How to Decorate With a Dark Couch

by Smitty's Fine Furniture

Modern living room with fireplace and three pieces of brown leather furniture.

When people are shopping around for new furniture and they see a dark sofa that they're instantly attracted to, they immediately think of ways they'd decorate with it. Whether it's a black, dark grey or dark brown leather sofa that you're considering, we're here to assure you that decorating around your dark furniture is a lot easier than you may think with the help of light accessories, rugs, flowers, and more.

5 Decorating Ideas For Those With A Black Or Dark Brown Leather Couch

White Walls

One of the best ways you're going to bring in more natural lighting to your sitting area is with white walls. Plus, white goes with everything so regardless of the colour of your leather sofa or accent chairs, they'll look great against the wall! White paint can also make you feel more energetic, happy, clean, and make the space appear bigger than it really is.

Add Throw Blankets

Who doesn't love a good throw blanket? They're convenient, soft, and come in a variety of shades and styles. But if you're looking for one to brighten your space and your dark soda, you may want to opt for one that's white, a lighter grey, or even bright and happy colours like yellow or light blue. It'll add little pops of colour, but not too much.

Add Throw Pillows

And what pairs more perfectly with a throw blanket than throw pillows? This is another great way to add contrast and pops of colour, but without going overboard. Plus, it gives you an opportunity to match them to things like your area rug, any artwork, and other decor.

A brown sofa can easily be paired with light-coloured blankets and pillows.

Bring In Fresh Flowers

Many people often forget that one of the best ways to bring in warm, natural light while also adding the perfect balance to their room is by bringing the outdoors indoors. Try placing fresh, light-coloured blooms on the coffee table, end tables, or on the floor near your sofa or chairs. Flowers can also make you feel happier, lower your stress, and even improve your focus!

Choose A Light Rug

Area rugs often become the focal point of a room without intending to, but many people notice its colours and the way it breaks up the room perfectly. There are plenty of designs, styles, and colours to choose from, but you may want to opt for a more neutral tone that will pair with your black or brown leather sofa.

Dark Furniture Can Pair With Almost Anything

Whether you have a black or dark brown sofa, rest assured knowing that it's not going to completely darken your living room. With the help of other furniture and these decorating tips, your space will feel brighter and more spacious than ever before.