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Recently the conversation of whether or not to use an Interior Decorator has been coming up a lot. Customers seem fascinated and confused by whether or not they need one. There are many misconceptions about why you would need an Interior Decorator or if it is really worth it. I thought today would be a perfect day to discuss this subject.


My budget isn't big enough to warrant using an Interior Decorator

This is a huge misperception that we encounter daily. The smaller the budget that you have, the more imperative it is that you spend your budget wisely. Each selection you make should be part of an overall plan and meet the needs of your family, lifestyle and personalities. Too many times we make impulsive decisions and then our budget dollars are wasted.


The reality is that the smaller your budget, the more important it is to spend wisely and on plan. At Smitty's you can hire your own Interior Decorator who can either come to your home or work with you in the store for a small nominal price. Your Interior Decorating fees are fully refunded with a minimum purchase. Ask your consultant about details of our In Home Decorating service and see if it is right for you.



I don't care about decorating so I don't need an Interior Decorator

This comment is sad to me for many reasons. Our houses are our sanctuaries, where our families live and grow up, it is a place to entertain our family and friends and it is our homes. Our homes should reflect who we are and nourish us. We should feel happy and safe within our walls. When people say that they don't care about decorating, what they are generally saying is that they are overwhelmed and don't know where to start, so they put it to the bottom of their list.


We all respond to positive environments. There are places that make us feel great and there are other places that make us feel stressed. Our homes should make us feel awesome, safe and happy.


Decorating to your style does not need to be overwhelming and can be done easily with the help of an Interior Decorator who is trained to know how to draw from you what you didn't know was there.


I don't know where to find the right Interior Decorator to work with

We have all seen those before and after decorating shows that make us cringe "with what were they thinking" and "thank goodness that is not my house" feeling. It can leave us afraid of who to trust our homes to. Finding the right Interior Decorator can feel intimidating but it doesn't need to be. Smitty's has many experienced, well trained Interior Decorators on staff who are not out to make a name for themselves in the industry by pushing the envelope and experimenting. Our staff are trained to help you discover your style, enrich your home life and make your home truly feel like a reflection of your family. The decorating experience is not about our style but enriching yours.


Smitty's decorators are trained and knowledgeable on the products in the marketplace and can help you find the right products, the right colours, the right room flow all within your budget.


And that is what a true Interior Decorator can do for you.

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