

An elegant silver candle holder or two will elevate the coffee table even more, or fill apothecary jars with white, silver, or clear beads and your featured animal decorations. Tying in the decorations and details with your tree brings everything together for an overall, eye-catching look.

This coffee table will complement your home decor beautifully, and is perfect for a sophisticated look for entertaining guests.

Peaceful Pastels

Delicate pastels can go with any decor. Soft pinks, frosted greens, and pale yellows can be suggestive of the classic Christmas colours of red, green and gold, giving a sentimental, dreamy feel.

Be careful not to overdo the different pastel colours. Candles of a range of sizes, artfully arranged with complementary-coloured ribbons weaving through can be effective. Large, frosted gold balls in a glass bowl for the centerpiece fits the gentle scheme of this Christmas coffee table styling, but adds a little glitz. A little tray in a white or a very light wood unifies the decorations together neatly.

Rustic and Homey Coffee Table Decor Ideas

Rustic and Homey Coffee Table Decor Ideas

Christmas is the perfect time to embrace a rustic and homey feel, as it captures the vibe of the wonderful holiday season so well.

Nicely Natural

Take advantage of natural elements for your Christmas decor, and bring a bit of the outdoor country inside. A rustic wooden tray or basket makes a good starting point. Large pinecones with just a spritz of metallic paint, either loose or in a little bowl always have appeal.

A small tip of a pine branch to look like a miniature tree, or a small sprig of cedar adds a fresh, natural scent and texture, as well as beauty. A natural, unfinished wooden ornament, like a bird or a reindeer, finishes your Christmas coffee table, adding a sweet touch.

Classic Christmas Colours

Create a miniature cedar wreath, and decorate with deep red berries and ribbon, then sparingly add gold and red miniature ornaments for highlights. Red candles and gold candlesticks make an excellent centerpiece, but the candles should not be lit if you are using natural wood for your wreath. This makes a very cozy piece, and is very traditional.

Christmas Village

Create a fun Christmas village scene, with a little house or two, miniature trees, animals and people; this really gives a feel of the holidays. Cover the table with cotton batting for snow, and place the people and rest of your scene on top. A little mirror can act as a pond. If you are handy and inspired, you can create the pieces yourself.

Bold and Bright Ideas

Bold and Bright Ideas

If your style is a little flashier, these holiday coffee table decorations will suit you better.

Glamorously Metallic

Mix metals for a bold and attractive effect. Gold, silver and brass balls look fabulous together on a glass dish or in a glass bowl. Metallic trees, in sets of three for balance, look great on a metallic tray. Silver or gold tinsel artfully placed can add to the look. Fairy lights add a magical glow. While this look stands out, it also goes well with any room design or colours.

Glittering Gifts

Make miniature box shapes out of cardboard, and wrap them in the most beautiful shiny and metallic wrapping paper, to make a perfect little gift. You can use shapes other than squares, such as cylinders or triangles. Choose different but complementary colours and patterns. Neat, metallic ribbons finish the look. Arrange the boxes to look artfully haphazard, but in roughly a pyramid shape, on top of a tray. Small, decorative balls can be placed here and there for added interest.

Need a New Coffee Table?

Need a New Coffee Table?

Smitty's Fine Furniture has a wide range of the best coffee tables if you need to update your living room look, for you to get ready for entertaining friends and family in style this Christmas. We hope your Christmas is filled with happiness, no matter how you decorate.