Modern Day Living Room TV Ideas

by Smitty's Furniture
Modern Living Room Design With TV

Many modern homes combine the living room and TV room as a way to rest and unwind. If your living room has a television in it, you may be wondering how to design around it or how to incorporate your TV screen into your living room design.

If this is the case, here are 5 living room TV ideas and tips that can have a big effect on your modern living room.

Art Gallery Wall With TV In Center

Think About Your Focal Point

One of the first interior decor things to keep in mind is the focal point of your family room design. Some homeowners want the TV to be the prime focus in the living room while others may not.

If the television is meant to be the focus, you might consider a wall mounted television. Wall mounting is not only a great way to make the television the focal point, but also save some floor space.

Big Built In Shelving Unit With TV In The Center

As well, you will want to arrange the other elements around the TV wall, especially the sofa so that people can watch the television screen with ease. Think about the different seating options available to guests when watching TV on movie nights. You won't want a chair turned away from the wall if that is meant to be the main focus.

Gallery Wall On White Background With TV In Middle

If you don't want the large screen of the TV to be the main focus of the room, you might consider purchasing a TV that allows you to set a painting or a whole family photo as the display screen. Or, find another statement piece like a vintage coffee table, beautiful tv stand, or set of unique floor lamps.

Family Room With TV As Focal Point In The Center Of The Room

Built In Shelving Units

If you want to find a way to increase organizational space while also creating room for your television set, shelving units are a great option. With so many different styles of shelves, there are thousands of setups you can create in your living room and increase your storage space. Some units even have a built-in window seat!

One idea is an entire built-in shelf unit. Not only does this allow you to showcase different pieces of decor and have extra storage cabinets in the media room, it also doesn't make the TV the main focus of the room. Add family photos, art, vintage decor pieces, and unique lighting features to your wall unit to add your own personal touch.

Unique Lighting Fixture In Living Room

Another shelving style you can use is floating shelves. These can be used to hold the TV screen or can be used to complement the space with other elements like plants, books, pictures, and decorations.

Living Room With TV Above Fireplace

Create a Gallery Wall

Living rooms are a great way to showcase art or photos and start a good conversation with any guest that enters your home. An interior designer may recommend using a frame gallery when designing around a TV set.

A gallery wall is a collection of pieces of art or photos organized in an aesthetically pleasing way. A simple way to decorate around your TV is to add it to your gallery. Especially if your TV displays photos when it is off, it can be a great design element for your living room wall design.

TV With Shelving Unit Surrounding It

To take your gallery to the next level, you might consider setting it up on a white wall. White walls are a staple in many interior design Pinterest boards because they create a clean and sleek look, even with limited space. A monochrome scheme in general can be a unique way to design your living room.

Chic Living Room Design With Nice Furniture And Decor

Make Use of Your Fireplace

If you are looking for living room ideas with a fireplace, look no further! In many ways, your TV complements your fireplace, so it's wise to use them together.

Depending on where your fireplace is situated, you may place your TV above the fireplace. This will create a warm focus point that is pleasing to the eye and isn't too harsh. If the goal is to create a cozy atmosphere in your living room, a fireplace can do this very easily.

Living Room With Coffee Table Statement Piece As Focal Point

If you want to be a bit more creative, you can offset the TV and the fireplace, creating two areas that draw the eyes. Or, if you have a corner fireplace, you can use other pieces of furniture or a bookshelf to help tie the room together.

Small Living Room Ideas - Use Lighting and Furniture Wisely

Especially if you have a small TV room, you want to make the most of your space. Look for smaller coffee tables and side tables that act as statement pieces. They'll draw the eye without taking up more space. Or, find a sofa that can be extended with an ottoman to accommodate more guests.

Modern Living Room Design With TV

For lighting, think about how you can use it to tie the room together. Wall sconces are a great way to add soft, warm light to the room while adding style to your small family room. Think about how the light will reflect on the TV when placing them.

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