Perfect Laundry Set-Up Will Lighten Your Load (pun intended)

by Smitty's Fine Furniture

We all love fresh clean clothes, but doing the laundry? No, thanks! From sorting whites, lights, and delicates, to pretreating stains, hang drying or laying flat, to endless folding—there’s just nothing to love about doing laundry. On top of that, washers and dryers are big ticket items. And there are a lot of options out there. It can be hard to know what to look for and what is worth spending money on. Let us help you find the machines that will best serve your needs and make your investment worthwhile.

Space & Capacity

The location of your laundry suite is an important factor to consider. How much space do you have for your washer and dryer? Do you have a separate laundry room? Do you need to fit your washer and dryer into the bathroom? Under a kitchen counter? Do you have a laundry closet? Would a stackable or side-by-side set up work best in your home? A front loader will require space for the door to open outward while a top loader needs space above.

In terms of load capacity, you’ll want to consider the number of people in your household, how frequently you do laundry, and the size of your loads—do you tend to do once-a-week big loads or more frequent smaller loads? Washing machine drums can range in capacity from 2.5 to 6 cubic feet. If you are a busy household with kids—even just one little one—you definitely do a lot of laundry. For big families with supersized loads, you’ll want to get a drum with about 5 to 6 cubic feet of capacity. The same goes for bulky items, if you wash a lot of sleeping bags, blankets, comforters, or even lots of fluffy towels, you’ll want to go big. For smaller homes and families, somewhere around 4 cubic feet should suffice.

This stacked all-in-one set is perfect for laundry closets and bathrooms. It’s compact while still boasting 5.9 cubic feet of load capacity. Learn more.

Front vs. Top Loaders

Until the early '90s top loaders reigned supreme in North America, while front loaders were the European standard. More recently, however, the distinct benefits of front loaders have pushed them into the lead. Aside from offering more versatility in terms of space—they can stack or sit side-by-side—front loaders tend to be gentler on your clothing because they do not use the center agitator that is typical of top loaders. Front loaders have also been shown to be better at removing stains; and they remove more water from your clothing than the average top loader, so your garments requires less time and lower temperatures in the dryer. These things not only help to preserve your wardrobe, they also mean that front loaders tend to be more energy efficient. But many people do still prefer the top loader—after all, front loaders require a lot of reaching down and bending over—so to help make your choice easy, GE has designed some incredible top loading machines that rival the best of front loaders.

This beautiful set from GE stacks or sits side-by-side. The washer has a capacity of 5.8 cubic feet. This is an exceptional laundry suite for larger households. Learn more about this washer and dryer.

Features, Features, and yes, more Features

Standard features include temperature range and basic cycles like whites, delicates, and permanent press. But to help lighten your load (it’s still punny!), GE has designed a host of added features that will take some of the work out of doing the laundry. GE’s Auto Soak cycle pre-soaks your clothes before washing to make sure those extra tough stains don’t stand a chance. The Sanitize with Oxi cycle uses an Oxi additive to remove 99.9% of household grade bacteria so your clothes come out cleaner and brighter. The Ultrafresh Vent System is an airflow system that eliminates any leftover moisture that can produce undesirable odour-causing bacteria in your machine so your washer stays fresh and clean. And now, with GE’s Wi-Fi Connect you can monitor and adjust washer and dryer cycles from just about anywhere with your phone. These are only some of the many features that will make doing the laundry a little less arduous.

This sleek GE top loader features 12 wash cycles and 6 temperature settings, it offers a number of features including Wi-Fi Connect.

If you want to learn more about how your washer and dryer can do more of the work for you, contact us, we’re happy to provide more information and help you find the laundry suite that is right for you.