The Top 5 Pieces of Accent Furniture

by Smitty's Fine Furniture

When a homeowner wants to change the design of their living space, they rarely choose accent furniture. Pieces of furniture can completely change the style of a room by either serving as a new focal point or tying everything together. In this blog post, we will talk about some accent pieces that will transform your space.

Accent Table

You can change the way your space looks with a small end table or new coffee table. This furniture is both functional and stylish, meaning it's a great way to change your interior.

Pick quality furniture that will work well for your space and personal use. A glass table may bring in a modern look to your room while serving as a great place to eat besides your kitchen or dining room. If you would like more decorative furniture, antique tables could be a unique addition to your home.

Accent Cabinets

Similar to tables, an accent cabinet is a beautiful and functional piece of accent furniture. These pieces can add a pop of style and colour to your home whether through stark or subtle details – whatever you want.

Closed cabinets are great accents in a living room because they can be used as a base for your television or even as a spot to store your miscellaneous items. Large, open metal cabinets can also look wonderful if the shelves are styled.

Accent Chair

Accent furniture is all about making a statement. A two-tone color chair or one with lavish upholstery will look like a fine piece of art in any room, acting as the perfect accent piece. Even chairs that complement the features of your home (i.e., your paint colour or wall art) bring out small details in an amazing way.

Chairs can serve as both a great piece of decor and a comfortable spot to sit. When designing your area, choose a chair with both style and comfort for the perfect finish to your home.

Accent Lighting

Most may not consider light fixtures as an accent piece, but they can add an entirely new feel to any room and are just as important as any other piece of furniture.

Take the time to think about the use of the room when choosing a light. If you are decorating a bedroom, consider a rustic fixture with a warm color bulb to set the mood and create a cozy atmosphere. If you want to make a statement, choose a large, dramatic light fixture with a white bulb to draw your eye and add a decorative accent to your room.

Area Rugs

An area rug is a pop of style underneath all of your other furniture items. They can fill in bare spots, add some patterns, and, just like mirrors, a rug can make a space feel much larger than it actually is. When shopping for a rug, find one that will feel luxurious underfoot and complement the style of your room.

Pick Your Right Accent Piece

When choosing your accent pieces, consider how you use the space and how you want it to look. Smitty's Fine Furniture store will help you create the beautiful interior of your dreams.