Christmas Office Door Decorating Ideas

by Smitty's Furniture

Christmas Door Decorations

Christmas Office Door Decorating Ideas

If your office embraces Christmas holiday cheer, and everyone gets into decorating their office doors, and you want to have the best office door this year, read on for our DIY ideas for Christmas door decorations. These are also great if you are looking for inspiration for bedroom doors at home or a classroom door at school.

Christmas Door Decorations

You can have a big impact without any specialized materials or equipment with these Christmas door ideas.

Gift Wrap Door

Probably one of the easiest ideas, a gift wrap door is bright and effective-looking. Using beautiful, sturdy wrapping paper, wrap the entire door in the paper, then add a large ribbon and bow. Next, add a cute holiday gift label.

Stars and Snowflakes

Start with a glossy, black paper to cover the door. Cut out small paper snowflakes to glue onto the door; silvery or white shiny paper works extra well for this. Silver stars can be added by hand with a silver gel pen, or you can get little silver star Christmas decorations from a dollar store to glue on. You could even add on a silhouette of Santa's sleigh and reindeer going across the night sky.

Christmas Tree

Another of the easiest Christmas door decorations, a three dimensional tree is fun. Wrap the door in a base paper, then roll pieces of green paper to create cone shapes, and attach them to the door, starting at a point at the top, and spreading outwards as you go down to create the tree shape. You can take it a step further, and add snowflakes to the background, and hang light, small Christmas decorations or garland to various "branches" of the tree.

Traditional Wreath

Traditional Wreath

With a wreath hanger, you can add any wreath for a door decoration. You can shape your own natural one from evergreen or cedar branches, attaching sprigs of berries and pinecones highlighted with metallic paint or glitter, and decorating with a ribbon. You could also try a wreath made from candy canes, which can be as simple or as complicated a pattern as you want.


This is especially good for bringing the holiday joy to a classroom door. Using clear plastic plates, pictures of your students (or coworkers if you are doing this at the office), and cutout shapes from foam board, make snowglobes featuring everyone, and glue them randomly and artfully onto your door. Kids and adults alike will have fun doing this one, and everyone can feel involved.

Gingerbread House

Another wonderful idea is a gingerbread house Christmas door decoration. Use brown paper for the basic house shape. Next use different coloured paper, in various bright colours, to cut out for the candy shapes, or decorate using real candy cane and other wrapped candies to glue onto the house.

Gingerbread House

Merry Christmas, Mr. Grinch

Another favourite Christmas door decoration with the kids, a Grinch door makes a great display. Use green feathers or plush material for the Grinch, with felt for the eyes and other facial details. Putting a Santa hat and coat on him brightens it up to look more jolly for the holidays. You can even include his sack of stolen Who gifts!


A large felt or paper snowman for your Christmas door decoration is festive. It is also good for a general winter season theme. You can add as many details as you like, including eyes, nose, buttons, scarf, and a Santa hat.


For a cozy idea, decorate your Christmas door as a fireplace. Cut and paint foam board to look like the bricks. Gritty textured paint for the back of the fireplace and to simulate coal works well, and you can build the paint up as necessary. Felt or tissue paper are good ideas for flames. Above the fire, hang stockings on a piece of wood for the mantel. Wreaths make good decorations for above the mantel.


There are a couple of ways you can do Santa Christmas decorations for your door. You can use large felt or paper cutouts in red and white for the suit, and either use a marker or black felt for the eyes and mouth. Alternatively, you can decorate your door as a chimney, using foam board for the bricks, and have Santa stuck in the chimney, with red felt for his legs, and black for his boots.


Elf on the Shelf

Another idea that is good for both the school or office door, is an elf on the shelf theme. Simple green and white felt cutouts make the arms, legs, elf coats and elf hats. Pictures of your students or coworkers make the faces.

Elf on a Shelf



Happy Holiday Season!

At Smitty's Fine Furniture, we wish you the best with your door's Christmas decorations.