Furniture Pieces That Can Add More Light To A Room

by Smitty's Fine Furniture

Interior design methods can truly work wonders, especially if you have a particularly dark room that you want to brighten and add more light to. Obviously, this can be accomplished with different lighting fixtures, but if you live in a small space, you'll know how hard it can be to find room for a floor lamp or multiple table lamps. This is why we have some suggestions on how to make a dark room or dark corner feel brighter and more welcoming.

How To Make A Room Brighter & Add More Natural Light

Did you know that light and different colours can affect your mood? If you have a dark floor, dark walls, dark furniture, etc., it can make you feel less energetic, sad, or unmotivated whereas natural sunlight or lightly painted walls can actually boost your mood. So, if you want to turn your dark rooms into a mood-boosting environment (or to make it look like there is more space than there really is), here are some interior decorating tips to do so:

First Things First: Choose Light Wood Flooring

If you're currently in the process of renovating and you want to compliment any dark furniture or just help to transform a dreary space, opt for lighter-coloured wood flooring. Not only will this make a dark room feel brighter by reflecting light, but it will also create the illusion of more floor space. Plus, it hides dirt and scuff marks better!

Opt For White Paint

As well as light-coloured flooring, white or another light shade for the walls will add light to much-needed places like dark corners or just a dim space in general. It will also do a good job of opening up the space more and help to absorb light coming in. If you want something different than white, opt for light gray, or cream colours.

Hang Mirrors Across From Reflective Surfaces

Even if you don't have large windows, placing any small or large mirrors across from a window can reflect more sunlight through the rest of the room. And yes, it will also make it appear larger like the suggestions above. It'll almost feel as if you added another window to the room!

Don't Forget The Greenery

What better way to bring more natural light to a room than to add some plants to the mixture? And if you have the space, the bigger the plant the better. Even if it's a narrow space with dark corners, you can add plants that require little light.

Go With Minimalistic, Light Furniture

Perhaps it's time to shop for new dining room or living room furniture; two rooms that are most likely to have dark wood furniture in them. If this is the case, opt for lighter-coloured furniture with glass tops, metallic frames, or that have open bottoms so light can travel under the furniture as well. If you do have space in your living room, adding floor lamps to corners can work wonders, too.

A Dark Room Can Easily Be Brightened

When it comes to creating artificial light for a dark space, it's a lot easier than you think. You don't just have to rely on a table lamp, ambient light, or a different type of light source. Sometimes all it takes is trying to reflect light with the help of mirrors, light-coloured furniture, or white walls.