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Every pet owner adores their pets, but they don't love the wear and tear that their cat or dog can leave on their furniture. Dogs and cats can leave stains or pull threads out of sofas, seriously hindering the appearance of your furniture.


Below, we’ll discuss some of the best pet-friendly fabrics that are known to do a good job withstanding the fur and claws of your furry friends. This will help you select a new couch that is best suited for your family - animals and all.


Say Goodbye To Pet Hair With Leather

Real leather is one of the best pet-friendly fabrics, especially for those with cats or dogs that are prone to shedding fur. Leather furniture is both hair and water-resistant. This makes cleaning simple and quick. All a homeowner needs to do is simply vacuum or wipe their leather couch with a damp cloth.



The only downside to choosing a genuine leather sofa is that a pet's sharp claws can scratch it. Thankfully, owners can easily buff the surface with a leather softener or coconut oil to remove the scratch.


Note: It’s important to ensure that your furniture is top grain leather rather than faux or recycled leather. These materials are much thinner, making them more likely to be punctured by a pet's claws. 


Microfiber Is A Pet Owner's Best Friend

Tight weave synthetic material is an incredibly durable fabric. It does not rip or scratch easily unlike other fabrics. This is good news for many pet owners who want living room furniture that is both stylish and tough.


If your upholstered furniture does become a hair magnet, run a lint brush over its cushions and cushion covers. Mild soap and warm water will also lift most stains in microfiber. If your cushions are machine washable, we recommend putting them in the washing machine to lift stains and remove fur.



Consider Classic Denim

Denim is extremely durable, making it a great option for dog and cat owners. The tightly woven fabric is well-suited to withstand the hair and claws of every furry friend, unlike other loosely woven fabrics that can easily snag under a pet's claw.


If pets do happen to leave stains, denim can be easily spot cleaned with mild soap and water or baking soda paste. Remember not to use a bleach solution because it could strip the colour from your sofa.


Use Outdoor Furniture

Have you ever wondered why your indoor furniture doesn’t last nearly as long as your outdoor ones? This is because most outdoor fabrics like Sunbrella fabric are treated to be odour and stain-resistant. This makes them incredibly hardy and great pet-friendly furniture!


Pet owners could bring their outdoor couch or chairs inside. An alternative option is to switch out indoor removable covers with outdoor fabric. This will protect your couch without having to sacrifice its style.


Fine Furniture For You & Your Furry Friends

The general rule of thumb while buying a sofa for you and your pets is to steer away from loose weaves and lightly coloured fabric. Velvet, silk and tweed also are not the best options as they lack stain resistance and cannot be cleaned easily. Skip the velvet and choose dark and tightly weaved sofas instead. Dark or patterned fabrics will hide stains or any wear that could be caused by furry friends while strong woven will withstand snags.




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