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How I Used Feng Shui Principles to Create The Entrance in My Home


I have just finished decorating the front entrance of my home and it got me to thinking about what makes this room so wonderfully appealing to me. I believe it is a perfect balance of function, personality and beauty.


I have always been fascinated by the Eastern Philosophy of Feng Shui but as an Interior Decorator, I wanted to find to make my home beautiful. I am not a minimalist by any stretch of the imagination and actually border on having way too much stuff. I find that the principles of Feng Shui help keep me in line with what I want to accomplish.


My front door is located in the Career placement of Feng Shui which means that is the bottom center of the Feng Shui grid. The principles of the Career section called for black, white, undulating shapes, mirrors and glass and round objects. Symbolism is important to Feng Shui and personally I love symbolism and metaphors so bringing symbols of things that I want in my life into my front hall were fun and easy to do.


These are the choices that I have made for my front hall. There is a hall table (in black with metal edging) a chair to sit and put on your boots (in black and white). I added a fun mirror that bounced light around (and met the undulating shapes, mirror and glass component). My lamp is a glass lamp with a black shade.


I have a picture in this area that I purchased on a Mexican beach of a sailboat sailing into the sunset. I thought the clear waters, the beautiful peaceful sunset and the peaceful life was a beautiful symbol and I love the piece of art. Because it is art, I have included a similar picture here as an example.


I love this room. I think it welcomes my guests and it makes me happy. Now isn't that the purpose of decorating our homes?


Are you creating a welcoming entrance or just a dumping ground of stuff? Maybe this spring might be a good time for you to make purposeful changes to how you enter your home.



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December 8, 2020
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September 11, 2020
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