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We’re not the first to tell you that you spend a third of your life in bed. It’s also widely known that sleep is essential to both your physical and mental wellbeing. But did you know that your mattress will significantly effect how well you sleep each night? And that quality of sleep is at least as important as quantity? 


The benefits of quality sleep are numerous – from increased longevity, to improved memory and brain function, to the maintenance of healthy weight, reduced stress, and increased happiness. With benefits like these, none of us can afford to lose out on our precious ZZZZZs. 


Smitty’s wants to make sure you get the rest you need to live long and well. We have sought out the finest mattresses on the market that will cater to your unique sleep needs.



Serta’s iComfort Mattress


Serta’s iComfort Mattress has taken memory foam up a notch, their patented Cool Action Gel Memory Foam mattress uses a micro gel to keep you supported and cool while you sleep. And by cool, we mean temperature - while traditional memory foam has a tendency to trap heat which increases your body temperature overnight, Serta’s Cool Action Gel Memory Foam is designed to increase airflow in the mattress and pull heat away from your body so you stay cool while you sleep. The millions of tiny gel beads which help regulate your temperature also mold perfectly to the contours of your body, providing stability and support in the places you need it most. The iComfort is antimicrobial and dust mite resistant to help protect your mattress from potential allergens.


If you want to indulge, try Serta’s Motion Perfect Adjustable Foundation – you get all of the benefits of the iComfort plus the option to adjust the head and foot of the mattress using a wireless remote. Raise the head of your bed while you read or lift the foot of the mattress to elevate your legs while you sleep for improved circulation. And if you really want to go for it, consider including Serta’s massage option!

Bring comfort into your life with Smitty’s Fine Furniture’s limited time offer on Serta mattresses starting from $599, and adjustable bases from $999. From August 6 - 9 get free delivery, free mattress removal, and pillows are included!*  Save more, sleep better.

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*Contact your nearest store for details.



Kingsdown’s Bedmatch Series


It’s called Bedmatch for a reason – Kingsdown’s Dormo Diagnostic System matches your needs to your mattress. Using elements of your unique physical data – such as height, weight range, favourite sleeping position – Kingsdown will help you determine what kind of mattress will keep you well-aligned and perfectly supported while you sleep.


But that’s not all – many of us share a bed, but don’t have the same mattress needs as our partner. With Kingsdown you both get what you want – you choose your level of comfort for your side of the bed and your partner chooses theirs. Now that’s commitment to comfort. And what’s more, Kingsdown is locally made in Toronto. Sleep better, live better, and help us support our homegrown furniture industry.



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