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There’s no doubt that if you work from home you need a dedicated workspace, especially during these unprecedented times that are allowing people to work from home more than ever before. 


So, if you’re someone who is working from home long-term, it’s time to get creative with crafting a home office space in your living room. Here are four tips and recommendations to help you create a productive (but appealing) at-home workspace:

1. Behind Your Couch

For those whose family rooms have an open floor plan configuration, creating a workstation behind the couch can be a great option. In order to pull this off perfectly, you’ll need to pull your couch some distance from the wall. Apart from giving the whole room a nice facelift, floating furniture can help get rid of the dead space found in the middle of large living rooms. Having your desk behind a floating couch makes better use of the space and brings about a sense of organization to the area.


Amisco - Elwood

2. Dedicate a Corner of the Room

Setting aside a particular corner of your family room to act as a small workspace is a great way to make a workstation without using up too much space. This works great for people who have small living rooms. Keeping your office space in the periphery will enable you to work without getting in the way of other activities that may be going on simultaneously. In addition, using compact furniture will ensure that the general aesthetic of your living room isn’t ruined or inconsistent.


Amisco - Harrison

3. Create a Makeshift Cubicle

Create a separate office space in your living room by creating “walls” with your desks.  Creating an L-shaped desk helps to wall off the workspace from the rest of the room in a makeshift cubicle. 


Amisco - Rupert 


4. Utilize a Room Break

If you have a living room that has a six-inch wall that juts out and divides the room slightly, make use of that break. Place your desk there, and divide the room between “living area” and “work area.” 

Jofran - Carlyle Crossing


Your Living Room Is Your Canvas

The COVID-19 pandemic has made remote working the new normal and many people are just now coming to terms with it. The truth of the matter is that many individuals don’t have a spare room to use as a workspace; ergo, repurposing a part of the sitting room is perhaps the best option. Although working from home can be a rather difficult transition, employing the tips provided above will ensure that the change won’t be too hard. 


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Liberty - Heatherbrook

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