Coffee Station Ideas for the Luxury Kitchen

by Smitty's Furniture
Coffee Station Ideas for the Luxury Kitchen

A cup of coffee is a morning routine staple. If you consider yourself a coffee fanatic or a host that seeks to go above and beyond when it comes to a cup of coffee, a coffee station or coffee bar can be a great addition to your kitchen.

Coffee Station Ideas for the Luxury Kitchen

What is a Coffee Bar and Coffee Station?

While the average kitchen may only be home to a simple coffee maker, a coffee station takes home brewing up a notch by creating an entire space dedicated to the art of coffee making. This area is a dedicated place for you to brew your coffee and store your coffee goods.

From a built-in coffee maker to a luxurious coffee corner, many homeowners have created coffee stations that are Pinterest-worthy. For smaller spaces, a coffee bar is a smaller version of a coffee station. Often, the brewing equipment, coffee, cups, and other accessories such as a milk frother are stored on a small coffee cart.

Coffee Station Ideas for the Luxury Kitchen

If you have the space in your kitchen or dining room, you might extend into an entire coffee station: a place to store the coffee, various brewing methods and appliances, patterned mugs, flavoured syrups, coffee spoons and other essentials.

Designing a Coffee Station for Your Luxury Kitchen

If you're looking at upping your morning coffee routine by designing a coffee bar or station, you may be wondering where to start. With so many design ideas out there, you can easily become overwhelmed with information and ideas.

Let's narrow down some design elements that you should consider when you start creating your perfect coffee station.

Coffee Station Ideas for the Luxury Kitchen

Complement Your Décor and Create the Right Environment

First things first, you want to think about the rest of your home and kitchen area. You want to complement the design elements that already exist in your home when creating your coffee station. Think about your cabinets, wall colors, and the overall feel of your home.

You may also consider open shelving or floating shelves. While an open shelf or floating shelf means you can't hide items behind cabinet doors, it can make for easy access and can even act as decor if you have decorative mugs. Hanging shelves yourself can also allow you to fit them perfectly into your space.

Coffee Station Ideas for the Luxury Kitchen

Ensure that your styles match and complement each other so that the station is visually appealing. If your kitchen is full of bright white accents, don't change things up too much. Instead, think about what you've already done and go from there.

Coffee Station Ideas for the Luxury Kitchen

As well, you want to consider how you can use the shelves, counters, and cabinets you already have. Maybe you have a walk-in pantry or butler's pantry you could repurpose into your home coffee station.

Or perhaps you have a bar cart lying around that could find new life. You might even have a water dispenser and sink conveniently located right near your coffee maker. This will make water easily accessible and save you the hassle later down the road.

Coffee Station Ideas for the Luxury Kitchen

If you have enough space for it, adding a built-in coffee machine using pocket doors can be a great way to start your coffee bar. A hidden coffee station means it doesn't create clutter or affect the tidy look of your kitchen. Using your counter space and cabinets effectively can help you create the perfect built-in coffee station.

Coffee Station Ideas for the Luxury Kitchen

Invest in High-Quality Brewing Equipment

When it comes to filling your station with your coffee essentials, you want to invest in things that are high quality. Not only will these likely look the best, but they will last the longest and up your coffee game.

For brewing equipment, you might consider purchasing an espresso machine, a Nespresso Machine, a French press, or other types of equipment depending on your preferences.

As well, your coffee accessories should also be high quality. Think about the coffee pods, coffee beans or ground coffee, coffee mugs, syrups, and other coffee accessories you might want to include. You may also need coffee storage to keep your coffee fresh and to store coffee supplies and more fragile items.

Coffee Station Ideas for the Luxury Kitchen

Be Creative and Look for Inspiration

The main takeaway when it comes to designing your coffee area is to be creative and have fun with it. Every home is different so think about what you want out of your own home coffee bar. Adding your personal touch with little details and fun coffee station accessories is how you can create a unique home coffee bar in your main kitchen area.

Coffee bars don't only have to be for coffee. You can also house tea essentials and hot chocolate toppings or other favorite beverages of your family members.

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